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Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1After a couple of weeks of being unable to record a show, Jim and Andrew are joined this week by Mike Howard from the jpeg2RAW Podcast, for this weeks’ installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

Jim tells us about the tribulations of automotive failure in a hybrid car, and Andrew gives us an update on the solar array he has on the roof before the guys roll into the show.

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Jim tells us about his new role at work, which affords him more time on Twitter, to encourage local students to consider careers or internships at Gallup,  In a Twitter vein, the guys talk briefly about Runkeeper, which can automatically tweet your Runkeeper tracked activities.

Mike tells us about a competition he is running over at jpeg2RAW, where you can win a copy of Adobe Lightroom – a must have digital asset management package for the digital photography buff!

The guys move onto the tech part of the show, with Andrew bringing the news that the popular VideoLAN Media Player, also known as VLC, has reached version 2.0, bringing support for a bunch of new devices, an update to the Mac and Web interfaces, and BluRay support!

The guys talk about why you would use VLC instead of Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center, and other consumption applications such as Pandora for listening to music, or renting movies online through the XBox or Netflix.

Andrew talks about his new passion, having purchased two Hobie Fishing Kayaks, with the “Mirage Drive” pedal system.  Andrew demonstrates for those watching live how the Mirage Drive works – although the image to the right most likely does it more justice!

Whilst kitting out the kayak, Andrew has been looking into buying a waterproof video camera such as a GoPro or Stealth HD from Drift Innovation.

imageWhile looking at the various cameras, Andrew has discovered Camera Size, a website that gives the online purchaser the ability to compare the size of various cameras.  For Example, if you own a Digital SLR camera such as a Canon EOS 60D, and are looking to purchase a compact camera such as a Nikon COOLPIX® AW100, using Camera Size, you can compare the two cameras side by side or superimposed, as in the image to the left, and even compared to a AA sized battery.  The guys talk about the best camera being the one you have with you, and talk about average guy use of a phone camera for something as simple as taking a photo of where you park your car in a large car park, to make to make it easier to find when you finish shopping.

Mike’s Average Guy tech for the week is to remind folks to occasionally check your PC for ingested dust that can result in your PC overheating, which can lead to problems with the PC shutting itself down to preserve itself.  The guys talk about the best way to remove dust from a PC; Jim favors using the leaf blower (from a distance), whereas Mike uses a vacuum cleaner in conjunction with a can of compressed air.

Jim talks about being able to service the fan in his Antec 900 case, and with feedback from the live chat, a tear down from popular hardware site Toms Hardware is quickly found.

Mike talks a little about the latest camera of his affection, being the Nikon D800, a new 36.4 megapixel full frame Digital SLR offering from Nikon.

Mike also tells us about the upcoming Photoshop CS6 release, and the improved graphics processing capabilities that the upgrade will bring for photographers and graphics editors using the popular editor from Adobe.

Mike and Jim close out the show talking about the benefits of upgrading to an SSD and the improvement that can be gained by making small changes and using technologies like ReadyBoost, which is built into Windows Vista and Windows 7, which allows you to cost effectively upgrade the performance of your PC by adding a cheap USB memory module.

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