Kyle Wilcox with IPEVO V4K, Rode Wireless GO and the MEVO Start – HGG461

This week we have Kyle Wilcox back with us to chat about the IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera and how that can fill in as webcam in a pinch. We also take a long look at the Rode Wireless GO Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System that Kyle is using for classrooms and public events. We then looked at the MEVO Start Live Streaming Camera and it’s many uses! We finish the show with some discussion around the new Xbox and which one to get! Kyle commits to a pfSense document for setting it up with a VM and asks for community help with an auto starter for his cars.

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[3:10] Kyle Wilcox Welcome

[5:22] IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera

[8:22] Rode Wireless GO Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System

[22:38] Mevo Start Live Streaming Camera

[36:56] Xbox Discussion

[49:39] Kyle is looking at pfSense on a VM

[54:25] Kyle has a question for the community on Car Auto Start options

[57:36] HelloFresh

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Video-  IPEVO

Audio- Rode Wireless Go

Mevo Start


Example of Mevo Start and Rode Wireless – Middle School National Anthem:


Xbox –


Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is The Average Guy Network and you have found Home Gadget Geeks show number 461. recorded on September 24 2020.

Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home news reviews, product updates and conversation. All for the average tech guy. I’m your host, Jim Collison broadcasting live from theAverageGuy.TV Studios. Here, Mike. Like we’ve had a pretty good stretch of weather. We could use some rain, but fall is great, right? I mean,

Mike Wieger  [0:40] 
I lawns never looked better. Jim Lu talked about this we had that that high heat and we had some nice cool weather after a lot of rain. We got super lucky. But no yeah, we’ve been we’ve been hit great with rather for you Ham Radio guys getting the house weekend because the weather is so great. We can do a parks on the air activation. The weather has been fantastic.

Jim Collison  [1:00] 
Good. Well, of course we post the show World Class show notes out of TheAverageGuy.TV. This one will be slash hgg 461. Kyle Wilcox is here with us tonight. Kyle, you I remember I got some feedback from you on time. You said you had no idea what I was saying in the opening. You know, I would say this is Home Gadget Geeks. We cover all the fit. Yeah, you’re like, I don’t know what he’s saying. There. I changed the music just for you. Can you can you? Yeah.

Kyle Wilcox  [1:26] 
Yeah, it’s it’s better. I mean, part of the problem is my fault because I listened at 1.7. So you know?

Jim Collison  [1:33] 
Yeah, no, no worries. It was actually it was really great feedback. Like, nobody ever likes to hear those kinds of things like, Oh, you mean, I’ve been doing this for 400 episodes, and no one can understand what I’m saying through the music. It was true. Like I listened to it.

Kyle Wilcox  [1:50] 
But that’s just how that’s just how good the podcast is. It was worth sticking through it. So

Mike Wieger  [1:57] 
our gas 20 starts on like that.

Jim Collison  [1:59] 
He’s just greasing the wheels. Kyle, we’ll get to Kyle here in just a second cup, just a couple community things. I’m going to do them quick. And then we’ll talk a little bit more community stuff at the end.

Big thanks to those folks that showed up for our first ever Patreon meetup tonight. So about nine gentlemen show up. And we had a good time together, including Mike. And so thanks for doing that. We’ll do some more Patreon meetups. Again, if you’re on the Patreon team, and you want to you didn’t get a chance to join us, we’ll do another one. So just make sure you’re getting your emails from Patreon when I send them to you, because that’s kind of how I know who you are. And make sure that that email is up to date and such so that you can get to notifications of when we’re doing these as well. So big thanks to those.

And then don’t forget the October 24. barbeque grill and smoker meetup. It’s gonna be great. So if you haven’t signed up for that, there, if you go to the average the the event is listed I believe it’s listed out there.

It’s not if it’s in our newsletters, you can sign up at http://theaverageguy.TV/subscribe if you want to be notified of that we got some fun stuff coming up, and you’re gonna want to be a part of it. Of course, if you have any questions, and you can’t figure anything out, just email me,

Kyle, good to have you back. You’ve been a big friend of the show for a long time. We kind of talked about that during the Patreon meetup tonight. Thanks for thanks for coming back. I appreciate it.

Kyle Wilcox  [3:18] 
It’s a it’s fun to be here.

Jim Collison  [3:20] 
It’s good to have you. And you’ve always got some interesting things, which I love to have you covered. catch us up a little bit. I think it’s been a year or so maybe since we’ve had you on the show. What do you been up to the life’s been pretty calm and now going on.

Kyle Wilcox  [3:35] 
I’m, I’m very pleased with my our second son. So he’s three months old now. So had a had a baby in June, in June. And he’s just he’s adorable and fat and chunky and happy and sleeps through the night. And so couldn’t really ask for anything better. So I think that’s the most exciting thing. That’s all true. It’s not true.

Mike Wieger  [3:56] 
Babies are the best. In that, that’s good to hear.

Jim Collison  [4:00] 
So you hit the lottery. Yeah, like that’s just, that’s not necessarily my oldest just had his first and that child will not sleep. So now it’s kind of it kind of stinks. You’ve been busy upgrading some audio and video equipment, you’ve gotten a chance to look at some new stuff and the role that you’re in the school that I’m doing. Walk us through a little bit what have you been looking at? What kind of new equipment Have you been testing?

