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2012 Omaha Marathon / Half Marathon Results

September 23, 2012 – Just coming off the Corporate Cup last week and a quick decision to run Omaha Half this weekend made for a crazy week.  I also spent a big chunk on the week traveling.  Wednesday in Iowa City and Thursday and Friday in Madison, WI for some Gallup recruiting.  Needless to say, the race came up fast! On Thursday morning, I did get to spend some incredible time with a 6 mile lake run in Madison.  The temp was cool, the air was clear, the wind was zero and the timing was right.  Ran right from the

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It Was a Wild Summer of Running (Part 2) – the Omaha Marathon!

September 26, 2010 – There couldn’t have been a more perfect morning for a marathon.  It was just short of 50 degrees at the start of race and almost no wind.  After a long summer of 5 AM runs with warm and humid conditions, it felt great!  This was going to be a good day of running. The Omaha Marathon starts down at Rick’s Boatyard, just a quarter mile or so from the Gallup parking lot.  I arrived at Gallup by 5:45 am and beat most of the crowd and hunkered down in the Fitness center for the next 30

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Omaha Half Marathon : Jim’s Official Results 1:54:53 and Commentary on the Race – Link to All Race Results As Well!

The official results are in and I couldn’t be more happy with my time.  It’s not a PR ([spp-timestamp time="1:53"] in the Papillion Half) but the Omaha Half was just supposed to be a training race for the Kansas City Full on October 16th.  I’ll take it! The Omaha Marathon doesn’t have the best reputation with runners here in Omaha.  Some say it’s too hilly.  Other say it’s not supported well by the community.  Others complain about the lack of organization.  All could be true. The course does give you some elevation, although not as much as you might think.  I

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