Updates on Travel Tech, Microsoft Surface Announcements and Waze Carpools – HGG418

With all the recruiting travel that Jim has been doing lately, we take a look at what is working and what is not around travel tech. We talk some about all the new hardware that was announced recently from Microsoft and take a look at what Waze is doing around carpooling. We wrap the show with some conversation about Acronis 2020, Mike’s favorite iOS 13 features, Amazon Echo Auto and Jim has an update coming on a new Hard drive dock.  I think you will enjoy the show.

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  • Bose Quiet Comfort 35
  • I carry 2 batteries now, both very small and recharge fast
  • I have stopped taking two laptops – one is so much easier
  • Make sure I have cords for everything
  • iPhone 8+ still main driver
  • Thinking about carrying a Bluetooth speaker for loud hotel rooms

Mike’s Additions

  • If you had an iPhone 11 or XS I would say the GigSky app which lets you activate the esim in the phone and get data plans for the country you are traveling to
  • TripIt App for organizing your itinerary


From The Reset Forums







Acronis 2020 is out! – https://www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/whats-new/


Product Updates

Currently looking at an Alxum Aluminum 2 Bay hard drive dock. Who is currently using docs?

Amazon Echo Auto – Installed in Mike’s Jeep

Mike’s Four Favorite iOS 13 Features

  • Sidecar
  • Dark Mode
  • Share Photo in iMessage
  • Swipe to type


Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is the Average Guy Network and you have found Home Gadget Geeks show number 418 recorded on October 10 2019. Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home news reviews, product updates and conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host Jim Collison broadcasting live Mike, I think we had a 40 degree swing in temperature today, right?

Mike Wieger  [0:36] 
No kidding. When I went back outside after work, I’m like What happened? I swear I was like sleeting and 40 and when I got into work, it was almost 70 typical Nebraska.

Jim Collison  [0:44] 
Oh, really crazy. Of course. We post the show with world class show notes and some pretty good ones tonight. You want to head out to theaverageguy.tv Don’t forget you can also join us live on our mobile app HomeGadgetgeeks.com is where that lives the Android iPhone buttons right there. download it for free. Listen to it. down the road. Great way to get it done and you can get it for free HomeGadgetgeeks.com. D on’t forget to join the discord group theaverageguy.tv/discord or on Facebook theaverageguy.tv/Facebook. Big thanks to Jay Madison who joined us two weeks ago last week had to cancel Ed Sullivan was companies now coming next week. I got really sick in fact, I’m still struggling a little bit voice wise So Mike, you’re going to have to definitely fill in for me it’s just kind of a push on the vocal cords to get it done tonight did get a podcast didn’t work. So I’m kind of getting back into the flow but man, that upper respiratory thing and it just it crushed me it is it going around or you’re working at all?

Mike Wieger  [1:41] 
No. But last year, we had a little bout of stuff that went around, actually right around this time and it knocked a few people out for a solid week. Oh my

Jim Collison  [1:51] 
gosh, I listen, I’ve never taken two days off a work ever for sickness. And this one just knocked me out. I had to go back Saturday for the high school program. that we do. And it was all fine. I shouldn’t say all fine probably 60% for the morning. And I just kind of that I came home and put a hoodie. Just kind of wrapped up for the rest of the weekend. Appreciate you guys give me the week off. We did have next cloud scheduled for tonight, scheduling conflict with them. I think Frank is traveling, Jo said he could be here, but I’d like to get both of them. So we’ll shoot for two weeks to have them back Ed Sullivan back in a week. So I appreciate all the moon around. Again. I said Big thanks to Jay. And so hopefully you’ve supported Jay, if you didn’t go back to HGG 417 HGG 417 and get his link to his YouTube channel and all those other things. Jay was great. He’s going to come back. We’ll get him scheduled for later in the winter. And I think we’re going to try and get him on once a quarter and he’s a he’s kind of a hardware guy like we are and he had some pretty cool stuff to talk about. We’re going to get some specialized stuff out of him. So Jay, thanks for coming on. Appreciate you being on the show, as well.

Mike big announcement officially I’ll be in London. Sarah staring at me like so mad at me now I’m just kidding. Yeah no taking we’re going to be in London the the 30th of November through the seventh of December. Most of its work related but I will be there the Sunday so fly out the 30th so December 1 Sunday find the London about seven I would have a lunch and a dinner available to anybody in the London area. So if you are your UK listener, you’re around the London area I could even jump on a train probably and get half hour to an hour outside of London. love to travel to get to you. So if you’re listening to this, you’re in that area December 1 opportunity for a quick meet up the rest of the weeks pretty booked with work so I won’t have a lot of opportunities there. But Christmas time in London, Mike not too bad. That’s not

Mike Wieger  [3:52] 
a bad deal at all. I know. Man. That’s a pretty good work deal to get out to London during that time frame. Pretty nice.

Jim Collison  [3:59] 
We’re going to do some podcasting stuff which is super cool. So I’m going to do some recording during the week I’ve got some user group sessions for all the stuff I do for Gallup we’re actually recording live Wednesday night we’re recording live called the coach. That’s what I do for Gallup from the shard, which is a big brand new beautiful building, right downtown London, and we’re up on our way up there and so we’re going to do a night shoot of this from the of this podcast so it’ll be live will have a live audience about 100 there of guests will be doing this thing and live on YouTube. So be pretty cool. That’s kind of the big, that’s kind of the big show or they’re doing recordings Tuesday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. fly back flat at Heathrow. I don’t know 11 or something on Saturday so no Home Gadget Geeks that week that week, but oh, no, no, I probably can’t pull that off. That would be kind of fun though. That would be pretty cool. I’d have to figure out because the timings totally different, right. I mean, it’s Yeah, pretty late.

Mike Wieger  [4:58] 
You’d be doing it middle the night. If you want to. Do it same time. Good night. Yeah.

Jim Collison  [5:01] 
But yeah, I’d be late. It just be like, I stay up. I stay up for everything anyway. So we’ll have to see that first weekend sever again, if you’re in the London area that that December 1. And some of us want to get together. I’d love to do a pub and maybe smoke a cigar if you know what I mean. Be kind of fun to get that done. And and let me know Jim@theaverageguy.tv if you’re interested, I’ll be making that announcement over the next couple weeks. Everybody always says like, I never even knew I get, you know, go someplace I didn’t even know so I thought I’d start early. I don’t get over to London very often. So I thought it’d be a great opportunity to get that done. Mike, I imagine I’m taking a bunch of camera equipment. I’m imagining I’m gonna need some conversion gear, right. I won’t be able to take the camera gear that I’m with and plug it right into the outlet. I’m sure that’s going to be a little bit different. Have you done Have you been to the UK or been that part of the world?

Mike Wieger  [5:54] 
Yeah, I have. And usually all you need is just you don’t need like an inverter. You just need adapt to the changes one plug the other one unless you’re using something like a hair dryer or a curling iron, which I don’t think you do, Jim, maybe you do, I don’t know, with your long flowing locks, you need something but unless you’re using something like that usually most electronics are just fine just using the adapter and those are really cheap, you know five bucks on Amazon and you should be good. But I think you’ve kind of compiled a list of things that you think you know for the travel for the trip that would probably be necessary for you and then I’ve got a few add ins that I might add into

Jim Collison  [6:28] 
Yeah, I kind of started thinking you know, whenever you get to do big trip like this, now I’ve done this is recruiting season so I was in Gainesville, Florida for a couple days doing some recruiting. I was down in Dallas soon, by the way saw Randy Cantrell, Randy’s out your room. Yeah, I got a chance to visit. Listen, Randy was super cool, and I appreciate it. I appreciate you for this. He he came in the morning, eight o’clock, picked us up at the airport, and I got a chance to hang out with him and we stopped at a Starbucks got a little breakfast. We’re kind of in a hurry unfortunately. But again, 45 minutes with Randy and Randy, thanks for taking the time. It was super great to meet with you. I had dinner I couldn’t dinner we couldn’t make that workout while we were there but so little trip down to Dallas but so I kind of had to repack my bag. Mike. It’s been a couple years, I kind of took a two year sabbatical so to speak from from the road and it was kind of nice. I was getting kind of burned out on it. But as I was thinking about this London trip, I was kind of like, Okay, what am I what’s my minimum gear now? Like, it’s been a couple years. There’s a lot of great tech that’s out there a couple years ago, I bought my Bose, quiet comfort 35 cannot travel without the 35 like they’re just incredible. They have Bose now has the 35 v2 version of it. They actually have Amazon and Google integration with the voice assistance that’s there so you can see things and those voices work. The one I have doesn’t have it and I’m actually okay with that. Mike, have you thought about if you could get a voice assistant in your headphones that would control I imagine it controls things on your phone and Stuff like that. Is that is that a deal breaker for you helpful or not? Or no,

Mike Wieger  [8:05] 
no, not really only because I know that I’m very limited in the time you know, I have Siri available and especially with the command you can activate her with just your voice and I don’t even use that very often. So as far as the times I would have a headphone on and the problem I have when you’re wearing the Bose is that their noise cancelling and so you’re probably yelling and you don’t realize it right? And who will actually will simmer down you know, I we all don’t need directions to the nearest Starbucks just you you man. And so that would be my only concern with that so that would not be a deal breaker to me. I even have the quiet comfort 25 I believe they’re the version with Lord courted. Yeah. And now same way you cannot travel without a good sound noise cancelling headphones and I just I always go back to Bose. I’ve tried a few of my buddies out you know beats and and other ones and Sony, but I really like those. They tend to work the best for me. I can wear them for the longest duration and not get any sort of, you know, weird stuff in my ears. No no headache wearing them. So they’re

Jim Collison  [9:03] 
good across the top. One of the things I so this this travel season, and this isn’t anything new but a big change for me is I’ve just been watching movies. And I didn’t realize I would always try to work on the plane that was just, I don’t know why I just would get on there and get Wi Fi. I try to do email. It would take a month to get you connected. It would be sporadic. I mean, Wi Fi used to be great when it first came out. Nobody knew how to get on it. It was great. Now it just blows like it’s it’s not very great. And so most of the air I think I flew delta and American this this last time both of those offer free movies and they had a big selection of movies Marvel movies, but some new ones some old ones that watch Rocket Man. Man, that’s a whole different I don’t know what why it took me this long to kind of figure out Hey, dude, watch movies, because it made it just go like that again. I don’t know why it took me so long to get there is that when you’re on the plane to try and work are you entertaining the whole time you’re on?