Kyle Wilcox  [4:28] 
Yeah, so

you know, with with the changes in the world these days, and the idea of some kids, you know, coming into school remotely or you know, just the restrictions that are in place. You know, we knew that video was going to be a bigger component of our school year this year. And so part of there’s kind of two categories one is what’s that gonna look like in a classroom. And the second is what’s that going to look like for some like larger group events, whether that’s a sporting events or chapels or choir Whatever, you know, any kind of performance that students are doing, I think that a lot of the stuff I’m talking about here is great for a home user too, except for the fact that it’s pretty much sold out. So sorry, I bought up everything but

Jim Collison  [5:14] 
not all sold out, there’s still some values in

Kyle Wilcox  [5:17] 
there, they’re just twice the price of what they’re supposed to be.

So for for video, there’s an awesome company called IPEVO. And they’ve just made excellent document cameras for schools for years, but they, you just aim them up, and then they become a webcam. And people have been using them as webcams for years now. But the demand for these things has just spiked. You know, with all the remote learning that’s going on. But we buy, I got, you know, really lucky and was able to get 20 of them on Amazon, at the $99 price over the summer, to outfit all of the classrooms. So everybody has those. And that I’m using actually the the one that you’re showing there on the screen is the one we bought at the school and the one I’m using, using for the just to make this show that you’re looking at me on now is just they’re one step older model of this, the previous version, but still really good. So So what

Mike Wieger  [6:18] 
when you say document camera? Do you mean? Is this a camera? That’s almost like a modern day projector from

Kyle Wilcox  [6:25] 
the future? Yeah, essentially. So

Mike Wieger  [6:27] 
you’re going through school. So this is,

this is like the showing of the invisible slides. But this is the modern equivalent of showing something to the entire class. And now, so they’re using it for both showing those documents to the class plus their camera.

Kyle Wilcox  [6:44] 
Yeah, I mean, I’ve haven’t been, I mean, like I hadn’t bought these for my school before this, just because for most use cases, I just feel like there’s better technology to be able to project the actual digital file on the projector screen. But there are some times when especially like if the, if they’re doing manipulatives and math or some of the younger grades or whatever, then it is helpful to use an actual document camera. But yeah, so now everybody has them if they need a document camera that teachers can use them. But I mean, I’ve been using this one on my desk as a webcam, for this kind of thing for years, and I love that it’s on a stand is a huge thing to me is that it happened that clip, if you just get a regular webcam, it’s like always falling off your monitor and stuff like that. So there’s, you know, there’s pros and cons with that. But yeah,

Mike Wieger  [7:35] 
that was my question was, you know, so when you’re looking at things like, you know, why don’t they just share their screen for a PDF? But this makes a lot of sense for like a math classroom where you’re doing calculations or, or or like you said other scenarios where it’s a live setting, and maybe you’re not using the whiteboard setting on the sharing the screen, you’re more writing it out, as you would, as most of us learned on some sort of projectors. telesystem.

Kyle Wilcox  [8:02] 
Yeah, okay, so those,

that’s, that’s just the device, I’m a big fan of and works really well. It does have a built in microphone, but I mean, it’s the quality of a really cheap webcam microphone, you know, it’s not, it’s not anything fancy. So I knew we wanted to upgrade the audio.

And so I did a lot of research and just studying and trying to figure out what would work and what would work with the laptops that we have and everything and road is kind of the first company that I know of that kind of came out with like a little too. A set like this, where I’m sure I’m holding up two little boxes that are if you put them together, there may be the size of a deck of cards a little bit smaller than that for both of them. But one of them is the receiver and one of them is the transmitter. And then the the little the one of the one that’s the the microphone, you can clip to a shirt or something and then you know a teacher can walk around the classroom, and then it sends it back to their laptop. And then they wherever they go in the classroom, their audio can be picked up and transmitted on if they’re doing any kind of virtual, we use Microsoft Teams, but you know, zoom or whatever platform you’re using for video. It’ll just send it into your laptop or whatever device you plug it into. And they those have been really, really great.

Mike Wieger  [9:31] 
Have you found that

the teachers who use these I mean, so I think what I have found at least is that there are people who don’t even realize that audio isn’t perfect everywhere used in a room, right? So, hey, I’m talking and I’m walking around while I’m presenting and my microphone is only on my computer and there’s a lot people don’t understand that. The people that have given these two have they started to understand Hey, like the microphone is where I’m at. And you know you and I Actually, we just demonstrated this before the live show. This would be actually really well suited for a teacher who walks around and is not located strictly at the box. Yeah,

Kyle Wilcox  [10:11] 
yeah, it’s huge for that. And that’s part of the thing is just training people, like, you know that if you’re teaching or doing even doing a podcast or whatever, like, you will you hear your audio, you know, yeah, here and how you sound. And so many people tolerate terrible audio, which, you know, if you’re doing it for one hour a day, you’ll probably deal with it. But after eight hours of listening to terrible audio, you probably have a headache, you’re not going to be focused as well, like, I mean, so in but the only, I mean, each person kind of has to take responsibility for their quality, because, you know, I can’t be in every classroom, like sticking the mic in their face, you know, all the time. So it is kind of a thing. But I mean, just the other day, I was really excited because a teacher brought their microphone out of their classroom to a, like, an all staff meeting, because they knew they wanted to get better audio for what we were doing with the staff. And I was like, Yeah, they get it. So yeah. So yeah, it’s a lot of it’s a work in progress. But it’s been, it’s been great. And there’s so many use cases. I mean, you could record there’s one like one guy that I’ve been helping, like, set up a podcast, like, one time he, he wanted to record like a Sunday school lesson he was teaching and I think he just like set his laptop or his phone on the podium or something. And the audio was terrible. He was probably walking around and things were banging into it like, dude, if you had one of these, you just clip it to your shirt. And yeah, it’s not the same as a podcast microphone, like what I’m using for this show. But it’s 1000 times better than just your laptop sitting on a podium in the middle of a giant classroom. So and these are the road This is the road wireless go. It’s only it’s like, what does it go for? 200 bucks. That’s that’s before education discount. But that I get it hat. But um, yeah, so you know, I think it’s well worth it. And there’s other brands that are that are probably really good too. There’s comica audio, and Sorry, sorry, sermonic, or something like that. So there’s other companies that have kind of started copying them. But as far as I know, rode was kind of the first and so we’ve put them on, I put them on our chapel speakers, because we’re broadcasting the chapel for live stream video now. And then I mean, it sounds, it sounds better than a lot of the podcasts you listen to, you know, as far as the audio quality, just with a just with the Rode mic clip to their shirt, and then in an auditorium so

