2012 Omaha Marathon / Half Marathon Results

September 23, 2012 – Just coming off the Corporate Cup last week and a quick decision to run Omaha Half this weekend made for a crazy week.  I also spent a big chunk on the week traveling.  Wednesday in Iowa City and Thursday and Friday in Madison, WI for some Gallup recruiting.  Needless to say, the race came up fast!

On Thursday morning, I did get to spend some incredible time with a 6 mile lake run in Madison.  The temp was cool, the air was clear, the wind was zero and the timing was right.  Ran right from the hotel, picked up a well-paved bike trail and follow it around until I thought it was time start heading back.  RunKeeper kept me honest.



This morning’s race started off with a [4:45] alarm and a [5:30] departure to Gallup.  I planned to meet Dave Cihal there at 6:00am to gear up and walk over to the course.  Gallup is just about a half mile from the start.  The temps had dropped overnight and for the first time in quite a while, it was cold.  I layered up and put on the gloves as was ready to go!  We made the half mile trek to the start line and waited 15 minutes for the race to begin.  They started promptly at 7:00am!

Dave has been training for the Market to Market 50K solo race and this was a training run for him.  We had agreed to run with the 4 hour pacers and started with that group.  By mile 4 or 5, the group was still big and inconsistent.  Dave and I both moved to the front of the pack.  It proved to be a good decision.  Less speed changes and people swerving.

The first 10K of Omaha is fast and flat.  They save all the hills for the second 10K.  Dave and I run this part of the city at least once a week, so we are very familiar with it.  It starts with the ConAgra campus, under the UP Bridge, and up 6th Street to Bancroft Ave.  Just when you think it’s over, you make the right on 10th street and there is one more hill in front of you.  But from the top of 10th, it’s all downhill, into downtown and the finish line at TD Ameritrade Park parking lot.  A finish on the field would be great, but they have not gotten that part figured out yet.  Not a big deal, the Marines greet you at the finish and award you with a clear glass medallion that is handmade and unique.  It’s a great experience.

I left Dave somewhere before the 12 mile mark and headed for the finish.  He did very well setting a new PR of [3:54], smashing his old time by almost 20 minutes.  I was able to head back onto the course and finish the last 2 miles running with him.  It was the best part of my race.


Sarah came out and was a huge part of the race for support.  She was there at the halfway point was well as at the finish.  She walked the first mile with me when I went back to catch Dave and was there again at the finish for Dave.  Thanks for spending the morning with me Sarah!  It was great.

Nothing planned for the future.  Have a few options but will have to see what comes up.  Been thinking about some trail running to change things up a bit.  Might give that a try in the next couple months or before winter sets in.