Mike Wieger  [10:07] 
I totally depends now that I don’t have to travel for work. Every time I’ve been on a plane recently, in the last two years, it’s been for pleasure. And, and I do we do watch the movies, especially those things are a godsend for young kids, kids that are too young to have their own device, but just to be able to plug your headphones in, and they can watch wherever they want. It’s perfect. But back when I was working, I did try and knock out a lot of work. That was the one time I can just have two hours devoted and not have any interruption be right. If I’m looking for time to go by fast, the moves are the way to go.

Jim Collison  [10:35] 
Yeah, and I used to write like, I was really good at writing on the plane. I don’t know what it was about being on a plane or couldn’t go anywhere, didn’t have any distractions or whatever man, some of my very best writing was done on a plane. But from a sanity standpoint, to be able to start watching a movie and then all of a sudden you’re landing and a super great, so I’ll probably figure out a couple ways. Either have a loaded or whatever. Again, I’ve listened to a lot of guys and a lot of podcasts where that’s all they do on a plane as you know, they load up movies and maybe for long flights, two or three movies. I don’t know again, I don’t know why it took me so long to get to get there with it but I definitely am a big fan of movies. So we’re going to be loading that up as well. I’ve been carrying a couple of batteries, nothing special and certainly nothing that I bought these were all batteries that were given as far as swag bags, but small thin light to kind of keep them around. I got a cert one for Microsoft a surface one surface brain anyways, that it was really really good and I gave it to a buddy. The other one it was okay. But I found it helpful just to have a couple batteries with me for those kinds of things. The iPhone eight of an iPhone eight plus work still you know, I’m coming up on my second year on that thing battery. Still Great, great. Knock on wood. That thing is still awesome. works great. I get all day, even with travel. Pretty awesome. But I do find Having a couple you know a couple of batteries now and they’re not very they’re not very expensive at all. But having a couple of battery new bags is really helpful. Mike I think the thing we don’t think about enough and I’ve gotten caught on this one is all the cables. So I do a cable inventory before I go right pull them all out just kind of make sure Do I have enough cable because when I get there, charge the headphones, recharge the batteries charged to the phone, and the lightning cable for the iPhone versus a mini USB for the headphones plus my watch. I went out and bought a second Apple Watch charger just to take with me when I travel. So once it’s here on my desk one goes with me on the road. Good to have one of those. And even good I think to have we’ve talked about this before one of those bricks that has multiple USB plus plugins right to go, especially when you’re traveling here in the United States. One of the things I’m thinking about changing for this trip, which I haven’t done a lot of recently because I’m going to be in a hotel room all week when I’m in LA It is to take a Bluetooth speaker with me just in case the rooms kind of noisy right and I can play Rain or I can play thunderstorms or I could play just something white noise if that’s what I need just to get past some of those hotel room heaters right that come on the hotel I’m staying at London Bridge I think Hilton London Bridge debt right down by the sharp but just still don’t know like I was in some nice hotel rooms in Washington DC and there was a a gate I was up on the top floor and there was a gate up there banging all in like the wind the wind would blow cane Can you just needed something to kind of distract you from the normal to

Mike Wieger  [13:40] 
drown you out from now and yeah,

Jim Collison  [13:42] 
you can do the TV but that’s not great for that. So I think I’m I don’t normally carry a Bluetooth speaker but that was one of those kind of things that I thought you know, maybe good to have that have it plugged in just have it available for some some white noise, fan noise whatever you want to put on when you’re in. Mike What else when you travel? What else would you add to my lyst

Mike Wieger  [14:00] 
Well, the one thing I was thinking about for you, and then you had told me what phone you had. So this doesn’t directly apply to you. But if you’re traveling internationally, and you do have the iPhone, I don’t know on the Android side who offers ECM, but iPhones have ECM support now and they’ve had this since the iPhone XS line, right? So last year’s, and now iPhone 11 is you have an ECM, which means you have the physical seminar card like so my phone right here is on Verizon, I’ve rise, inseminate, and if this was the access, it has an ECM built in, well, there’s apps now you can get and the best one that I’ve seen for reviews wise is gig sky. So if you get the gig sky app, you can actually ahead of time, I say, Hey, I’m going to London, okay, for for five bucks, I can get two gigs of data, boom, it’s on the ECM. You don’t have to worry about getting a SIM card when you get there. And you have now a data plan that you can use over there instead of using a Verizon so I mean, how seamless has that become in the past year when we talked about traveling internationally? It was do you grab a burner phone way over there? Do you go get a local sim Do you just call your local service and say, Hey, I’m traveling, what’s your rate rising? 10 $15 a day, no matter what it is. So it’s an option for people especially, I think it’s a good option if you’re going to be doing a longer term trip. I think most of our, your horizons are at and T’s nowadays it’s like $10 a day maybe $15 a day per device.

Jim Collison  [15:20] 
Guess I need to check. This is good. I’m glad we talked about this because I probably I’m sprint. Whether you like

Mike Wieger  [15:27] 
it good in terms of international,

Jim Collison  [15:30] 
so sprint, iPhone eight plus, does this push me do I start thinking about like, what it makes sense, you know, much like I got credit cards, you know, years back when I was doing some more overseas traveling, I got credit cards that were really good at, you know, their travelers cards, so I can charge them over there. I know. I don’t get the fees associated with with the conversion rates and some of those kinds of things. Is it would it be smart for me to look into it at the end like I’m buying out my phone right now. So I own it. At this point, but would it be smart for me to think about making the upgrade to the new? I need an excuse Mike So is this the time to go to the new iPhone 11 and is there an advantage to that for overseas travel,

Mike Wieger  [16:13] 
it’s an added bonus. A lot of people use the ECM for a second work line on their same phone so people who typically carry two phones one for work and one personal you can now have your ECM or your two different phone numbers come to the same if that makes any difference. But you know, it’s an added benefit. I don’t I don’t think it’s a good enough reason to go out and get the new phone. The iPhone 11 know what an amazing phone we can talk about this later but I upgraded Hannah to the latest iPhone 11 great price point. We ended up getting I think it only cost us about $100 because it was we got a $500 trade in and not even a trade in Are you swap out if you guys have used swap a yet online swap a you post it and then you and then it’s printed on marketplace for these used phones. And we sold her phone on swapper for $500 she had an iPhone 10 and got the new phone. So you know, what does that have benefits SM is good, especially, I mean for international travel, this is exactly when you would use it. So Jim, I’m thinking for you, I mean, you’re probably expensing this anyway, through the company. But if you’re doing a personal trip, and you’re doing it, the great part about is if you’re doing it for a long period of time, and if you have multiple people in your family, you know, 15, whatever it is, 10 $15 a day from your Verizon per device, that adds up quick, right, you’re spending extra hundred dollars a day just on data, when you could get, you know, two gigs $10 and that last you however long it takes to go through two gigs, right? So that could be a lot cheaper if you’re doing some sort of family family trip, and you can still do this the old fashioned way, and go get a physical sim when you get there. But this way, you would have access to your old number still, you don’t have to worry about it. You can just do it ahead of time, and you’re good to go. So,

Jim Collison  [17:52] 
yeah, talk me through these Eleven’s. So it so say i’m gonna i’m thinking to go to 11 and I have this 11 Pro match 11 Pro there’s an xR I mean, what what if I were to do something right now? What’s your recommendation on that?

Mike Wieger  [18:06] 
I think the unless you are a professional photographer, or doing a lot of video work, or you just have the money to spend and you want to get the best, biggest, best and baddest thing, the iPhone 11 is a great phone, the iPhone 11 is when all be going towards when I need to upgrade. If this thing I think this 10 will actually last me a few more years. But if I had upgrade today, even me being a pre pro user on the phone, the iPhone 11 is great. Actually, the processor in the Pro is the same as the 11. Really the biggest upgrades you get when you go to the pro are the type of display you get to better display and an extra camera, better camera, things like that. So what I love that Apple did this time was it’s not a processor bump to the Pro. It’s really a targeted upgrade to people who are doing photography videography. Things like that. And they really need that crystal clear display. So you don’t lose anything by going with the 11 besides the extra so the iPhone pro 11 Pro has the third camera in it in that you have your regular telephoto, you have wide and you have an ultra wide. And with the 11 you still get the wide angle lens, which works really well. You get the night mood you get all of that. The iPhone 11 is a great phone at a really reasonable price. I think it’s 699. New. Yeah, and that’s a that’s a pretty good price for for that phone.

Jim Collison  [19:31] 
Yeah, do I go smaller screen if I go 11 right that I have on the plus. So I would I would go small and oh,

Mike Wieger  [19:39] 
same same screen size. Okay. So from where you’re at, that’s the same screen size. It’s a smaller phone physically. But you got to remember, all the battles are gone now. Yeah, it’s top to bottom screen. So you’re going to have a smaller physical phone, but the screen size is the same for you. Yeah. And then I guess if you did want a much bigger screen, that’s when you could go to the 11 Pro max. But that’s It’s crazy.

