Document Scanning at Home, Facebook, WiseStamp Email Signatures, and iDevice Facial Recognition – HT026

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined by Mike Howard and John Zajdler for this weeks installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

The guys kick off talking about Document Management for the Average Guy.  For those of you who still mange your records via a filing cabinet and paper records, this topic is for you.  Mike tells us about his preferred scanner the Fujitsu Snapscan S1300, and how he chose the software that he uses.  The guys discuss the products and methods they use to scan and store their documents, how they rename and search their scanned documents, the benefits of storing your documents electronically, and some of the challenges of (OCR) Optical Character Recognition and recovering from large scan jobs when document feeders get jammed.

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The guys talk about the software they use to manage their scanning needs, including Lucion FileCenter and Nuance PaperPort, and the workflow that they use to achieve their required outcomes.

The guys briefly dream about the possible integration of document scanning with Microsoft Surface, the amazing technology we’ve all seen on TV shows such as Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles, as well as discussing where the OCR feature in Office 2010 may be used.

The guys discuss how they use online billing, and which their preferences between paper billing and electronic billing.

Andrew talks about Facebook’s recent addition of 2-factor authentication via text message for when you log into your Facebook account.  If you enable this feature on your Facebook account, every time you log in, you will be sent a text message to your phone, which you in turn enter into an additional field to gain access to your Facebook account.  This is widely used in the enterprise and with the banks, but one of the first times we have seen it used with by a social networking service.

Andrews’ site of the week is WiseStamp, a browser add-on that adds your recent social network service notifications to your email signatures.  Quite a nice service for making adding dynamic content to your email signature.

Christians’ Deal-of-the-Week is is the Viewsonic gTablet from for $299.00.

Christians’ Speed Tip Of the Week is from the Windows 7 Forums, and explains how to validate that Internet Explorer 9 has GPU Acceleration enabled.  If you have a dedicated video card which supports GPU rendering in your system, you should be using GPU Acceleration, and if you have an integrated video card Windows will not allow you to use GPU Acceleration.  Enabling this feature will the improve the performance of web browsing with Internet Explorer 9.

From the Patents Office, Facebook has been awarded a Patent for Image Tagging, the feature that allows you to identify people in the photos you have uploaded to Facebook.

For those of us who have been waiting for the new HP Palm range of phones to hit the market, the HP Palm Pre3 has been listed on Amazon Germany for with indicative pricing being in the range of $639 USD.

The HP Palm Veer has been released to the market on AT&T this week, for those who want their WebOS fix on a new handset.

The guys discuss an as yet un-named HTC phone with a dual core processor, and the appeal of the slide out keyboard on the Palm phones.

To close out, Christian taunts us with the new Facial Recognition application, RecognizeMe for the iPhone and iPad 2 that will let you unlock the device using your smile – the video shows just how powerful some of the new applications for devices with front facing cameras can become!

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