How Would You Use $100 Amazon Bucks? Join and WIN

Amazon-Gift-CardHave you been out to and joined the Average Guy Facebook page yet?  If yes, then great and thanks.  If no, then you are missing a great group of tech guys!  And now you can join and WIN!  How good is that?

Here’s the Story

The current group as of May 3, 2013 is at 140 members. When the group grows to 250 members, everyone in the group gets entered into a drawing for $100 gift card from Amazon for active members. Not a member, join today!

So how do can you help yourself win if you are already a member?  Tell your tech friends to join us there so we can reach our goal! Once the goal of 250 members is achieved, a name is picked.  It could be yours!

It’s that easy.  Sign up, tell a friend and WIN.  Don’t be #251!

Bonus Entry: Leave a comment below with what you would spend the extra hot $100 on and you will be added to the list one additional time!  Easy money!