Jim Collison  [20:01] 
Yeah, no, they are. You know, I think I’m going to spend some time. I’m glad we had this conversation because I haven’t even I don’t even think about my phone. I could take the eight plus over with me, right? Yeah, I would need to check in with sprint and kind of buy a plan. Right. Have some time. Yeah. Just tell me you’re going overseas, they’ll ask where you’re going. You’ll you know, do the whole rigmarole of

Mike Wieger  [20:20] 
how much is that as my phone going to work over there? Yeah,

Jim Collison  [20:23] 
yeah. Other Jim in the chat room says Google five would be a good choice. And I am at that spot where I could make that cut over to Google phi. sell my eight plus pick up a FIFO. That’s what Sarah has been using. Those are really friendly overseas. I to be honest with you, I won’t I won’t be spending a lot of time outside of London. Just to be honest. This trip is going to be pretty much focused on London. And so and I don’t make many phone calls and I’ll be connected to Wi Fi and most of the time I’m in the office. So I don’t know it’s a good conversation to have. Mike is I think about Okay, planning their get there. I remember a couple years ago, four years ago, five years ago went to Germany tried to use oh two when I was over there with another phone didn’t get it unlocked properly and couldn’t really make it work was kind of a hassle then maybe a little bit easier now do you think for me?

Mike Wieger  [21:11] 
Yes. Okay

Jim Collison  [21:13] 
much yeah much easier

Mike Wieger  [21:14] 
get that thank you just stick with sprint tell them you’re going overseas and see what they’re going to charge you and see how that comes with LTE now it’s just a total different

Jim Collison  [21:22] 
Yeah. Yeah and the plan has always been my plan on my eight plus was just to run that thing until it ran out like I’m I’ll it’s the lease payments or the you know, I did the lease and then the buy at the very end kind of thing. It’s the same price as if I bought it out. Right, right, whatever. And this it actually pays off in November and I’m done. And that’s free and clear. My bill will go down my daughters will pay off at the same time that’ll go down. I won’t be paying on a phone. It’s kind of thinking like and i think you know, I hate to make an upgrade take on another payment just for a week,

Mike Wieger  [21:56] 
but don’t so paid off early and then trade it in So you see, then you still get the money towards it. Right? That’s what we did with Hannah. She’s she had a month left. We bought it out we had $100 left, which means she had two months left to quit hundred dollars left. And then we sold it for 500 right? It makes zero sense. If you are so close. I see people do this all the time, like they will Oh, I’m just gonna go upgrade I’m like, Well how many months to live like Do you realize how much money you’ve put into that phone that you’re literally just throwing away when in two months you own it and then you can sell it and get 300 400 $500 depending on what you have. And they kind of don’t really you don’t think about it in those terms. And Verizon has really stopped letting you in. This is just a very recent, you can’t do the halfway through upgrade anymore. So you have to pay off the rest or an upgrade.

Jim Collison  [22:46] 
Well, certainly I’m glad you made me think of that my my passport is sitting up here and that’s one of those things first check before you go. I’m good on the passport, but I’m glad we’ve had this phone conversation gets me kind of thinking like Okay, besides having phone adapter so what kind of plan Am I going to need when I hit the ground? What else would you use? What other what other technology? What other thoughts would you give me as I head over there?

Mike Wieger  [23:12] 
The trip app has was always my favorite when I was traveling a bunch I don’t know if you’ve ever used it you plug in everything create simple itineraries for you. I think that’s the best you know, it just it’s an easy addition to any travelers app kit.

Jim Collison  [23:26] 
Paper versus having the ticket on your phone like this, I’m I go back and forth papers, old school, but when you pull that thing out of your pocket and just beep it, and it’s done, it used to be and I think we’ve gotten better but I remember a couple years ago, those readers would really struggle sometimes if your phone brightness wasn’t all the way up or some of those kinds of things seems like they fixed some of that but are you a paper guy or do you go do you go on the phone hundred percent?

Mike Wieger  [23:53] 
I’m the opposite I think walling I do I put in the wall that way. It’s way I’ve noticed when you put in the wallet, it’s a little bit easier to pull it up quicker. Just with the iPhone, the way it’s built, it’s really quick to get into your wallet and pull it up. Plus, I love that your gate updates, your seat updates your paper, you’re stuck with what it was and you printed it out. But if your gate changes your ticket, you know your boarding pass is always going to be up to date. So I really like it. Plus, I’m the type of guy where I’m constantly last second going open the Delta app and trying to find a different seat. That’s better, right? Because without any paying any upgrades, you can jump around within your class. So you could maybe the exit row might open up last second. So I’ve been sitting there in line to board and I’ll switch my seat real quick. So no, someone else above me jumped out and you can hop in in the airline app or in the trip of the airline now okay. Yeah, the airline apps are the best thing in the world. I love them

Jim Collison  [24:48] 
seem to have actually gotten a lot better. A chat room paper or phone. What do you guys use if you’re in the chat room, right? Oh, and Alex brings up a better point.

Mike Wieger  [24:55] 
Okay. Apple Watch. You can put on your watch and then it’s later later. risk and that’s even better because a lot of times you know you gotta have your phone is in your pocket or you put in your bag and then this is always going to interest that’s a great

Jim Collison  [25:07] 
point now I haven’t done that yet and so that’s the wallet so if I put it on the wall and on the phone then it becomes available in the wallet on my watch right? Okay, I’ll have to I’ll have to give that one a try. I am my flights Omaha to Minneapolis and then I only have a two hour layover which is pretty great to to add some change. And then Minneapolis to Heathrow and then same same coming back I really liked the flights i got i think give that a try here in Omaha at least to get it on the get it on the watch. I kind of go back and forth Mike sometimes I’ll if I’m checking a bag, I’ll just take the paper tickets if I’m not I’ll just do it on my phone. So you know the other thing I do I have a pre flight ritual or right before I go into security, I just unload everything into my backpack. So while it comes out check all you know, in in the only thing I have is my ticket in my ID on me Everything else is packed away. It’s kind of a bummer to stand in line and not be able to have your phone. But if I’ve got a paper ticket I’ll keep the phone if I’m going to use my phone for the ticket but yeah, I just jam everything in the bag. It’s so much easier to get through TSA with everything put away.

Mike Wieger  [26:17] 
You know Nathaniel’s Daniel brings up a very good point I didn’t think about and he’s totally right. Well, first of all, Alex had a good point. You don’t have to take your watch off going through TSA. So you can still dump everything your bag stays on. So you’ve got your boarding pass. Yeah, but Daniel says when I travel alone, pass on my phone travel with families paper. I didn’t think I do the same exact thing. Daniel I, when we just when we went on vacation in this last spring break, I did the same thing. Just it’s easier to hand those out, especially with kids. They don’t have devices. If I know that no one’s in my same system. Like I am such an seasoned traveler that I’ve got my system down. But I don’t want to have mine on my phone and wonder where my wife says she doesn’t have the app. She’s not signed in, you know, because she doesn’t travel and the boys don’t have devices. So he Right when I travel with family and

Jim Collison  [27:01] 
I am rookie travelers, right

Mike Wieger  [27:03] 
yeah, yeah. Rookie travelers

Jim Collison  [27:06] 
you see him all the time on the weekdays when you’re traveling you like

Mike Wieger  [27:10] 
to drive me nuts

Jim Collison  [27:13] 
oh yeah trip it is I we use concur which I think is one of those travel right and i think trip it they use trip it.

Mike Wieger  [27:21] 
concur is Spence like an expense tracking right

Jim Collison  [27:24] 
the way and it’s travel it does. They do. Yeah, they do everything for you go in there we got our corporate rates in there and those kinds of things. So, okay, so I got a little homework to do. I need to kind of spend a little bit of time kind of get my phone figured out. I am going to try. One of the things I don’t travel I used to travel with both my surface and my work laptop when I was going for a while. I wanted to have both laptops. I think I’m really just going to go work in my phone. I don’t think that second laptop can be kind of a Crusher and I just don’t I just don’t think I’m going to take it this time.

Mike Wieger  [27:58] 
Well, especially with just I mean, we’re in An era now where the phone your personal phone does a lot. And you don’t really need that second, second screen. There might be one use case for for doing something where you want your personal computer but now worth lugging around and not worth. There was actually one time where TSA got mad because they actually enforced the Only One Laptop going through the scanner. If you’re a TSA Pre check, they go if you have to, you got to take one out and like no one.

Jim Collison  [28:25] 
Yeah, I didn’t know that. I didn’t have to do that. Do you? Do you use the screens on the back of stuff you got on a plane and it’s got a screen on the back of the seat? Do you use that? Or do you use your phone? Or do you use both? When I was traveling by myself? No, I use my own device. And that’s mainly because you know, I’ve got Plex loaded up and I loaded some movies before I left.

Mike Wieger  [28:44] 
If I’m with my family, it’s just so much easier when I’m dealing with two kids to not have my own device out there. Just one more thing that’s falling on the ground and getting everywhere. So if I have enough spare 10 minutes when they’ve fallen asleep, I’ll just tap up on the screen and use that So again it’s a traveling with family or traveling alone situation Yeah,

Jim Collison  [29:04] 
yeah I sometimes have you know, I’ll tap the screen when we’re waiting. Some airlines don’t turn on the Wi Fi until you get a 10,000 feet Southwest leaves it on all the time. I think Delta does too. So there’s some variety and kind of knowing like I do kind of like if it was on all the time I just get on and start a movie The second that I sat down, I have found a used to fact God who I used to travel with all the time and Gallup shoes get mad because I’d meet all these people along the way. And since I started doing the movie thing, I lie I sit down I lock it I put my headphones I don’t talk to anybody. You know, I just kind of get get right into a movie and kind of get going to get it done.