Mike Wieger  [12:36] 
well, and that’s what I think a lot of the problem is, is a lot of people are comparing these two, you know, Kyle, okay, so you’re, we just did some A B testing before the show, right. And you’re sitting in front of a fantastic microphone on a boom arm within relative distance to your voice. And now if he sounds amazing, and we switch over to the road, like, that doesn’t sound as good. But what we have to remember is that these teachers, a lot of what people don’t remember is, they’re walking around, this is a million times better for them walking around in front of a white board, doing whatever teaching then compared to them right in front of their computer, picking up the computer microphone. So for probably 99% of the scenarios here, this is going to be a lot better fitting, and I can imagine for your chapel scenarios. I mean, I remember doing audio for our chaplain, my high school, it was okay, well, they’re not standing right in front of his computer. That’s live streaming. And that’s a real issue. And although it doesn’t sound like an am FM, you know, radio broadcast, it’s a million times better than what it would sound like if they’re starting to walk away from the microphone. That’s got to be a huge differentiator for you in the especially in the school environment. But you know, reading the reviews, you got to kind of take that for a grain of salt, which is these guys are comparing it to podcasting microphones, hey, well, I was trying to use it right from my podcast within a few feet of my microphone, whereas you’re trying to use it in a real time scenario of teachers are not standing in front of their laptops all day,

Kyle Wilcox  [14:06] 
you know, and honestly, I mean, I if you recorded a podcast on this road wireless go, I could still listen to it and understand what you were saying, which is a lot better than some of the other podcasts I listened to where it’s like, Can you can you at least run it through a phonic or something?

Jim Collison  [14:19] 
Yeah, right. Like the one you understand the intro to you

Mike Wieger  [14:22] 
know, not that one even knows where I was. I mean, a few years ago, this is a big advancement. A few years ago, I was in college doing my undergraduate and law school. And the professor. They had stuff that was installed in the classroom, and it was supposed to pick them up. But man, as soon as they walked away from the range of there, I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying. And I would have taken marginal compared to nothing. Yeah, and I think rode probably I mean, would you agree this this is better than marginal I mean, when you had that thing going for you, I would consider that podcast worthy. Obviously you were comparing it to the fantastic microphone you have in front of you, which was hard. Compared to, but then Okay.

Jim Collison  [15:03] 
Well, Mike’s talking, can you switch that over just so we get an idea of?

Mike Wieger  [15:07] 
Yeah. So I mean, while he was talking, I have, he’s gonna switch that over for a second. I thought about using these as a replacement for doing YouTube videos. So when I’m doing YouTube videos, I do a lot of tutorials where I’m doing, you know, smoking tutorials on how to smoke neat things where I’m standing away from the microphone. And you know, so I was doing some AV testing, and this was one of the replacing cars looking for. So now Kyle has it set up where he can kind of give us an A B comparison. So you heard him before. And now he’s going to be talking to us from his road? Isn’t the video go? Chris is

Kyle Wilcox  [15:42] 
a road wireless go? So I’m holding it basically in the same place where I have my my main microphone? So that’s what it sounds like you got Can you tell the difference? Make sure I might get one

Mike Wieger  [15:56] 
clip on your shirt like you would.

Kyle Wilcox  [15:58] 
So if you Yeah, so if you clip it on your shirt, actually, then it’s a little bit lower. And the volume the audio is not going straight into it. But I mean for what we’ve been doing. And I’ve even, the other thing I was gonna say is we’ve there’s another camera we’ll get to talking about, but it actually takes the input because this has a 3.5 millimeter output and the camera we’re going to talk about today as an input for that. And so we’ve been able to just hook the just show up with that camera, connect this to it direct into that. And then we could take this around the one one thing we did was the the middle school choir singing the national anthem in our gymnasium, and the teacher just held this road wireless go up in front of the class while they were singing. And it sounded better than you know, I mean, way better than I expected, you know, and they got them. It got them on the singing, you know better than because that microphone was probably the camera was probably 50 feet away or something like that. So, you know, just by getting the microphone 50 feet closer.

Mike Wieger  [17:02] 
Yeah, that’d be good. And this and that this microphone is good for, you know, consumer used to as far as like, I mean, it’ll plug into your DSLR or whatever. That’s kind of one of the main things that they people use them for, too. And, and that’s the unfair setup we’re giving you right now honestly, we should have you turn around, we should have you talked to that you have a water bottle on the edge of your desk over on your on your right shoulder there. We should have you turn around and talk to that. And then come back and talk to Mike. That’s where the Oh, so we’re having you talk right in the same distance as you are where it really shines for something like this is the teacher has turned around to give a presentation. They are facing a totally opposite way. And they’re still talking and I guarantee your microphone right now. Yeah. So

Kyle Wilcox  [17:47] 
I’m on the over on the other side of the room,

Mike Wieger  [17:49] 
the other room, and it sounds just like he is right next to microphone. And if we were able to do we’re not able to on this podcast, but for Oh, do AB pod, you know, comparison, that microphone on your desk wouldn’t have picked you up at all? Because it has a very, you know, it has that cone where it’s rejecting noise from everywhere. So yeah, those sort of things are, I think, the biggest aspect for educational live streaming of the classes.

