Top Ten Average Guy Posts for 2010

Everyone else was doing a Top 10 post and since the numbers don’t lie, I thought I would jump into the mix.  So here are the Top 10 posts for

10.  How To Setup Windows Live Essentials 2011 on Windows 7 – Brian

9.  The Home Tech Podcast #2–Facebook and Bing Bar and Browsers, Oh My! – Jim

8.  Windows Multipoint Server 2011 beta – John Zajdler

7.  The Fitness Tech Podcast #3–I’ve Got Holes in My Shoes! – Jim

6.  Install the Old Version of Windows Live Essentials on XP – Brian

5.  The Fitness Tech Podcast #7–the Mud Mafia, Winter Gear and Eating Clean. -Jiim

4.  Fitness Tech Podcast #9–The Clean Diet How-to with Carrie – Jim

3.  To The Cloud! How Do You Really Do That? – Jim

2.  The Home Tech Podcast #1–The Beta Show! WLE 2011 – Jim

1.  Windows Live Essentials 2011 Bing Bar – Brian

Happy New Year everyone from the The Average Guy Network!  Many blessings to you and your kin in 2011.  Many more posts and podcasts to come!  Watch here for all your Average Guy stuff!