Mike Wieger  [29:46] 
I think I was the opposite. I was when I work I would put in headphones I put on the bows and I would start typing I didn’t talk to anyone. family trip obviously not doing that and ended up meeting some kid who saw I was wearing Carson and I’ve been you know trying to get a job. Are Here applying and got the job and Charles like, hey, he met you on an airplane. Do you know this kid? Yeah, I did. I did meet him on an airplane. And it was funny. You know, the more people you’ve just the things the conversations you can have in airports are kind of my favorite. Now I’ve come to like that now that I don’t travel for work. I’m not trying to get a bunch of stuff done in the airport. It is kind of nice.

Jim Collison  [30:20] 
It is kind of nice. I it’s just been a weird, it’s been a flip for me of I used to try and maximize every second on the plane of getting work done. And now I’m kind of like, you know, I’m gonna take some downtime, and this is going to be kind of my time. The other thing I can’t do on a plane is listen to podcasts. Like, I know that sounds weird, but I cannot just sit there. I can’t either. Yeah, I can’t do it. It’s all so I’ll sit there and I’m like, Okay, and then maybe I’ll grab a magazine like, Okay, this doesn’t make any sense. Right. So I’ll close my eyes. Next thing I know I’ve slept 30 minutes.

Right? Yeah, maybe that’s okay.

Do you have any so you Your travel was mostly like here locally right the travel that you did was to the coast and back yeah the any any tricks that you found for Did you did you sleep much on the plane like I’m going to try and overcome that jet lag by trying to actually get some sleep now everybody says that they never do right but did you have any tricks to get really comfortable

Mike Wieger  [31:24] 
I have to one my wife didn’t know about until the very last trip we went on on most airplanes, the headrest not only goes up you can fold the flaps in and you know I most you probably know that but a lot of people they don’t know you can bend those in and man does that make a huge difference when you can have something kind of just lean to the side just a little bit and have just something that keeps you up. So using the little flaps on the headrest, fold those in and then you know Jim it’s the Bose it’s turning on some just classical jazz music or someone doesn’t have any lyrics and and usually I can I can be out pretty quick on an airplane with with headphones, some good quiet music and just sit back. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [32:05] 
well, I’m gonna have to figure something out because I have traditionally not been a great sleeper on planes. And I’m going to try and do that. So the weekend before, I’m going to try and go to the couple days before go to bed really early. Get up early, try and get myself in that rhythm of it already. I think I have a morning flight out of Omaha here on Saturday. It’s not morning 611. So I could probably you know, kind of finagle some things, and then try and sleep just as much as I can. I know everybody says you can’t do that. And you get there and you’re pretty shot. So Sunday, I’m going to you know, get a rest. You know, and then try to get some meetup stuff in and get that done, but wondering if there’s any technology tricks. So after this conversation, you’re listening and you’re like, oh, I’ve got some I’ve done some things. It’s worked for me send me an email Jim at the average guy.tv loved Jim, Jim at the average guy. TV so I can say that right? My voice isn’t doing so great. Love to hear the tips tricks that you have on travel will be talking about that. And like, again, let me know if you’re going to be in London, a Windows announcement we’ve been talking about Apple, but there’s a huge windows announcement been covered ad nauseum and all the channels are so Mike wondering if you spent any time looking at any of the new windows equipment that came out? Zero. So

Mike Wieger  [33:24] 
So give me give me like a 30,000 foot view?

Jim Collison  [33:27] 
Well, okay, so they now have more products than apple. Let’s just be honest. So we have a Surface Pro X, by the way, all this over the reset forums. So go to Home server show.com slash forums. Sign in there Dave’s got a post appreciate him doing this by pulling right off how many surface categories can we have? He says links to all the new devices so you can go over to the forums and get those Surface Pro X Surface Pro seven surface earbuds are out now right now the headphones as well.

Mike Wieger  [33:55] 
Surface air pods.

Jim Collison  [33:56] 
Yeah, very, very well. Let’s look at him really quick. You go over there, I didn’t I have not seen what they actually look like. No actually so instead of having instead of being like traditional earbuds where you put them in and have a drop down part, they have this big flat disk on the side.

Mike Wieger  [34:15] 
That’s interesting.

Jim Collison  [34:16] 
Yeah. So new surface earbuds that are out a new surface laptop three, which looks pretty great. And then a new Neo and a new duo and they’ve been messing around there this duo is really this kind of attempt at a dual screen foldable you know, it’s got screens on both sides and it folds in the middle right basically a mini laptop looks pretty cool. So since the fact that you didn’t follow this at all, you’re probably not this isn’t gonna you’re not too interested in what they’re putting out I imagine

Mike Wieger  [34:52] 
I don’t think it’s that I think it’s that I you know, I’m not following this news. I’m not in the market for new computer really, no, I’m I haven’t been in the market for a new laptop because we got the MacBook Pro not too long ago. And then on the desktop side, everything’s still working pretty well for me. So I think it’s just because I hadn’t been in it

Jim Collison  [35:09] 
that I haven’t followed the news that the new duo the surface duo is that book size hinge so it’s kind of hinge like a laptop, not technically a foldable screen. So divided in the middle but screens on both sides. And so a pretty, pretty interesting not available holiday 2020 so we’re still like a year away from getting this. They announced it but not available.

Mike Wieger  [35:35] 
Samsung, right like what the Samsung foldable phone that they had announced away ahead of time. Hopefully it’s it’s it’s better than when we saw from Samsung. Oh,

Jim Collison  [35:43] 
yeah. Well, hopefully. Well, this one the screen isn’t complete all the way across. It is a foldable No. Yeah. Can affordable screens come together. What’s going to be really interesting to see on these dual screen phones is that they get dirty. Then the screens come together and then that dust rubs together. And you don’t think it’s a big deal until it is. And it just mucks up your screen. I mean, I you know it specially you take that phone, you fold it, you put it in your back pocket, and the you know, you go to lean over sit down or whatever. And the torque I know it sounds weird. The torque that your back pocket puts on the phone and the screens rubbing together

Mike Wieger  [36:28] 
can be really bad really hard on the screen. So I think of it even like with the MacBook laptops, you see you see the keyboard imprint on the screen when you open it up right just from the dust there and that’s not going in your pocket. You got a good point i mean that yeah, that’s that’s going to be the interesting.

Jim Collison  [36:43] 
Yeah, it’s interesting to see we saw with the Samsung device problems with the foldable didn’t work, just to be honest, it was it just didn’t work. Let’s take two screens and you put them together. Oh gosh, I don’t know they almost need like I would want to put a piece of something solid In between the two of them, I just be afraid of scratching and not scratching the screen scratching each other. But the dust the little dust particles and then you put a little tension on that thing. And it just grinds it like a piece of glass, you know, just grinds up like a sharp diamond, so to speak. And so

Mike Wieger  [37:17] 
my problem is, and I’m probably the only one in this camp, but I have just been so either I want the size of an iPhone, or I want to pull up top like these mid range screens. I’ve just never for me, I’ve never seen the use case for them. I know a lot of people, especially in our community use the iPads and I’m an iPad fan. I do like that. But that’s to me, I consider that almost like if I’m not taking a laptop, I’ll take the iPad, but something like right in the middle there like the iPad Mini never made sense to me. I just couldn’t figure out what the use case was there for like it’s still too big for my pocket. Yet it’s not big enough. I’m gonna I’m gonna have to put in a bag Anyway, why not go up in size? So maybe the foldable answers that then maybe it takes a bigger screen and makes little bit smaller, but I’m like, wow, why not just have the full size device. So off to get in my hands and play with it and see the use case and really see how people are using these. But this is one area that I’m already I’ve already struggled in the past with just the size, let alone the folding aspect of it. It’ll be interesting.

Jim Collison  [38:20] 
Both available holiday 2020, the larger nine inch screen so the Neo, which is a nine inch screen larger, they’ve got a 360 hinge. So it’s not just open, but it’s open all the way around, right. And then Neo is going to be Windows and Windows experience. So it’s going to run some stripped down version of Windows 10. And then the duo is Android. So that’s going to I’m sure that it’s going to have and they may they may both I didn’t dig deep into the specs they may both be running on RN style chips. I’d have to look into that. We got a little time and holiday it’s not even holiday 2019 2019 yet so we got a whole year before these things show up boy That’ll be interesting to see with them releasing this a full year in advance. Do the Chinese manufacturers start pumping these out at, you know, ridiculous rates. And then by the time we get to 2020, they’re out priced.

Mike Wieger  [39:13] 
Right. You know, that’s a long time from now.

Jim Collison  [39:16] 
I don’t think they care. Joe says it runs Android though, which is the larger story, right? So the need or the duo is Android based, running with all the Microsoft products on it. So smaller device? Yeah. Okay. I don’t, you know, again, I’m like you, I’m going to want to see him. I bet we’ll start seeing units summer of next year. And it’ll be interesting to see, I really kind of think, I mean, it would be like Microsoft, to not really be serious about this, and just say, hey, this would be cool. And we’re going to do it a year from now and let everybody else make all the mistakes on that. And so some interesting things coming. That was kind of the gist of it. I think that your pods are worth looking at what I don’t like is that They look like a big old honkin white ring that sticks out of your ear.

Mike Wieger  [40:04] 
You know, it looks almost like a gauge, like a gauge deer

Jim Collison  [40:06] 
in the middle of your ear. Does Yeah. And for some people, that’s great. I mean that’s got the controls on them and those kinds of pieces. I don’t know I don’t they don’t. They don’t they don’t really sit

Mike Wieger  [40:20] 
that well. Let’s do one of those will totally get used to the like, people get air pods. People still say air pods look so stupid. Anytime you’re going to have wireless earbuds it’s going to look weird. It’s not natural. You got something in your ear that’s that shouldn’t be there. So I think we’ll get totally used to the wireless earbuds look good it’s it’s the way they’re going wires are out.