Jim Collison  [18:18] 
Yeah, I think they get I don’t like them in the configuration. You’re wearing it right now. Kyle, I prefer it higher up on the if you can get you know, right now, Kyle kind of has that, you know, low I like it is just because I like the sound that it makes. I think it also has a lapel like mic that you can plug into that

Kyle Wilcox  [18:38] 
you could buy an additional mic for

Jim Collison  [18:40] 
but hold that right up to your right there. And then

Kyle Wilcox  [18:44] 
yeah, so this is if I was talking like directly into it, they actually make a an adapter that Yeah, will basically make this like a reporter’s microphone that you can hold it up and talk to somebody you know, to put it two inches from their face like a sports announcers or something, you know, stick you know, a sports reporter sticking it in an athlete’s face or something so

Mike Wieger  [19:04] 
and it sounds like this is not meant to replace your ATR 2100 your Heil pr 40 your microphone for your podcast, right? That’s not what this is meant to replace. This is meant to be. I’m away from the microphone. I’m doing testing. I want decent audio while I’m turned around. And again, we can’t do on the podcast. But if Kyle were to turn around and talk to that, that water bottle, we’ll they’ll be able to hear him on the road. We would not be able to hear him at all on his microphone that he has on his desk. And so that’s kind of the difference here of Okay, wow, these instructors are walking around. I’m at least able to hear them adequately. And and obviously we have Kyle. We prefer him on his very nice podcast, Mike, while he’s on the show, but for for a professor or for a teacher. That’s a big difference in audio.

Jim Collison  [19:55] 
Yeah, I agree. You know, Kyle hadn’t even thought about the application of In a classroom carrying it around and then handing it to a student to them, right, give them better audio for that for them. Okay, just hold on to this. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Kyle Wilcox  [20:10] 
Yeah, that you know, the other thing is that I, one of the reasons I went with this is because I can plug the road wireless go into a splitter. And then the splitter sends one signal into the laptop for the remote students. And it sends the other signal in real time through a set of PC speakers that are mounted in the ceiling and amplifies the audio for the kids in the room. And it’s a really cheap hack, but it works super well. It’s a really impressive what you can get out of all of our classrooms have PC speakers mounted, but even for live audio. It’s it’s been really good. So that’s another use case.

Mike Wieger  [20:49] 
So when that again, you’ve got your the microphone from the road, my go, the built in one going to one source and you’ve got the auxiliary jack from something else going to another store to

Kyle Wilcox  [21:02] 
I’m splitting it with this cable.

Jim Collison  [21:04] 
Okay, one one end is the road. What’s on the other?

Kyle Wilcox  [21:07] 
Know that the the out? I’m splitting the output from the road. Gotcha,

Jim Collison  [21:11] 
gotcha. Yep. Gotcha.

Mike Wieger  [21:14] 
Yeah. One’s going to the zoom, or whatever it is. And one’s going to the internal PA system of yet the guys who are in class, okay,

Jim Collison  [21:22] 
you get remote and local at the same time? Yeah, no, that’s great. That’s a good way. That’s a good way to think about that. The The other thing, yeah, no, I like it, I think it does diminish the quality and it the sound goes down. So you need to power it in some way. Right? When you do that, the other end needs to be powered. But you’re going to get that if you’re going online, you’re going to get that anyways, people be able to turn themselves up. And in the classroom, you got some powered speakers, you could turn off as well. The other the other thing in a mixed classroom, and I know some classrooms have gone where they have two kids are there and half the kids are in the classroom, or I mean, half the kids are at home and half the kids are in the classroom. And we have all these mixed kind of online and both in person and online. Something like this, like for a teacher, they need to be amplified. Right, not just for the people in the room. But for the folks that are watching kind of online for that as well. We just had a family get COVID and in that their kids are home for the next two weeks. And they have to, you know, now they have to figure out because they were in school, and now they got to figure out how to how to do it that way. Um, you’d mentioned this already. Let’s bring it up. You said there’s a camera that you’ve been looking at as well the Meebo camera. Let’s talk a little bit about that.

Kyle Wilcox  [22:38] 
Yeah, so this this is the called the Meebo start live streaming camera. And then it it really, it really just has a ton of great features that were useful to me. And I mean, there’s so many ways you could use this in a in a school, you could use it in, you know, at home, I mean, most you’d have to buy it, you’d pretty much have to buy it, use it with the tripod. But even I think even a home user, it could you know, depending on what you’re doing, if you’re making family movies or something like that, it just has a lot of great features built into a small package and really a great price point when it’s at $400 but when you consider that most webcams are now let you know a lot of them with especially when they were out of stock were 200 and up this, this device, it can act as a webcam and plug in with direct USB, which is 90% of what I’m doing with it. But it also has the ability to run on Wi Fi and to stream live to YouTube or whatever platform you want to live stream to right from that and it’s battery powered. So you just I mean you’re literally just you know, charge the battery, stick it on a tripod and set it up for a wedding for you know a funeral for a church service what you know a family gathering whatever you want to do and and press the button and start streaming. So, it can do it can do all that it can do a it can save a recording to the SD card. And then it then one feature it has to is called n di h x which is allows you to MDI allows you to transmit video signals over your network and work with them and like then like a video switcher program so I could have multiple cameras coming in over MDI and then I could cut between them.

Mike Wieger  [24:31] 
So So could

you put one of these up, like for example, in the corner of a chapel and have this be one of the switching cams for your chapel experience?

