Christmas Gifts, Amazon Kindle Fire, HP Proliant Microserver N40L, iPod Recall, Raspberry PI First Mention – HT056

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim (who audio was coming from his camera mic for the entire show and not the Yeti!) was joined this week by John Zajdler from The, Mike Howard from the jpeg2raw podcast and Rich O’Neil from Rich’s Random Podcast Generator. Both Andrew and Christian were still on holiday!

In a post Christmas, pre New Year show, Jim asks the question, “What did you get for Christmas?” and “What did you really want for Christmas?” The guys share!

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John spends a bit of time talking about his duel HP N40L Proliant Microservers that he has had now for a couple weeks.  He has torn them apart and put them back together several times now.

Mike got a bunch of camera stuff that he has already talked about over at Jpeg2Raw podcast, but his favorite gift was the Toyota truck that he purchased for himself in December.  We talked about it last show.  He also gives some additional info on the Amazon Kindle Fire that he purchased for his wife at Christmas.  I think he might use it more than she does!

Rich bought himself all kinds of gifts for himself before Christmas.  Santa passed over his house.

The guys spend a bunch of time talking about the Kindle Fire and work into a discussion on all tablets.  What do you think about the the future of tablets?

Jim had a successful warranty return on an iPod from Apple.  He turned is 2GB Nano into an 8GB touch screen Nano.  It was a great exchange in Jim’s favor!  Sweet.

True to Hoax?  A $25 dollar PC?  Look at this: or this

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