Mark Prokop and the Google Home, Home Automation and a Little SETI – HGG312

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Jim Collison  is joined by Mike Wieger and Mark Prokop for show #312 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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Mark’s gear-

Google Home, Monoprice IR repeater over HDMI, Logitech Harmony, HDMI 4X2 switch, TV/projector, 14 Hue lights, Belkin WeMo switches, Chromecasts, Amazon Fire Stick

Hue lights respond to Crayola crayon colors, like macaroni and cheese and burnt sienna

GHome – YouTube Red/Google Play Music subscription for specific songs

IFTTT integration –

TV inputs, using the IR repeater to change HDMI inputs for the Playstation 4 in the basement to use in the living room; Hue settings like porch light that comes on at sunset

Find my phone

Hue lights with on off switches wall mounted

Plan for Chromecast audio and ceiling mounted speakers; to tell Google Home to play music in X room

GHome Shopping list change from Google Keep to Google Express

Software changes:

Multiple users is live, have not used it yet

Notifications – the top of the device will light up and it will tell you things, like traffic delays

Free calling to U.S. and Canada numbers in your contacts

Reminders and calendar entries, which is a big deal, I’m sure Echo already does this

TV interface that I assume will work with Chromecast


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