Kyle Wilcox  [24:41] 
Yeah, if you wanted to do it that way. Right now we just have we’re just using one. You know, we I’ll have one of these and I’m pointing, I just have a straight shot and chapel. And then in the gym, I just have a straight shot in the gym of the volleyball game, because we just have one, but the capabilities of this camera are too Allow it to do more than that. So that’s one of the reasons that made it really attractive as an option for me. And when and we’re using, we are using stream yard, which is what we’re doing the show on now, we’re using stream yard and going to YouTube for like the public things like the volleyball games, so that parents can watch so it works great with stream yard, as it just has a USB camera. And then when we do like chapel and other, you know more private ones or classroom things, then we’re using it with Microsoft Teams. And and streaming out through that. So it’s been working great in both scenarios. And it’s a much higher quality, especially at the long distance shots than just like a webcam we were I mean, even like, the other webcam is a Logitech Brio that’s, that’s a 4k webcam. It’s really high quality, but it’s just not meant for those long range shots. So you know, I’ve been really happy with this camera. And then there’s an app with it too. So you can control it from the app. And you can actually kind of pinch and zoom and kind of crop your image if you want to from the app and adjust audio levels and do a bunch of automation. You can even tell it to track a person as they move around. You can also connect an app to the Meebo start camera that will allow your phone to become a microphone. So again, we were talking about audio. If you don’t have a road wireless go, you can just hold your phone up while you’re talking in the front of the room. You know, you could be 50 feet away or something and it’s now it’s getting the audio from your phone microphone instead of having to travel 50 feet to the camera in the back. So really flexible, you know, can you know they’re gonna keep updating the software and everything but it’s been impressive for what we’ve needed.

Mike Wieger  [26:45] 
Yeah, it could be even cool for you know, if your school want to start a video club, right, and you’ve got some kids who want to live stream a volleyball game? Well, hey, we’ve got one, two cameras, we can live switching, I can assume you could probably find a way to bring that into something like OBS and bring that in and have your own, you know, broadcast cameras aren’t there for the studio, that these kids could then provide live commentary or something of the like. So probably a pretty versatile camera that allows you to adapt to really any scenario is what seems like

Kyle Wilcox  [27:18] 
Yep. Yep. It’s been good with that. Yeah, we use Oh, yeah, it would work with if you use the while you could do it on USB, it would go into OBS, or you could do the MDI version to OBS, and then we I usually use V max, which is like a kind of a paid version of right. It’s the same concept as OBS. I’ve been a big fan of V mix. But yeah, that’s what we use. And yeah, it’s been good.

Jim Collison  [27:45] 
Is this is this a an example? It’s Brian, we bring this up. Was this shot on that? meevo?

Kyle Wilcox  [27:52] 

Mike Wieger  [27:54] 
That’s actually a really clear video.

Kyle Wilcox  [27:57] 
Yeah. Yeah. And then there was there’s a clip at like, two hours and two minutes in where that’s where they were singing the national anthem. I think it just ended there. Maybe they and so they were using the the road wireless go and the Meebo start and those kids were that’s where they were singing the national anthem. So

Jim Collison  [28:18] 
yeah, I don’t know how to get the audio through here. And yeah, that’s different.

Mike Wieger  [28:21] 
Is that difficult to do the control through like, if you’re live streaming to YouTube or something like that? Is it difficult to get the road to be the microphone, things like that? Does it require

Kyle Wilcox  [28:32] 
that Meebo start just has it has a 3.5 millimeter port on the back and you just plug the road in? And that’s it. That’s all you have to do. Little audio

Jim Collison  [28:47] 
in there. I don’t think we’re gonna go there you go.

Kyle Wilcox  [28:51] 
It’s pretty quiet, but yeah,

Jim Collison  [28:53] 
I can’t there’s not much I can do to bring that Well, hold on. One second. Here. I can just gotta be smarter.

That’s coming right off the mic. Right. Which is right.

Kyle Wilcox  [29:07] 
That’s the route Yeah, that’s the off the road wireless. Go. She’s holding it. Yeah, she’s the teacher is holding it, which I didn’t know she was gonna wave her arms around and direct to the choir while holding the microphone. So there’s a little bit of like, wind noise, but

Mike Wieger  [29:21] 
it works. It’s better than it coming off straight from the video camera

Kyle Wilcox  [29:25] 
like 50 feet away. Yeah. So

Jim Collison  [29:28] 
yeah, 400 bucks. That’s not Yes. That’s actually not a bad $400 investment. Yeah, there’s a lot you could do. And if I wanted that to be my webcam, like I could use it as a webcam right? This way, and then take it off the mount. It looks like it now it’s pretty. It looks like here it mounts pretty easily. Yeah, hold that thing off and take it with me if I needed to, for other shots

Kyle Wilcox  [29:51] 
and backup recording to an SD card. So I mean, you could use it as a camcorder essentially, you know,

Jim Collison  [29:58] 
that’s all through the back there. Yep. Yeah, you get kind of a nice now it’s 1080 p at 30 frames, right? Yeah, no, you’re not getting

Kyle Wilcox  [30:06] 
the highest Nope, it’s not the highest end on as far as it’s not going to do 4k. It’s not going to do that st creams but

Jim Collison  [30:12] 
right, but that that SD card I’m assuming is right down there at the bottom. That’s it right? Which

Mike Wieger  [30:17] 
is great for something like sports broadcasting or chapel broadcasting where it’s Hey, you got kids running the show, right? They want to do a video club. But something got messed up. And we still need that recording out there. We need a recording of graduation. Sorry, like you messed up, you know, having that secondary recording has always come in handy. Even from if is your main camera or a secondary cam. I could see that being a huge benefit.

