The Drobo Trilogy / Can it Replace Drive Extender?

Drobo_Right_Angle_HiI (Jim) have spend a bunch of time over the last three weeks doing an in depth review of Drobo for the Home Server Show.  While the purpose of the review was to determine if a Drobo could be used to replace the current functionality that is now in Drive Extender in a Windows Home Server. If you have never seen a Drobo in action, you might want to see these reviews.  Click Here to Review

What is a Drobo you ask?  Think of it as a data robot that helps you protect your data.  It’s a simple, scalable and reliable data storage solution for the home, professional, small to medium business, and corporate department.  More info can be found at

In the next couple of weeks I will have a review here that covers the Drobo and how you might use it to back up your data with Windows 7.  If you have any specific questions that you would like covered in the review, please send me an email, currently has the Drobo for $329.  Specs and details at, Search for “Drobo 4 Bay’