One Man’s 120 Pound Journey – a Story Not Unlike My Own

My good friend Carrie (Leaving a Path…) is writing a blog that has been quite inspirational for me lately.  In a recent post, she shared the story of Ben from the Ben Does Life blog.  Ben promised his grandmother on Christmas Day, 2008, that he would “get a grip” on life and actively work on his obesity, depression and life.  At the time, he weighed well over 300 lbs!

Three years ago, I weighed about 240 lbs, struggled with high cholesterol and never considered myself to be a runner.  Today I have finished 3 marathons, ran more than 20 races this year alone and am down to a lighter 215.  I connected with Ben and his journey…hope you will to.

The story of my journey is contained in the posts below this one.  If you are new to the blog, take a second to scan through them.

As you watch this video, remember this…

1.  You never run to lose weight…you lose weight to run.

2.  There is more to life than running…but running will bring you more life.

3.  Start small (maybe walk first?)…but dream big!

Thanks for the tip Carrie!