Jim Collison  [30:43] 
Yeah, I like it. That’s something to think about. Kyle, I think that’s gonna get added to my I get these questions all the time about, Hey, you know, what kind of webcam should I have? And, you know, now you’re paying 150, probably for a decent webcam. And you’re like, well, what else do you do? What else can you go? What are you going to want to do with it? Right? And you’re gonna have remote shots like you. You guys just have one on?

Kyle Wilcox  [31:07] 
Yeah, that’s all. That’s all I bought so far. Yeah.

Jim Collison  [31:09] 
Would you if you could? Like, how many for you would be the right number for what you guys are doing?

Kyle Wilcox  [31:16] 
Yeah, I’m trying. Yeah, I’m trying to decide because like one of the one of the downsides of you know, that if if I added HDMI based cameras to the system, then for every one of those I got to that I want to integrate into a video production, I got to buy an H, an HDMI capture card to go with it. And those are just a pain, especially when you have middle schoolers tripping over cords and stuff. So I don’t know. I mean, I’m interested in option I don’t know what will I, I think you can actually combine the two of them Evo starts together with their software, or at least they said, that’s a feature that’s coming, like just two Wi Fi MIMO starts and set them up and just control them in the app. I probably would use v mix or stream yard or something to do that. But But yeah, I don’t think having two of them would be bad. I think that would be good.

Jim Collison  [32:14] 
It makes a great smoker cam for this. Grill barbecue grill and smoking meetup that’s coming up. They would it would it would it be nice. It could stream now six hour battery life, right. But I’m assuming with this, this plug right here I can point is that that

Kyle Wilcox  [32:31] 
one? That’s the that’s the 3.5 millimeter and the one below it is the mic is the USB type C where you can power it. Gotcha. And they actually have an adapter for that does. It does Ethernet and power if you have a Power over Ethernet cable, you can actually power it and send Ethernet to it. Just fine. That’s like

Mike Wieger  [32:54] 
100 bucks. But again, you could have that I mean that could be my I mean because I mean most schools your switches are POV right a lot of schools so if you could run POV to a certain corner of the building Hey now I’ve got video I’ve got constant power and then you got to bring in whatever you mix it in even if you mix it in their software or OBS or V max whatever it is that that is a game changer. If I could just leave that thing up in a corner not worry about it. That’s huge. I’m putting one here right like in the studio putting one here and running it over you know POV I’ve got my switches POV I could leave that there and not worry about all the chargers and dangles I have running around from my camera right now.

Jim Collison  [33:40] 
Kyle rated for outdoor at all or is it?

Kyle Wilcox  [33:45] 
I doubt it? Okay,

Jim Collison  [33:46] 
I don’t think so. So you want you want to make sure you’re protecting it like you would kind of a regular camera. I know it seems heavy duty like you came on Ask the podcast coach and he was talking about Yeah. And I was kinda like yeah, you know, I saw the camera like, oh, okay, that’s not Oh, whatever. And but now that you’re like going through the whole thing, I’m like, wait a minute, this is way cooler than I thought it was. And I’m kind of thinking of some applications for it now where you’re like, wow, this could be really helpful. Because basically it’s a portable webcam. Yeah, what it what it boils down.

Mike Wieger  [34:15] 
Yeah. Or I mean, could this be a Could this be a security camera? I mean,

Kyle Wilcox  [34:23] 
I wonder Yeah, I wonder if it would I wonder if it’s plugged in all the time. If you’re gonna like rot the battery or something, you know,

Mike Wieger  [34:29] 
that’s a good point and with POV for 10 ADP 30 I can get this for 50 bucks for

Jim Collison  [34:37] 
sure. Right. It’s insane. Yeah, it’s a good it’s a good idea though. Mike, I think you’re thinking along the right lines. I like the idea of if you’ve got several outlets kylix example at your school you could you could have different permanent outlets that are ready to go and then you could have a couple cameras that they’re not there all the time the students check them out. plug them in, record the event after The event take them down, put them away, right? And so you’ve just got, you’ve got some options kind of based on your point of view. And what you want to do so No, that’s, that’s super cool and $400 is not like that’s not unreasonable. Yeah. into that.

Kyle Wilcox  [35:13] 
And I think that that one thing we that we almost glossed over just because I’m not using it this way, but it is it’s just, it’s live streaming from a Wi Fi camera like strict No, no laptop, I’m not using it that way. But you know, no laptop, no stream yard, just push the button, you got it, you mean you got to set up, you got to set up the account on your phone on the app, connects to it, and configure it, but then after that, it’s just go live on YouTube, Facebook, whatever platform you set up. And that’s it. It’s just the camera on Wi Fi and battery. So you know, some people that’s all they need.

Mike Wieger  [35:44] 
Yeah, for a lot of schools, especially sporting events. If I put this in the press box of a football game, or a volleyball game indoors basketball game, that’s gonna meet a million times better than what they had before. For especially streaming a sporting event is what I’m kind of thinking of, or, you know, you can do it for any sort of, you know, production of and choir band, whatever. I even think about that. You’re right, that might be the undersold thing here is that for $400 you’re getting all in one. production studio. Hey, put this up, connect it. The game is live. And you’re good and inform a lot of people right now. That might be worth it.

Jim Collison  [36:27] 
Yeah. Super cool. Kyle, thanks for bringing that now. I’m distracted with that thing. I’m like, oh, boy, that’s the six.

Mike Wieger  [36:34] 
Four I’m thinking the same exact thing. Jim, I use that for my smoker cam.

Jim Collison  [36:41] 
I’m sorry, justify it. I mean,

Mike Wieger  [36:43] 
I’m Twitch streamer on.