Jim Collison  [40:40] 
On Yeah, phones. Yeah, no. Oh, right on I still I’m rocking those $40 pair. I bought a shock. Whoa. I am still rocking those in the fitness center and they work just great. And they’re total rip offs. I could not be a more of an apple rip off than anything I’ve ever seen. But super cool. Well if you haven’t, head over to home server show.com In the forums, Dave, as opposed on all the Surface devices are out and you can join in the conversation. I am still rocking my Surface Pro three and it is actually crypto minor for me, and I’m still mining JC coin on that thing. I mean, it’s my insider PC as well. So I kind of keep track in fact, I got I just got a new insight edition on that and then I run crypto off it just kind of that JC coin. What 27,000 of those coins now that are out there. They’re worth like nothing. But it’s been a good little box. I don’t I can’t imagine one of the things with the new Surface Pro line that came out. So the Surface devices they still have a traditional surface device that came out with it. So I think the Surface Pro seven it still fits the dock that I have for the Surface Pro three. So it would be one of those kinds of things were still kind of a big, thick, bulky thing that surface laptop gets pretty or the Surface Pro X gets pretty thin I think that’s a USB see. Now I think I think I remember that. So that’s gets kind of thin and sleek but that Surface Pro seven still pretty thick and fit in my current dock. So if I was going to go if I was going to replace it with something which I won’t at a grand, I probably I’ve got other things like landscaping that I need to do around here and so it’s I probably won’t make any updates kind of at this time but you know, good for Microsoft for getting a lot of new hardware out. And in talking about any other any other thoughts on that Mike?

Mike Wieger  [42:38] 
No, I’ll be excited to see him when they come out in person.

Jim Collison  [42:41] 
Yeah. Yeah, me too. And I think you’ll probably be able to get into Best Buy, you know, be able to go in when they when they make them available or the Microsoft Store which we don’t have one here in Omaha.

Mike Wieger  [42:51] 
Mike I’ve been one and we don’t know the

Jim Collison  [42:53] 
store went away. Okay, now went away. Unfortunately we have to go down to Kansas City to get my I’ve been trying to spend more time with ways getting out of Bellevue is not the easiest thing anymore. Used to be. You know, 20 years ago when we moved here. There wasn’t a lot going on in Bellevue and so driving in Omagh was easy every morning now it’s a little bit of a cram Okay, now it’s all my Bay Area friends and Atlanta friends and New York friends and, and Seattle friends Portland, okay, we still don’t have that kind of traffic. But I do like I basically have two routes to get from south to north in Omaha, either take the interstate or take 10 Street and oftentimes have the interstates jammed up 10 streets can be faster and I like ways to tell me that and I’ve been spending kind of different ways to Sorry, no pun intended, different ways to work to get that done. But I have noticed they have been pimping and pushing carpooling. in a big way to get this done. Of course we know Google is behind our alphabet is behind ways a year ago, the navigation app kind of kicked in Mike Have you seen that? First of all, do you use ways and have you seen that car that have noxious carpool app when you login?

Mike Wieger  [44:06] 
Yeah, I’ve been using ways since I mean since no one was using ways it’s great. I’m ways royalty is my ranking. Because I’ve been there since the beginning I get the cool crown, I think on me, but yes, it drove me nuts because it replaced. My dad and I use the friends feature on ways where we can send each other our eta and so he can open up the app and see like when I’m on my way down to Kansas City, he can see exactly where we’re at. And for that menu button where carpooling was like where that used to be and it totally threw me off I can still it’s still struggle to figure out how to send my dad my eta. But, and I guess, Jim, for us here in Omaha not as big of a need for carpooling and you’re not going to have as much interest I don’t think so. I was just always like, I thought it was the stupidest thing. I’m so glad you sent the article cuz I’m like there’s no way this is getting any traction because I’m only thinking about almost I’m not thinking a broader picture where it might make a ton of sense for the carpooling.

Jim Collison  [45:04] 
Yeah, half a million rides in September.

Mike Wieger  [45:07] 
And that’s way more than I would have. Yeah.

Jim Collison  [45:08] 
No, that’s that’s kind of interesting. We’ve got an article that will have a link to in the verge from the verge. And if you want to take a look at it’s out at the average guy.tv slash HGG for one eight, if you want take a peek at it, but yeah, half a million rides in globally last September. Always carpools available in us, Mexico, Brazil, and Israel. It’s kind of interesting, those four places company predicts that will cross the 1 million monthly rides by early 2020. carpool customers in the us collectively drove 25 million miles last year, which the company estimates help reduce the carbon emissions by 20 million pounds, which is kind of crazy, thanks to combine rights, but wage would not reveal the total number of people who were using the app nor would it comment on the retention or turnover rate. So carpooling, this carpooling feature is kind of like Uber in the sense that you still if you are the driver, you still get compensation for those carpool It’s really kind of based on it on a more more regular basis in a very much destination to destination. Not I wouldn’t go anywhere, trying to complete that carpool ride as efficiently as possible. So they said, So Josh, free the head of ways, carpool said, we think we have the magic number. He said in an interview and it’s for rides, and that is for rides we get if we get you one carpool, then you end up competing for carpools. You stick with the service, which is which is pretty interesting. competing for rides seems to be what gets you to stick. Mike, I wonder and I may try this just to see I may try the carpool app from Bellevue to Omaha, just to see what it does. Like, could I pick some people up in the process? I don’t want to be an Uber driver. I don’t want to be a Lyft driver. I want to drive people around all over. I really just want to say hey, I’m coming from Bellevue. I’m going downtown. I could drop you off. Are there people who would do that? I don’t know. What do you think?

Mike Wieger  [47:04] 
Could be actually I didn’t know I said never clicked into it. I didn’t know is this advanced so these people are getting paid. You’re paying for the through the ways app for the carpool. Is that how it works? Yes.

Jim Collison  [47:14] 
Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that’s I think I like the like the Uber app. Yeah, you’re paying, basically paying for its gas money, right. In their ways to find the carpool is one driver plus one writer, two or three really the sum of the count, the company updated the app to let drivers pick up more than one passenger at a time for a maximum of four riders. Drivers are paired with riders with nearly identical commutes based on home and work addresses. The drivers and writers are limited to two rides per day. This is not a money making service. Rather, it’s an attempt by ways to test the waters in the growing ride sharing market. So interesting. If you were to bring and maybe maybe ways carpool would be cheaper. Yeah, because they’re not trying to make money off of it. Not at this point, right, right. Yeah, kinda so it does get me at first it was just as annoying as crap. You know, it’s a car. I don’t want to freak a garble. Yeah. And because they were pretty aggressive about carpool options, and then More more recently. Yeah, I just can’t escape past it. But it has been one of those things kind of worth trying. How long is your commute? Mike?

Mike Wieger  [48:31] 
Five minutes. Okay.

Jim Collison  [48:33] 
Yeah. So you’re not really

Mike Wieger  [48:35] 
now. It’s like South African.

Jim Collison  [48:37] 
Yeah. And I’m 15. And so even that’s not bad. But I imagine in some more more urban areas where the commutes 30 minutes.

Mike Wieger  [48:46] 
Yeah, and I’ve got to take my boys to school too. So it just it’s an option. I’ve got to go take them to school and then go to go to work.

Jim Collison  [48:54] 
Joe says in the chat room says my wife uses ways daily, but I started using Google Maps for the offline maps google maps are also give you a little more specific information like what lane to be in.

Mike Wieger  [49:06] 
Yeah, that is that’s within surprising though, because Google owns ways I’m surprised they

Jim Collison  [49:10] 
haven’t integrated some of those features over it kind of makes you wonder that it is kind of cool on some of those apps where it says, hey, can this get in this specific Lane? You know, before you do it, so I Ken says his know, so for Ken and this may be his it’s an hour and 20 Wow. And can I don’t know how you do it. I met Ken. What as an LA couple years ago, and I just don’t know how you guys do it. Just don’t I just don’t I complain. When? When 29 interesting. 29 which goes into MMA when that backs up for five minutes.

Mike Wieger  [49:48] 
Yeah. It’s almost hot traffic. I tell you,

Jim Collison  [49:52] 
these people, you know, but I could see I mean, all of us a big bedroom community. I could see maybe finding some Bellevue people who go downtown.

Mike Wieger  [50:04] 
I bet so I might as well click it and see. Right?

Jim Collison  [50:08] 
Yeah, I may I may give it a shot. It’s really hard because carpooling This is timing we are so spoiled with like I leave when I want I don’t even think about it. I just drive there right? I don’t go to work at the same time every day. I just go on I’m ready. Right so depending on how the morning goes, how late the night was before kind of podcasting as the Did you know stuff I did that night so so yeah, so Alex says 20 to 50 minutes depending on his traffic. Although podcasting has changed for me my commute in a lot of ways. Anthony is saying 10 minutes for him. That’s I got Joe’s 15. So the audience here at least tonight, pretty quick. Nobody besides can pretty quick commutes there. My I don’t mind Mike sometimes if my commute. Stop yelling Oh no, you’re listening to podcast. A little bit longer. Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [51:00] 
I miss working downtown or being at Creighton when I was in school. That drive to downtown is actually I didn’t mind I love listening to podcasts. Hannah thinks I’m so weird. I’ve always said if I, for some reason can’t be alerted more, I’d really enjoy being a truck driver. I would, I would really enjoy it. I love driving. I drive everywhere. Hannah has not been behind the wheel in bed with her in the car. And that’s not a thing that she’s a bad driver. It’s just because I love driving. And she’s like, Great, awesome. Do it take over.

Jim Collison  [51:31] 
I was that way too. When I was younger now I hate I hate driving. Justin says just quit. However, new job is five minutes. That’s pretty awesome. There. So Tony says just for three more weeks in the mountains. I get there on Friday at 7am. And I don’t leave the hospital until Thursday at 530. Yes, yeah. Well when you live at work. That’s those kinds of those kinds of things happen to So I may give it a I may give it a little bit of a look just to kind of see if that is there Mike my been talking about it for a while a Chronis when we think about backup a Chronis has been coming on and this is a company I mean across has been around for a while. I think I’ve been using a Kronos maybe since 2010.

