ioSafe Solo 1.5TB External Hard Drive Deal–$219 at RadioShack

I’ve talked about the ioSafe Solo many times at the podcast.  The ioSafe Solo is a external enclosure that is both fire and water proof.  Pretty handy if you want to protect your data from a fire or flood in your home.  I don’t know about you, but a good majority of my computer equipment is in the basement and near the floor.  Since I live on a hill, I’m not too worried about flooding.  But, if the house caught fire, between the heat of the fire and the water it would take to put it out, I would most likely lose any normal hard drive.  The ioSafe however, would make it.  How do I know that you ask?

Watch the video above.  We filmed it last year in Las Vegas at CES.  It’s the real deal.

I use a 1 TB ioSafe drive at home in conjunction with a Windows Home Server to back up my PC client back ups (would allow me to completely restore a PC back it’s last back up) as well as to back up my file shares that the family uses on our home network.  In the event of a disaster, I’m practically guaranteed not to loose date that is stored on an individual PC or on the network.

More info on the ioSafe and how it all works can be found at

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Currently, RadioShack is running a great deal on their 1.5TB Version.  Not sure for how long, but if you were ever thinking of jumping in on one or you don’t have a good back up solution like a Windows Home Server, this might be a good start.  You can find it here: