Chatwing is Dead, Budget Airpods Review and UnRaid with Duplicati and Backblaze B2- HGG388


Nothing can last forever and this week we found out that Chatwing was dead. With this news we moved over to YouTube chat that is embedded with the video. It worked with few issues. Mike asked the question if anyone was using a Peloton in the group, Jim purchased some budget Airpods with an live review, we talked about Amazon joining the Zigbee Aliance and Mike covers Duplicati and Backblaze for his unRaid box.   All this and more! Join Jim Collison / @jcollison  and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #388 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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No Home Gadget Geeks on January 31.  Off for the night. Moving Feb 7 to Feb 6 for the next week.



Chatwing is dead.  Closed this week. New ways to do chat?  We are using YouTube Chat for now.

You can pop it out.

Toggle the timestamp.  

Live Chat v Top Chat.

Uses Google Acct

Links now work

We are still looking for pictures of your rack.  Drop me an email (I can keep it anonymous) or post it to the facebook group.

Still love to connect on Xbox.  Panic Twitch

Mike is considering a Peloton – any listeners have one? (Maika does – she need to come on the show soon to talk about a backpack that I gave her)

Xbox has a rewards points app now.  You can earn enough to apply towards a Gold Pass there too.  Looks like it might be easier to manage the social aspects of Xbox thru the Windows 10 App



Amazon has a seat on the board of the Zigbee Aliance –



Mike – Duplicati and Backblaze B2

Mike – Using Slack as a notification manager for servers and firewalls.

Jim – I purchase an Apple Airpod Ripoff – Sound Mates from the local Shopko $40 –

Looks just like the Apple Airpods and case.

Latency over Bluetooth is awful when watching YouTube

Sound quality is questionable.  I loose one side from time to time

They are going back for sure

Jim – Picked up a battery pack (x2) for the Xbox Controller –

Mike – Put a Cooler Master Gemini S524 v2 into his unraid box. 50 degree difference under full load


Product Updates

UnRaid – 6.7.0 release candidate 1 is out. Fantastic update to the dashboard.

Crypto Update  You get $10 and I get $10


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