Kyle Wilcox  [36:45] 
I mean, if conferences were still going on, Jim and you were doing podcasting from conferences or something like me, some people

Jim Collison  [36:51] 
they’re actually right now that that would probably work out. That probably worked out really well.

Kyle, since we’ve got you. It’s down. It’s very down in the notes. But I want to ask you as from an Xbox perspective, we haven’t talked about the Xbox announcements at all on this show that just has not made entertainment to Dotto. It’s on there. They’re talking about it on Windows weekly all the time. Kyle, have you did you have you followed the Xbox announcements?

Kyle Wilcox  [37:16] 
Yeah, I’ve been. I’ve been following Xbox ever since Halo existed. So that’s, that’s, that’s, I’m Xbox because of Halo. But um, yeah, so I, my brother and I got you know, in when I was in high school, we got some used Xbox original Xbox and played a ton of Halo on it. And then the, actually the very first Christmas that my wife and I were married, she somehow managed to like, negotiate with every single family member to combine in and buy me an Xbox 360. So and we still have that Xbox 360 12 years later, never got a red ring of death, nothing. So and that’s another thing I put in my notes to is the the third what’s caught one of the things that’s been awesome. Getting through the COVID situation with with having a four year old in the house is he’s gotten into playing the x, the Lego game. So Lego has all kinds of video games with Indiana Jones and Star Wars and The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and The Lego Movie. And so like, every you know, a lot of almost many evenings after supper, it’s like after dinner, it’s like alright, Turner here, here we go turn on the video game, you know, and he can do all the controls as a four year old. So that’s been an awesome experience. And again, using the same Xbox that we’ve had for 12 years now. So that’s been pretty awesome. And, you know, I always wanted that, you know, to upgrade to the next Xbox. Actually, here’s one of the main reasons I never did upgrade to the Xbox One is because Halo five came out. And they didn’t have split screen multiplayer. And literally my cousin, my wife and I would sit we would play Halo splitscreen xbox live together before the kids came at. But once they took that away, we were I was like, well, what’s the point of Halo five if I can’t, if I can’t do split screen, so yeah, so I think maybe that’s coming back. And I don’t know why I haven’t kept up exactly with the new Halo. But yeah, so I don’t know, Xbox series x. And series s. They look awesome. The price points seem right for what you’re getting. I mean, I I would rather it not be $500 for the big one. But to me the X is interesting, because I might want that blu ray player. And also, because I think that if I want to play my collection of original Xbox games, I’m going to need a disk slot. So we’ll, we’ll see. I don’t know, who knows if it may or may not be in my future. Well, I don’t know yet.

Jim Collison  [39:52] 
I think you have a little time because they’re impossible to find. Yeah, yes. Hold out pretty instantly. Yeah, no. So yeah, a little bit I’m Mike, are you looking at either one of those?

Mike Wieger  [40:02] 
Oh man, I definitely was, I’ve been keeping up on the news just to see what the price comparison is. But as ever know, on this show knows I built a gaming PC, not too recently. So I’ve been doing a lot on the gaming PC. But I was really shocked and pleasantly surprised at the pricing. You know, as Kyle alluded to, I mean, a $500 for what you’re getting on the new Xbox is a fantastic deal. And if you have been a console gamer, historically, I mean, don’t even think about building a PC because even for $1,000, you’re not going to get close to what the Xbox is going to deliver for 500. I’ll just be straight up there. The graphics should be great. They’ve got solid state now for their met with for their storage, which honestly that was the biggest thing for me is why has the console not gone to solid state storage? Until now, I mean, literally, we have been talking about Jim SSDs for how long and they’re just now getting to that on console. Right?

Jim Collison  [41:03] 
So they’re really good. I think they’re

Mike Wieger  [41:04] 
even faster the yes or not two or even faster. And swappable storage, meaning you can buy almost like our good old days of PS two and stuff like that Xbox original, where we all had those little memory cards, we would carry around from house to house and take it to your buddy’s house and add your games on it. Your game stats on it. Yeah, you’re getting back to that. So the price point for me is is really good. I was really surprised. Had I not just built this PC, I would definitely be looking for one because they are I honestly think for value two gameplay, I think you’re going to see a big jump well worth it if you’re on the Xbox One, man. And if you’re on the Xbox 360 like I mean, that is a massive upgrade. For the price I think for the price of room 362 this Xbox One, I think it would still be a really good upgrade. Now you got to keep this in mind, I see a lot of people, I’m part of the dad and Kyle you gotta if you’re not part of this dad gaming Facebook group, the dad is a brand and then they have a good group out there. A lot of these guys are wanting to upgrade to the new series, but they’re still running OLED display hardware. Now, that’s a big thing for us. So if you’re still running a 10 db, you know 30 or 60 FPS monitor or 60 hertz or you know 30 hertz monitor t slash tv, there’s no use in upgrading to this you might load your games a little faster but as far as like displaying the games at a higher fps and a higher display, I think really the this is intended for the people who have the either gaming monitors or the TVs who can go higher than maybe a 60 hertz refresh rate. So that’s the only thing I’ll say is keep in mind your display if you have a display that’s not ready for it maybe don’t invest the money until you have a display that’s ready to utilize the fantastic heart rates in the new Xbox

Kyle Wilcox  [43:04] 
yeah my my TV is still 720 p so

Mike Wieger  [43:07] 
see and so but that’s a good example right like it wouldn’t make sense for you to upgrade from your 360 to here because you’re not going to see the difference anyway unless

Kyle Wilcox  [43:13] 
there’s unless there’s games I don’t I don’t even know what the games are but unless there’s games that are only available for the newer one but

Mike Wieger  [43:20] 
true if you’re in it for the games then then then worth it

Jim Collison  [43:22] 
But does the upgrade the monitor the the monthly payment entice you at all to go with the BOC three

Kyle Wilcox  [43:30] 
and that’s that is that is tempting, I don’t like I don’t like being in debt. But I mean, man, when you do the math on that you’re you’re getting all the games, you’re painted over time. You’re there’s no interest. Like, man, that’s it’s, I mean, add up, you add up Amazon and Disney plus and YouTube Red and it’s like YouTube premium and I’m like, wait a minute, that’s the same as that so I mean, I’m not gonna cancel those things just to get it but

Jim Collison  [44:01] 
yeah, a good screen.

