Apple iPads and iPad2, Windows 7 from a Mac, Ripping DVDs, Gmail Down and You Can’t Intimidate Apathy – HT015

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1This week’s show includes the regulars, Brian Burgess, Christian Johnson and Andrew Morris.  The guys spend some time talking about iPad and the new iPad2.  Brian covers accessing Windows 7 from a Mac, ripping DVDs and a Gmail failure.  Christian brings some updates and Andrew talks about a PC in a box, really!


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 iPad 2 news and video

· iTunes Update Available Now for Preparation for iPad 2 and iOS 4.3

· Windows Live Mesh Beta Ending March 31st

Mac OS X with Windows

· How to RDP from Mac OS X to Windows 7, XP, and WHS

· Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac

· Dave from Home Server Show and Brian are resurrecting

Burning DVDs and Blu-ray

· Rip & Convert DVDs to ISO Images

· Rip & Convert DVDs to MKV Format

· Rip & Convert Blu-ray Discs in Windows 7

· Handbrake


· How to Backup Gmail with a Free Windows Live Account

· Gmail Went Down for Many Users This Week

· Backupify

Christian’s Corner

· Netflix iPad Update

· Trillian Astra

· Upgrade Path From DOS 5.0 to Windows 7 (Awesome Video!)


· ASUS Motherboard Box Doubles as a PC Case

· Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

· Apply To Test the Chrome Notebook

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