The Hands On of Podcasting and Walk-thru of the Process for The Average Guy – HGG224

Jim does his first ever solo podcast for show #224 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network, part of community.

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The Podcasting Process

After a show is recorded (Home Gadget Geeks is recorded on Thursday nights at 8pmC/9E at it takes an hour or two for the video to completely render in Youtube.  Below are the steps I go through to get a video from RAW to RSS.

  1. Download the mp4 from YouTube and import in Windows Movie Maker (Any video editor would work.  WLW is free from Microsoft still)
  2. Edit the video by removing the pre and post show material, then add Cover Art, Music, Intro and Exit End Cards and Export with highest resolution.  I currently export the video using the Android Medium (1280 x 720), Bitrate of 10.19 Mbps which works out to about 72MB per minute.
  3. Upload the file.mp4 YouTube
  4. Use Handbreak to encode Video Large (using the IPhone & iPod Touch Presets) and Video Small (Using the iPod Preset)
  5. Upload to MediaFire Folders for both Large and Small files
  6. Import the RAW video file from YouTube into Audacity and edit the audio.  (Run filters as necessary)
  7. Add intro and exit music.
  8. Export with .Aiff
  9. Import the .aiff file in Audition and save out as .mp3 (44100 Hz Mono, 16-bit MP# 128 Kbps CBR)
  10. Start the show notes. I use Windows Live Writer.  As of this writing, its still available from Microsoft.
  11. When title is set, update the mp3 meta (I use Mp3tag) and update Title, Description and Tags for Youtube
  12. Complete set of show notes including code for Audio and YouTube
  13. Post the show notes
  14. Add mp3, Video Large and Video Small links, Album Art and save post
  15. View Post and make sure Audio and YouTube are all correct
  16. Copy post URL and navigate to Pretty Links
  17. Paste in Target URL, update Pretty Link and change Group.  Click Create


Upload Media

  1. Check Video to Youtube for the annotations for both Intro and Exit End Cards
  2. Upload the Audio to Spreaker –
  3. Upload the Audio to Audioboom –
  4. Upload the Audio to Podomatic –
  5. Upload the Audio to SoundCloud  –
  6. Upload the Audio to – or
  7. Upload the Audio to MixCloud –
  8. Upload the Audio to –
  9. Upload to – or
  10. Upload to both audio and video –
  11. Upload the Video Large to Vimeo  –
  12. Post to


Post to Social Media

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+ (YouTube)
  3. Google+ Group
  4. Twitter
    1. The Main Post @jcollison
    2. Spreaker @jcollison –
    3. Audioboom  @jcollison –
    4. Podomatic @jcollison –
    5. Podbean
    6. MixCloud   @jcollison –
    7. SoundCloud   @jcollison
    8. Vimeo   @theAverageGuyTv  and Tumblr and Pintrist
    9. Buzzsprout @theAverageGuyTv
    10. Tune In
    11. ShoutEngine, reddit and digg (sign in with TAG Twitter)
    12. @theAverageGuytv
    13. @jcollison –
    14. Upload it to Roger at WLMN
  1. Verify everything is working on iTunes / RSS feeds

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