The One With Erin Lawrence and the Galaxy S8, TAB, Gear and a Mattress in a Box – HGG311

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Jim Collison  is joined by Mike Wieger and Erin Lawrence from for show #311 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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Erin talks about the Samsung Galaxy S8 (She got to go to the west coast to go whale watching and rainforest hiking to test the phone, and just got a review unit.)  It’s got a great camera, and it’s really nice to use; great screen, fast, responsive…  I also had the Galaxy Tab S3 (split screen function! S-Pen! Write on it with the screen off!) and the Gear S3 Smart watch


She also recently tried that “mattress in a box” trend.  Casper and Leesa are the big ones; they suck the mattress down to a tiny size, pack it in a box and drop it at your door. I reviewed the Leesa experience and actually found that I really like the mattress!


She also has a cool new alarm clock that’s smart: Beddi Glow. It connects to your smartphone and you can set different alarms for different days of the week, choose to wake with simulated daylight, soft sounds, etc. It also sets itself by your phone, so no more punching buttons 60 times to reset the clock post-power failure.

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