Hands On Review of the Anear Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

By Sarah Collison – Guest Writer

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Jim was sent these wireless Bluetooth earbuds to review, but I jumped on the opportunity as I thought they might be very useful to me. Doing professional housekeeping, it has been a nuisance to keep my phone in my pocket and a cord running down my back to listen to music. And there were times I used a Bluetooth speaker, but I’d have to quickly disconnect the speaker to take calls. I thought these earbuds might be a great solution to both issues.

earbudsearbuds side

What came:
Earphones – 2 earbuds connected by a 19” cable

8” Micro USB Charging Cable

Both Black & Sheer White Silicon Ear Pieces – each in 3 different sizes


A Multi-Function Button (MFB) for powering on/off, play/pause for music, and various functions for calls

“+” and “-“ buttons for volume control and forward/backward in a playlist

Operating range: 10 meters
Talk/Playback Time: 4-6 hours
Standby: 150 hours

earbuds box


First I charged them, which only takes an hour and a half. I then paired them with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Simple. Then, I tested the music playback while I cleaned a house.

The fit was good and it was very nice to not be attached to a cord and phone. The sound quality was good. They cancel noise decently, but not completely. The connection is fairly inconsistent though. The more I moved, even with my phone well within the acceptable range, there were frequent cut outs on the connection for 1-2 seconds. (I made sure this wasn’t due to alerts or notifications.) The cutting out isn’t too disruptive, but noticeable nonetheless. It took some figuring out to know how much pressure to use on the buttons without pushing that earbud out.

Next, I tested a phone call. I was at home, in a quiet environment with the phone less than 3 ft from me at all times. The talkback quality was mostly okay, but the connection was very inconsistent. Again, the more I moved, especially if I reclined on the couch, the more the voice on the other end of my call distorted. At one point I failed to understand several whole sentences. That was about 10 minutes into the phone call, so at that point I disconnected and finished the call without them.

For inexpensive wireless music playback, these earbuds serve the purpose decently. However, I cannot recommend them for regular, reliable phone calling.