Rich’s Random Podcast Generator – Hacking the HP Proliant MicroServer, VMWare ESXi, BIOS mods, Port Multiplier, VM’s – RRPG014

RRPG_thumb1This week’s episode is all about hacking the HP Proliant MicroServer N40L. John Stutsman, John Zajdler, Jim Collison, and Jay Moore each own one. Check out this post over at the Home Server Show forums to see what John S. has done with his MicroServer. It’s a great post with benchmarks and photos. While you’, you might want to check out the other posts in the HP MicroServer section of the HSS forums.
The guys owe a debt of gratitude to for hacking the BIOS to get at some additional hidden features of the little server’s motherboard. You can directly download the modified BIOS here:

You can also join in the discussion about it here:

The guys are doing everything they can with this box, which includes running virtual machines – VM’s. Jay Moore deals with VMWare ESXi  (hypervisor) at work and he answers the guys questions about using the VMWare platform. There’s a lot of good technical discussion in this podcast.


In the show this week: Jim Collison, Rich O’Neil, John Zajdler, John Stutsman, Jay Moore, Mike Howard

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