Hands on Review with the Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Disclosure – I was provide the Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for review by http://www.mobilefun.com/

You can find it on MobileFun at http://www.mobilefun.com/41906-olixar-boombrick-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-black.htm or Amazon at http://amzn.to/1I8KzcN

olixar_boombrick_bluetooth_speakerboom brick back


The BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the newest in a crowded market of Blue Tooth Speakers. Where the BroomBrick is different than many of the others however is that it features two powerful 3W drivers, providing you with a total output of 6W that enables room filling high fidelity audio. The BoomBrick overcomes bass problems by featuring a passive radiator, which extends the bass response of the two existing full-range drivers – providing adequate sound and depth.  I used it both inside and outdoor and its plays both soft enough for quiet office sound and loud enough to be heard across the yard.

With dimensions of 180 x 65 x 48mm, it is easy to take with you for travel. I took it on several trips and used it as a speaker in the hotel room as I took calls on it with the built-in microphone.  With good sound on both sides, its handy to have with you at all times. You can easily switch between playing audio and receiving calls with the multifunction button on top. The internal microphone is compatible with Bluetooth enabled phones and can be use with apps like Facetime or Skype.  I also used it to play music from my phone in my office.  Worked well and lasted most of the day when played continuously. 

With Bluetooth enabled, the pairing process was incredibly simple.  It supports any Bluetooth music device and you only have to turn the speaker on and search for it using your device. This sound system however also includes a standard 3.5mm jack to allow you to connect devices without Bluetooth technology.



  1. Well built and easy to take with you on the road.  Packs well in a bag or backpack.
  2. Very easy to pair via Bluetooth.  Worked every time I paired it.
  3. Great sound for the size.  Surprising at times.
  4. Built-in Microphone sounds clear and is handy for calls on the road or in the office.
  5. Has a line in for those times you have device that is not Bluetooth. Worked well as a speaker for my iPod Shuffle.



  1. No indicator of battery charge. Never knew if it was close to needing a change
  2. Because I packed it when traveling, the edges of the device could be rounded a bit better to get it in and out of your back easier.
  3. All status indicators are either lights or sounds.  Sometimes it was hard to tell if I was connected.


I found this at several sites with a wide range of prices.  From $75 to $30 at various sites, I would say anything under $50 would be a great deal.