Mike Wieger  [52:21] 
Oh yeah, they’ve been around that long. They are relatively new or maybe they’re just starting to become more popular with the the average guy seen,

Jim Collison  [52:29] 
right? Well, they’ve added more tools to what they have backup, you know, they were they used to be kind of a tool set of sort added backup in there very kind of first that’s kind of what put them on the map and then have been adding in more and more things to the backup. This year. I kind of made a mistake. So I’ve always been buying I’ve kind of been there single year purchase options. So since 2013 or 14, I bought the year versions. So Chronis 2014 and I forget Now that I’m having to do this, I forget what they call their coronas. I could just pull it up here, let’s just take a peek at it. True image, there we go. So I’ve always brought their to their true image product that’s backup product. And I would buy 2014. And then the next year come out, I’d wait, it would come out new. And I never buy it. As soon as it came out, you’d wait about a month or two, and then they run it at half price. And then I’d buy three more licenses and add them to it and upgrade and then I go and upgrade. This year, I kind of made a mistake. Maybe I’m not sure if I did or not. So this year, I bought their perpetual license. So I had 2018, then 2019 I should have bought, typically I would about the 2020 version to get the most recent same price. I could get the perpetual license, which just means there’s no year on it, so to speak. It’s only good for a year but I get 250 gig of cloud storage. So not that I necessarily need

Mike Wieger  [53:58] 
that. What’s Compared to the US exactly

Jim Collison  [54:00] 
the same, exactly the same so instead of just you get zero cloud storage with your version with the perpetual version you kind of get you get this 250 gig of cloud storage and you get whatever version there on you can upgrade you don’t have to wait you know, I’d always have to, I had 20 1920 came out and be like, okay, when am I gonna upgrade? So, it just says asking about site house and I’m going to I’m going to ask you about that here in a second. So hang tight on that one. All we’re talking about this, but I kind of switched those models this time. Um, some new new enhancements when we think about 2020 and they actually have a I’m not going to do it but they have a they have kind of an affiliate program you can make 20 up to 25 bucks if somebody buys it, so that’s not bad. If you want to be one of those, that kind of that you know, one of those folks that does affiliate, I almost started doing that. I’m like, ah, not gonna mess with it if you want to use it. If you don’t use a chronic Sysco buy it. I don’t have to. I don’t need to make money off you. But one of the things that coronas has done really different that I didn’t expect is they’ve gotten into the cyber security side. So they’re doing kind of any virus, any malware, any ransom, whether where and so that is kind of one of those things if you’re going to use them for backup, it’s kind of nice to have the that extra protection doesn’t seem to conflict with any of the other I’m still using bit defender as well doesn’t seem to conflict with any of those kinds of things. And then they also improve their backup to now like we used to get on home server so now you it will eliminate duplicates, it’s smaller, so if you have duplicate files in there, it’s looking for it and will eliminate those are. However that technology, it’s about time my home server friends are like, like we were doing that in 2003. Right, but hey, it’s available there. And then I think the other feature that’s kind of cool, is a tree notification again, nothing new but they have really amped up and have a You have an icon in the tray where you can see what it’s doing that was always a big drawback to Acronis as you could kind of really not know like, what’s this thing doing it’s kind of hiding in the background backup on selected Wi Fi is a new function custom power management feature so if you’re unplugged don’t backup because backup takes power like you know some of those kinds of things and then power nap backups are available for you as well. Mike Have you used to Kronos at all or is that is that anything you’ve ever taken a peek at?

Mike Wieger  [56:30] 
No mainly because the one Windows machine I run I don’t worry about backup is just a side home box. So it that’s all it does and if that crashes I just reinstall it and all good so on and on the Mac side of us carbon copy co owner as my backup so I’ve never had to work on the windows side. I think the one time I did. I was not using a Chronis I used a free version of something to do a quick backup.

Jim Collison  [56:54] 
One of the things I’ve appreciated about the guys the Kronos they were out ahead of the ransomware thing that ransomware Protection before most were and so if you I’ve never I haven’t really worried about that because I don’t know. But it’s there in pairs nicely with my bit defender in, in that by By the way, just a quick note on that the defender, their VPN solution for 30 bucks a year is awesome. So I’ve turned it on, turn it off. I don’t have to have it on full time. If I want to use it, I can. But funny story. So I turned on. We did a big upgrade at work. And we had some new features that I didn’t think was working globally. So I wanted to test them from another from another place, right? So I turned it on to Switzerland. Set it and then I go bring the browser up and start accessing my stuff from Switzerland. The next day or the cyber security team from Gallup calls me they’re like, hey, were you in Switzerland last night?

Mike Wieger  [57:54] 
You’ve been hacked your account and showing up from Switzerland.

Jim Collison  [57:56] 
No, that’s exactly what they said. They’re like, Hey, I’m pretty sure You weren’t in Switzerland last night and I’m like well actually I was because I was trying to test this functionality from another country and so one good on Gallup for having that level of security to be able to see my account was it you know was I Was I being accessed from another country but to that VPN switch is super easy and bit defender just go in, drop it down select the country hit Connect, boom, you’re in in your on right and in that pieces worked out really well Mike on site hound because we’ve been following them as well. Yours, your

Mike Wieger  [58:38] 
big site.

Jim Collison  [58:39] 
Your advice to me? Like I’m on site hound and I’m trying to think of what version I’m on an old version. I think I’m on version six. I got an email. Okay, okay. Yeah, but that update on its own then or because you said don’t die not supposed to renew. Tell me what I’m supposed to do. Yes, I

Mike Wieger  [58:58] 
was. This is what happened. They They’ve been talking about the release of sight and six. So for those of you don’t know, we’re talking about site how and if you’ve missed the site hound is a security camera and VR solution. It’s an application software that you load onto a Windows or a Mac machine. It can pull in from all your IP cameras and recording, right? It’s great, very robust. Think of if you’ve played with like blue Iris, but I actually this much cleaner than blue is much easier to send us

Jim Collison  [59:27] 
pretty great.

Mike Wieger  [59:28] 
Yeah, it’s it’s fantastic. So what happened was, they had been talking about upgrading to soundhound six, and the way that their payment thing works is that it’s a one time purchase for the application. I think it’s if you want more than two cameras, it’s a one time $250 you get it, you’re good and it’s yours forever use it. But if you want any upgrades, and if you want support, it’s $50 a year so you can pay $50 a year for support and now we get you an upgrade. Well they’ve been doing yearly big upgrades. Well, they had been talking about site home six for so long, it actually took all of 2018 it didn’t come out 2019. So the people who paid for support for last year, and for upgrades didn’t get any upgrades. So what they said was hated and said it took us so long. We will upgrade everyone in 2019. Even if you’re expired, if you had support last year, you’ll get it you’ll get soundhound six this year, because we know we took more than we thought we wanted to you didn’t get anything for your $50 last year. So we’ll give it to you. So the advice that I’ve always been given people is and it’s true because Jim is if you’re on six, I upgrade I actually was on the beta so I was beta testing six on my machine. And if you have side hound, I’ve been telling people all tells my team don’t upgrade your support, don’t pay that $50 yet, pay that in 2020 because you’re going to get it down six, just start that back up and 2020 if you want it if you need it, most people are happy with five or six. I signed on six, eight Animal detection, which did help a little bit, I will say, my dog just must confuse the hell out of the site home system because it’s a person one day, it’s an animal the next it can’t tell the next. But it’s only my dog that really has that issue. So it, I was really hoping it would be a lot better than it was. I would be interested. I know Justin, he’s in the chat. He’s the one who asked about it, he uses it. I think it really depends on your setup and where your cameras are aimed. I’ll still say that I will get false positives with windy trees, when the winds going and the and the wheel leaves are going everywhere. I’ll get a lot of false positives. So they’ve been trying to work on that. And although animal detection is really cool, because the one thing I do like about my site has I live in an area where we get a lot of raccoons and foxes and everything coming through. Now I can just filter by animal and see all the animals that came to my yard which is nice, but I think they’re still having issue with with false positives, but to be fair, it is still leaves in bounds above any other software you’re going to find in terms of I can actually filter by people animals objects. In other software that’s hard to do if you can even find that feature and sound I think is one of the best at doing it. So although it’s not perfect, it’s a fantastic feature worth it and I think it you know, it works better than most other pieces offer. I’m

Jim Collison  [1:02:22] 
still looking for a little bit, I like it a lot. I like it a lot. I’ve got it in the garage. And so I have that dealing when we bought here on the show. Mountain up on the ceiling and it just watches the car watch watches the garage. In fact, I was going through today’s footage, we’re talking and today at 1227 there’s a guy walking through my garage I’ve never seen before. And so I was like who is this? And then so he walks into the camera view and he’s it’s it’s our it’s our exterminator guy and he’s got the you know he’s got that I can see how many spraying around you know just can spray now the girls looking around looking at my wife’s car So it’s kind of it was super super interesting I didn’t realize six gives the animal protection the are view yeah

Mike Wieger  [1:03:08] 
so you can tell it can you filter my animal

Jim Collison  [1:03:12] 
yes so yet goals animal unknown yeah or the or the subject so then

Mike Wieger  [1:03:18] 
you can really start to adjust now your recording settings to to make sure you’re getting alerts when you want when you’re getting that’s what I like about it right I don’t need an alert if it’s an animal so I only have an alert me just a human right. And

Jim Collison  [1:03:30] 
I don’t for the garage one I don’t have an alert me. But the what’s been interesting is they of course have been making a big enterprise play with their software. So now they’re selling their software as a service and offering Hey, we can detect things in your video. So if you are, if you’re subscribed to them or download the software, you’ve been getting a bunch of emails about some of the cool stuff. They’re doing some of the facial recognition, some of those pieces, they’re really getting into that space. Now, so he’s Sign up for that, as well. That is there. Mike, we alluded to a little bit earlier when we were talking about the phones, but now we’ve had iPhone 11 has been out for a couple of weeks. I’m already seen it in the wild a ton. I’m sure you got some favorite features on it, quickly roll through as you think about why would I upgrade? I’m an eight plus guy, what might I get new on the 11 that we haven’t already talked about.

