Like it or not, Twitter could be on Track for 200 million in 2010

twitterlogoOne of the things I ask people all the time is "Tweet" much?  Since I live here in the Heartland of the US, the answer is almost always no.  However, according to a post at (,2817,2371826,00.asp) Twitter, the online Social Media giant is big and getting bigger.  In fact, some have claimed that the company is tracking to add it’s 200 millionth tweeter by years end.  While it’s not Facebook numbers, it’s still a bunch! 

Most people I ask say they really don’t see the point in twitter.  I hear things like senseless, dumb and lame.  What do those 200 million see that others don’t?

So if you are tweeting these days, you are in good company.  If not, why not?  I’d love to hear your reasons.  Drop them here.

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