To The Cloud! How Do You Really Do That?

What does that really mean?  In a very catchy ad campaign, Microsoft touts some of it’s newest technologies (and some old one’s too!) in an attempt to impress you enough to move “to the cloud!”

The only problem is that they don’t really tell you how to do it!  Our crack team of technologist get to the bottom of each commercial and tell you how it’s done.  We have imbedded each one for you to review.  Software applications needed are listed below each video.

Sharing a Youtube Video (Most likely made with Windows Live Movie Maker) through Windows Live Messenger


Sharing Windows Live Office documents on SkyDrive or sharing Office documents using Windows Live Mesh.



Windows Live Mesh to pull up the screen of the PC at home and simple copy and paste to the local laptop to view with Windows Media Center.  Window Media Center was also used to record the TV content at home.



Window Live Photo Gallery and uploading it to Facebook.



Same Commercial from Australia



This one is in German.

Did we get it right?  Let us know in the comments below!