Mike Wieger  [1:04:24] 
So there there’s two sets of features. I’ll talk about one, the first set is of the phone. Second, I’ll just run through some quick updates to iOS 13. That also came at the same time, we’ll talk about both but with the 11. And we’ll just throw it all in together all the new line of phones, the 1111 Pro glove and pro max. What I liked about it is the processor bump Apple’s processor bumps actually mean something you can always tell when you’re playing with a new device that has when the new processors in it. We talked about earlier I liked they put the same processor in both the 11 and 11 Pro so that you’re not having to decide between power or not really, you’re just the pro focuses on other camera features overall across the line, the camera system just got a lot better. And the smarter they’re doing with 13.2 is going to come out soon you’ll get deep fusion, which is an addition, it’s more processing that they’re doing behind the scenes on your, on your photos with the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro. So they’re doing a lot with photos. I think the Pro is really cool with that, but those three lenses, and I was playing around Hannah’s phone, so she’s got the 11 so she’s got the new night mode. I posted this on Twitter. So it’s a ways back it’s a few weeks back, but if you go to my Twitter at Wieger tech WEGR is Wieger. If you go out there I posted three photos side by side. So I took a photo I went into my dark I turned off the lights and I went into our laundry room. I took one photo with no flash nothing. I took one photo with a flash. I took the next photo with night mode. The interesting part about night mode is night mode does not use the flash. So night mode is simply a long exposure shot and I got it was real I thought the photos turned out really well for how dark it was. I mean you couldn’t even see me in the room. And so I thought it was it night mode is very impressive with iOS 13. So really with the iPhones you’re looking at camera bumps and processor bumps beyond that it here’s the here’s the weird part though Jim, they kind of buried they said oh faster Wi Fi and then just that’s all I said they kept going. They have Wi Fi six in this phone. So the iPhone You know, I think if your Samsung if we if this same launch become Samsung got to be like a huge deal. We have Wi Fi six, it’s the fastest Wi Fi It’s the new cutting edge. But I think Apple knows that it was it was pointless talk about Wi Fi six because you don’t have any consumer routers that you have a few but you don’t the mainstream is not interested in Wi Fi six at this point. And I don’t think they will be for a while. So I think users will benefit from Wi Fi six without even realizing it. I think they’ll be in public spaces in corporate environments where maybe those places have Wi Fi six installed and They’re just experiencing great speed. Without realizing I think it’s a long time before we see Wi Fi sex in the home. I just I don’t think there’s really a need for it right now. So I think I think that’s why they buried the leader who there is Wi Fi six. But other than that, we always know that in the fall for Apple when the new iPhones come out, you also get the new iOS software update. And so now we’re on iOS 13 four biggest features that I really liked here, you know, there’s there’s a lot of updates, there always are, but there’s four ones that I really like and maybe a few of you guys didn’t know about. The first one is if you have the iPad, so it’s actually I say iOS 13 but also iPad iOS, if you have an iPad, they now have sidecar. So if you have a Mac laptop or an iMac, and you also have an iPad now there is native support for using that iPad as a second screen for your computer. built in. It just works. It’s seamless. You don’t need the apps there. There’s always been these apps like duet I think was one of them were tries to mirror it. And they just they worked sometimes not all the time. So now sidecar is a feature where you can just use that iPad as Just like a monitor dark mode on the iPhone right now, I mean, this isn’t groundbreaking tech here or upgrades. But having that dark mode, I really like it I’ve had dark well. And so I was actually using the beta of iOS 13 all summer. And dark mode has has made a big difference. I like it much easier on the eyes. And now the great part is, when I was using the beta, the apps weren’t updated. But now the apps are all updated. Now all the apps pretty much that I’m using have a dark mode, even outlook, which I spent a lot of time and every day on my phone is outlook for working email. They even have a dark mode as well.

Sharing photo in I message Now this doesn’t mean just sharing your photos but in your contacts. So in your phone, USA who your contact is so you know it says Mike Wieger and I can set a photo there and now it’s fantastic as in messages when you’re texting someone and I’m texting someone new. If I tell it if I allow the feature, it’ll automatically just send them my photo so that they’re so I actually have a little photo bubble in my contact on their phone. This is always been a problem. I think on the phones back in the day there was an ability to sync with Facebook, and it would try to pull in the Facebook profile pictures as the contact image on your phone. But now I set it on my phone Jim, if I start to text you, then also on your phone, you’ll see that my contact has been updated with the photo that I chose. So it’s a little feature but I like it. It’s a good one. And then native Swype texting. So I know that this has been a people love this on the Android side. People have used third party keyboards on the iOS side for a while, but now she’s native in the phone. Start swiping away to do all your texting Jim Are you a swipe to text guy have you now? No, I haven’t been either. It’s not for me. I’m just I’m too much of a

Jim Collison  [1:09:44] 
creature of habit to switch over. I’m kind of old. I’m still on 12.4 because I heard some you know that very first.

Mike Wieger  [1:09:54] 
13.0 are

Jim Collison  [1:09:56] 
you never do the release? Are we to 13.1 Are we ever okay? We’re probably 13 point 1.1 so if I should I upgrade or maybe with 13.0 point one is eight plus one of the things that’s been interesting and hasn’t been hounding me to upgrade, so, which is kind of surprising. So eight plus do I upgrade to 13 Now, do you think?

Mike Wieger  [1:10:17] 
Yeah Oh for sure. Upgraded 13 for sure. Upgraded 13 now we’re on 13 point 1.2 That’s okay.

Unknown Speaker  [1:10:24] 
Yeah, so it’s okay now

Mike Wieger  [1:10:26] 
Yes, yes. Now you’re good. I would definitely upgrades it’s it’s a really good upgrade. I enjoy it. They don’t Lindsay I that’s a good point. He says in the chat. He says his favorite part is the better car play more reliable and clean interface. I don’t have car place. I haven’t gotten to use that feature yet.

Jim Collison  [1:10:42] 
But but you got Amazon. You get Amazon Echo. And your I did. How did you get that? echo auto?

Mike Wieger  [1:10:48] 
How did you do that? I had been waiting for a long time. I remember on the podcast, Jim, I think you and I both applied for it. And I saw that people months ago were getting invites. And I was like, oh man, maybe I just didn’t get one. Two weeks ago, I got the invite and ordered it and it came. And so I have it in my jeep. And I’m, I’m kind of digging a Jim and you have to be in the right use case for it though, I will say that my review of the echo auto is, first of all, you have to have a convenient place to plug in both USB. And because for me the biggest draw to this was my car does not have Bluetooth. If you have a car with Bluetooth, you can really just use Siri or Google Assistant with it. I don’t have it. Yeah, so I didn’t have Bluetooth. So I’m like, really, I had an anchor Bluetooth adapter, which was amazing. But I’m like, okay, the thing that I hate about mine is that anchor thing you haven’t turned on every time so the Otter would turn on, I would get echo features. And then I was like really this thing could actually make it has six microphones and it would probably work really well for being actually to take calls on the phone. And so first of all, you have to have a good place to stay Think of this gotta be in your dash, you’re gonna have cords running down. So luckily my jeep I can tuck those cords down behind the panel, and it worked really well but the cords can look really unwieldy. So you got to plan this out and think of it’s going to be a good fix, you’re gonna have to plug in ox and then you’re gonna have to plug in USB power. But man, it’s worked really well I turn that car on and it is instantly connected to my phone. It works really well. The the talking on a phone call, people say they hear me pretty clear. You know, it’s got those nice microphones in it. And then it’s coming out of my car speaker so it kind of it’s a nice upgrade if you have an old car. I think I’ll say that if you have an older car without all the tech, you don’t have Bluetooth but you have an ox. It is a good upgrade for

Jim Collison  [1:12:40] 
the echo auto. Okay. I didn’t get it. I’m a little disgruntled.

Mike Wieger  [1:12:44] 
Like, did it come via email? Yeah, to email. So they’ll send you the email saying, Hey, your invitation. We

Jim Collison  [1:12:48] 
signed up for it the same night? We did.

Mike Wieger  [1:12:51] 
Yeah. But so the one thing I’ll say the integration is actually pretty interesting with iOS because you can ask her for directions. And she’ll just open your maps out. on your phone, it’s a lot more, there’s certain things that you expect her to be able to do. Like, I think I thought I would be able to tell her to text, Hannah. But that has to go through the echo app. So she has to have an Amazon account. So it can’t do text, it can do calls. So I can say call Hannah. And she will trigger the call with the iPhone. I can say get directions to whatever and she’ll open ways. But for some reason, there are certain things that she just can’t interface with. So I’m still trying to learn when and when I can when I can’t use her.

Jim Collison  [1:13:30] 
Okay, yeah, maybe I’m not ready anyways. So for 25 bucks

Mike Wieger  [1:13:33] 
now. Yeah, yeah,

Jim Collison  [1:13:34] 
yeah. Did you? You pay for it when they ship it? Is that what is that? What the way it works? Okay. The check. I haven’t checked, like you said came via email.

Mike Wieger  [1:13:44] 
Yep. Yeah, I’m just checking your email.

