Windows Multipoint Server 2011 beta


November 13,2010

I’ve been having a look at Windows Multipoint Server 2010 this week.

Sean Daniel released a slide deck for SMBNation Presentations on Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and 2011 Standard. I noticed on slide 24, there is a reference to a product called Windows MulitPoint Server.


So I downloaded the 2010 version and installed that on a 1TB drive on my Shuttle SG33G5M with a 880GT. Looks like you need to have a USB hub for each keyboard and mouse for each workstation and a video connection on your server for each monitor. All was going well, I connected 1 keyboard that has 2 USB slots, so 1 for the wireless mouse dongle. I assuming that this setup makes the keyboard show up as a hub, as apposed to connecting the wireless mouse dongle to the PC directly, whereby also reducing the amount of USB ports. This becomes  important if you plan on connecting 10 workstations that WMS can support.

Then my 2nd terminal has a USB wired device that controls a wireless keyboard & mouse. Once I setup the monitor correctly, I was able to run each workstation from the Multipoint server independently, cool.

Now what ? I decided to install Office 2010 Pro on the server, since I have a Technet subscription. During the install however, when I tried the product ID, it told me that this Office product could not be run from a Terminal Services setup. Ouch. I took a second look at my TechNet subscription and notice a product key and a line that said “Terminal Service enablement for Office 2010 (Technet Professional)”, so I gave that key a try, Yay, it worked.

Moving on, I installed the hotmail Outlook connector and configured each workstation’s Outlook 2010. Nice job everything was going well up to now.

Problems, I tried to browse for my Windows Home Server or any other network devices, no go. I downloaded the WHS PC software directly to a USB stick and installed that. The connector did not find the server, darn.

I setup Media Player and looked on my network for my content, no good, darn again.

And I had such high hopes. Sad smile

Ok, back to the Multipoint web site to find some answers. What’s this ? multipoint1

All right, format that 1TB and start again.

What’s different ? Ok, The Console looks cleaner and a lot like “Aurora” Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. I was able to see my network, great.

I setup Media Player and it found my content, great again. Sharing is on baby.

I could find my WHS and download and install the connector, great again. Do a backup.

Install Office 2010 with Terminal Service license. Configure, working, good stuff.

Test out other workstation. Can’t login, WHAT ? Go back to connect site, found this.


Oh well, a brick wall, I need to find some USB hubs.

Ok, I’m back. I picked up a 4 port USB hub $6 and replaced the “2nd terminal has a USB wired device that controls a wireless keyboard & mouse”. So now I’m up and running.

Here’s some other good points about MutiPoint Server 2011,

  1. Desktop thumbnails that make it easier for teachers to orchestrate activities across the classroom, see what students are working on, and interact with student sessions.
  2. Support for connecting thin clients over the LAN. This allows for virtually unlimited distances between stations.
  3. The ability to string multiple MultiPoint Server “pods” and manage them from a unified MultiPoint Manager console. Great for labs and libraries where there are a large number of stations in a single place.

  4. Split screen capabilities at each user station. Turn one screen into two separate stations for a new way of collaborative learning between students.
  5. An ISV extensibility model based on a common SDK with the next versions of Windows Small Business Server and Windows Home Server, which enables ISVs such as learning and classroom management providers to integrate with MultiPoint Server.
  6. Support for domain join to integrate Windows MultiPoint Server with your existing Active Directory infrastructure like Aurora and SBS7.

See ya next time.

John Zajdler.

Here is a PDF.