Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined by Chris Lux at The Average Guy for this week’s installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

Jim tells us about the Google Driverless Car Fleet, that has recently racked up 140,000 miles. The cars use a combination of GPS, LIDAR sensors and artificial intelligence to ensure the cars don’t have any unnecessary accidents. The guys discuss how they believe the adoption of this technology would fit with their lifestyles, and how it may be adopted for everyday use.

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Andrew talks some more about the upgrade to his network at home, coinciding with an upgrade from an ADSL to Cable Internet connection, and the guys discuss the merits of wireless versus wired network, and Ethernet over power.

Christian talks about the challenges of configuring a VPN using OpenVPN for the purpose of being able to access home resources including the HD Home Run PRIME.

Christian talks Angry Birds merchandise recently seen via Woot! and about the massive increase in hard drive pricing, due to the floods in Thailand; the guys talk about whether this will drive folks to SSD hard drives, or if people will still purchase rotating hard drives, or if people will wait for the factories to come back online and pricings return to what we consider normal pricing.

Christian’s Speed Top of the Week is to copy unused fonts to a backup folder, to prevent them being loaded by Windows as it is booting up.

Chris talks about the Mango Update to his Windows Phone, and some of the improvements that the recent update has bought to the phone.

Chris also talks about alternatives to Windows Media Center for recording TV shows from Free-to-Air sources, that do not necessarily include Tivo.  Andrew mentions an Australian service called IceTV that works with Australian Free-to-Air broadcasts, and integrates with popular DVRs.

Jim reminds listeners who are testing Windows 8 on the Developer Preview, that there is an update to the initial release – if you are testing, be sure to update your system!

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