Jim Collison  [1:13:47] 
Yeah. We’ll see. Hey, we’ve noticed you purchase electronics in the past. Do you want a free business account? I get that. I get that one all the time. I do. JOHN Biggs was talking about you know, I bought that Echo show with the five inch screen. And he was asking me, you know, like, Hey, is that really been a game changer? And I’m like, Well, it looks nice. But I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything where the screen was required on that. And I think I may be in the same boat with the auto where I’m pretty good Bluetooth solution right now. And you know what? I just be replacing one with the other. Yeah, most likely, you know, so yeah, no, super cool. Well, one more, one more thing. We have a new Patreon level. And I was thinking the other day, like, don’t freak out over this Patreon level. Okay, I just said just hang tight with me for a second. Second the other day. There’s a whole bunch of different ways to live stream now and stream yard who we are using now has some new plans that allow me to do multi streaming, which means I can stream out to Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube we pretty much stay on YouTube. But streaming art has gotten very serious about this area, multi streaming, and I thought maybe I’ll come up with a live stream spot. So you are your business, whatever this is really kind of geared towards businesses to be honest. But if they wanted to sponsor the live stream for a month, which means we put a banner up and sore, it says streaming art appear in the corner by Mike on my side. replace that with your banner mentioning on the show. Thank you for the live streaming if you would go. You get mentioned in both this stream, the live stream on YouTube, the live streaming on Facebook and LinkedIn and whatever whatever we decide to do. Plus in the YouTube video going forward, you can do it month by month hundred bucks. So if you’re interested in being a live stream sponsor, I will do it all the time for now. We’re going to be in here when I get a sponsor all purchase the live stream option from the multi streaming today. We stream through streaming to youtube for free just kind of works. But this would give us some more multi streaming options and may be kind of fun in a way for folks to sponsor so you or your business interested in sponsoring, Home Gadget Geeks and get on get in here. monthly plan is 100 bucks, easy to go on and Patreon. Just pay that the month that it do it at the end of the month, it will cycle through we get you on for the month. And you can do that and is available for you. So study through that plan out there also eliminated the $1 plan on Patreon. And we just have a $5 plan now. So for those of you who are paying $1 continue to just won’t be a new option going in. And I want to thank everybody who’s done the $5 plan if you if you’re new and you want to do that. I still have a couple of these available from Ron, and he’ll print more anytime I want. Of course I’ll send these to you on a $5 plan. I really do appreciate those of you we’ve almost hit about $100 a month total in Patreon sponsorship helps me do things on the podcast, upgrade equipment, do fun stuff, those kinds of things. And so I appreciate you guys that are doing that I’m Patreon also got contacted by this company called awesome. It’s how you pronounce it but it’s a It looks like a LS XI you have they say pronounced awesome I don’t really care Chinese company I’m sure but they sent me a a USB three aluminum to drive enclosure to try out which do you yeah one of these one sec yeah why keep talking okay yeah yeah no backwards compatible the two oh so everything you would expect from a drive in here I got a couple drives sitting around and I thought to give it a test out offline cloning so doesn’t need to be plugged in anything you can put two drives into it and start them cloning if you want to do it. They sent this to me to give it a try out we’re going to try it on some crypto. So I want to thank those guys for doing it. We’ll do a full review on the show in a couple weeks. We’ll do a live review on the show but kind of fun so available if you if you’ve if you’re listening and you want to send us anything to review. can’t guarantee it’ll be a great review but if you want to do that you can okay what do you got there Mike? See if the light Oh What’s the brand name on it? Same look pretty similar. Let’s look.

Mike Wieger  [1:18:06] 
Yeah, right front. I saw that I’m like, but it’s not the same brand. This one is unit tech.

Jim Collison  [1:18:11] 
Oh, and they have a one called Wi Fi or something like that as well. And the back of this thing is just you know us here. We’ll just see. Yeah, we’ll just do an unboxing right now what the heck right, let’s get this thing. I’d be really funny affiliations like the same exact. I’m gonna I’m gonna test the status. Look at the back. It’s the exact same body. Well, you know, you gotta kind of wonder well, do you have the Do you have the floppy things? Right. You can press the little little, little button on the front right there. ES little button right there. Yep. Super cool. What do you think? Well, how do you like it?

Mike Wieger  [1:18:48] 
I loved it. It actually it’s a it’s my number one go to and I need a dual. Dual obey works really well. So even if it’s, you know, different brands are making the same thing.

Jim Collison  [1:19:00] 
Yeah, white cable. power cord. I’m doing similar, very similar. We’re going to give it a try. That’s cool because I can kind of I’m gonna plug it in with some crypto. And we’re gonna,

Mike Wieger  [1:19:12] 
yeah, yeah, I used it for.

Jim Collison  [1:19:14] 
Yeah, couple drives, I’ll test it on crypto will try some. These things are pretty much I mean, they’re a diamond does just to be honest with you. We have a special link in a sale and stuff like this. Um, you know, it’s kind of destroying this technology hasn’t changed it all in a while. And I was a little surprised that even send it to me just to be honest, they’re like, Well, do you want to you want to try something and talk about it or Sure.

Mike Wieger  [1:19:35] 
This was I think, pretty expensive. I mean, really? Okay. Relatively right. This is not a $10 Yeah. 40. Yeah, but I think Be careful this button. This button is duplicate. Okay, it takes one drive and duplicated the other. I mean, that’s super easy to on the front there. Yeah.

Jim Collison  [1:19:51] 
And then yeah, offline. We have offline duplication right. So it doesn’t even need to be plugged in doesn’t you know, it’s powered up. You’ll be a plot and drives between you and me like who’s duplicating hard drives? Like how often do you really duplicate a hard drive?

Yeah, I’m just

Mike Wieger  [1:20:12] 
just kind of when I break into houses this is actually what I take with me and I take out their hard drive and I you know, don’t have a copy of it I put it back in they don’t even know I have their stuff there. You know, I broke in, cuz I put their hard drive back.

Jim Collison  [1:20:26] 
Sir, that’s like Mission Impossible. Yeah. My Ron was saying, streaming is cool what they’ve done. Yeah, streaming or this, this enhancement to streaming or just came out this week. Or they were they’re now doing use def to use restraint IO to get that done. And now that’s just available natively in their app. And And so getting that sponsorship kind of makes sense or just kind of, if somebody wants to sponsor the multi stream that’s out there will allow them to do that through Patreon. So that’s out there. And and then Ron says, cool that you know, use it for crypto Yeah, in this case, it would be great for what we’re using. I have a couple reconfigured some things and I have a couple hard drives spare. And I was like, yeah, just give me a couple drives. Well, we’ll throw those in there and give it a test. There. They’re all great. I don’t I haven’t run into one. Construction is good. Again, we’ll do a full review in a couple weeks after, probably after then the next cloud guys. Real durable. It’s not that cheap plastic. So we’ll spend a little time looking at that as well. Well, couple reminders. One we want to let you know we are live every Thursday 8pm Central nine Eastern now here at the average guy.tv live if you’re joining us for the first time, Mike at dinner tonight when Sammy said she wanted to come back on right I mentioned at the beginning of the show. Let’s get back on Tim goes. Yeah, I actually listened to him as my my marine son. He goes, Yeah, I actually listened to a couple shows. It’s like, really? Like, it was weird to have my kids listening to Home Gadget Geeks. He’s like, yeah, sure is

Mike Wieger  [1:21:55] 
on now.

Jim Collison  [1:21:56] 
And then they have a buddy His name is Nick. Nick. You might be listening right now. So So, Tim and Josh and Nick are all friends. They’ve been friends for a long time. Nick doesn’t even live close to the Omaha area. And I said, Yeah, Nick start to listen to you. So Nick, thanks for if you got this far in the podcast, Nick, thanks for listening. He’s my kids friends. Maybe that’s the model to grow your podcast

Mike Wieger  [1:22:15] 
right is to your next Dave Jackson. conversation, right?

Jim Collison  [1:22:21] 
Yeah. Go through your kids grow through your kids. Just get your kids watching the podcast and get it done. By the way. 2114 giants patriots just in case you’re wondering you watch that Mike, you got him on? Yeah, yeah, it’s on must be on prime because I’m watching it. I opened up amazon prime and they got me. Got a little

Mike Wieger  [1:22:44] 
look up the battery I was using when we were back talking about travel batteries. I’m like, Oh, look at that. It’s on. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [1:22:49] 
you have travel credit card that you use. Just when you were traveling. Is that what you used? Yeah. Why? points? You don’t have any points today? Oh, yeah, America.

Mike Wieger  [1:22:59] 
Press. Yeah, well, cuz ours isn’t a credit card. It’s more of a charge card. Yeah. Like there’s silver, gold, green, you all those. And you get really good points with those when I’m traveling for work, so I had to use the corporate card. So we all everyone had a corporate card. Okay there.

Jim Collison  [1:23:13] 
Yeah. Justin just asked to speak into that. So when is the cigar tech what happening next week. So we had to move at on the other side of this one because I was sick last week. So Ed Sullivan will be back here next week. week after that as we’re looking to get the next cloud so everything you just got delayed. Kinda by two weeks coming on Duane Robinson is coming back. So that’s kind of kind of cool. Aaron actually did a big long video on her van life. Van tech stuff. So that’s pretty cool. I tweeted that out if you want to get a if you want to take a look at that she’s doing some great stuff. We’ll get her back on. Rich Hey, we’ll be back right after Microsoft. Whatever the name of it is. I can I can whatever they have like 8000 conferences a year. Now though, at Microsoft So we got some good stuff coming up of course we want to thank Maple Grove partners get secure reliable high speed hosting from people that you know and trust you of course, you know, this is hosted media and web hosting here. Maple Grove partners. com plans start as little as 10 bucks a month and I owe you guys of cyber frontiers as well from Christian so hopefully, that will be coming soon. We’re live every Thursday 8pm Central nine Eastern out here at the average guy.tv live john big said hey, what do you do a crypto update so I’ll do a quick crypto update in the post show. Don’t go anywhere. Hang tight. We’ll do a crypto crypto update out there as well. Want to thank you for joining us tonight. We’ll say goodbye

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