Mike Wieger  [44:04] 
Yes, in North Yeah, normally I don’t, I don’t do kind of those payment type things but it is it’s a good value. It is a good deal. If you’re already paying for Xbox ultimate, which honestly is what I’m paying for, which is game pass and Xbox Live all together, which I don’t know what the cost is. But it’s like it’s around $20 a month. You know, you’re only adding $10 more a month on and like house had no interest. I don’t even use the Xbox, he’s my PC. I’m like that might be a good deal for me for $10 extra a month I can give up two coffees a month and have the brand new system to play on their $35 a month offering if you’re already paying for Xbox ultimate. I will say if you’re not it’s a it’s a conversation but if you’re already paying for ultimate, it’s really a no brainer to me.

Kyle Wilcox  [44:51] 
The other thing I’m interested in,

Mike Wieger  [44:52] 
get the $200 and apply that to your $10 a month extra for your Xbox ultimate for the new

Kyle Wilcox  [44:59] 
Xbox. Why my Xbox 360 lays flat into my, my stand under my TV, or like the table that’s there. So I don’t even know if the series x been like that cube shape if it will even fit. I don’t I really don’t. I’m assuming I can tip it sideways. But I would say but I but even with the cube, I don’t know how tall I can’t tell how what the width is or whatever if it’s

Jim Collison  [45:23] 
the width of the controller plus a little bit, right? Yeah.

Mike Wieger  [45:27] 
I’ve been saying keeping it on its vertical is better, right? Because I van that fan. It’s like the old school trashcan Mac Mac Pro’s everyone made fun of that fan shoot straight out of the top and horas. When you lay it horizontal, you’re sending heat the side, which doesn’t work very well.

Kyle Wilcox  [45:45] 
So if we would, yeah, they would not. I wish it was designed a little shaped differently. It

Mike Wieger  [45:50] 
doesn’t fit with what I have, for a reason is my point is like they haven’t shown it laying down for reason. I think for heat reasons, you’re gonna want it straight up.

Jim Collison  [46:00] 
I’m, I’m kind of tempted. I’m on the series s. And you know, Kyle, in your case, I think if you’re going to move to the series x the big one, you’re buying a new TV at the same time you have you can’t buy an S and then put it on a TV that can’t play the 4k. Right? So you’re, you’re probably if you’re if you’re gonna do the s, you’re probably in for both. I think you buy both at the same time. Otherwise, I think you go on the s in and you and I think you buy it outright, by the way. I don’t think unless you already use the ultimate game pass and all those.

Kyle Wilcox  [46:32] 
We don’t know we don’t have any of it. We don’t have any of it right now. So I don’t even know. I mean, yeah, I mean, I’m still playing right on lego star wars two from

Jim Collison  [46:42] 
I think the 10

Kyle Wilcox  [46:43] 
years ago or something. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [46:44] 
what you’re doing the S gets you into this class at a pretty great price point that you don’t don’t don’t do a monthly and you can still use your existing equipment. And it kind of gets you into it. But

Kyle Wilcox  [46:56] 
I don’t think I can play my same games though. That’s the thing.

Jim Collison  [46:59] 
Yeah, I don’t know. I have to look into I don’t I haven’t been following the games either. I’ve been following the games on that. So there’s, there’s some good options, I think. So my, the the one I bought, I think it’s a one right? That’s what they call Xbox One. No, what’s the what’s the one I bought? Yeah, one? Yeah, it went into the living room. So Sarah wanted to? She needed a blu ray player. And I was like, Well, okay, just take this in. So I’m like, Well, okay, I think I think the S is my price point to get back into this. And

Kyle Wilcox  [47:31] 
you have enough monitors for it to do?

Jim Collison  [47:33] 
I do I have a quite a few that we could play it on. But I would probably upgrade. But I’d have to look, I have to look into it. Not interested in the big one. I just don’t do it enough. I don’t play enough. Yeah, but but it would be interesting. I love seeing what they’re doing on Xbox, it was great to have the, the the one s four for what I had it for I played a lot of Forza on that thing when I had it, you know, kind of bought the Forza version of it. And then so this is probably once they get we’ll probably get into the holidays and they become available and you can find them again and they’ll have deals. Is it 199? What’s the the series is that? Is it 199 or 249? To 299 99? So we’ll, we’ll see some 249 deals come out for sure. So I wouldn’t I’m not gonna buy anything until I see just kind of how the deals go around Christmas time. So pretty cool. Kyle I yeah, it’s a good it’s a good conversation. And I think it’s for a lot of listeners, it’s their, their, they didn’t go with the one with the Xbox One version of whatever. And now they’re kind of thinking like, maybe now’s the time. Some really good hardware.

Mike Wieger  [48:51] 
It’s great hardware. I mean, the upgrades there were just overall great. I’ll need to argue with that. I mean, you argue the hardware specs were were not adequately upgraded. Now, Kyle’s concerns on whether you can play old games, things like that. Those are valid concerns that would that only we know the answers to yet. Yeah, no, no, for sure. I think I just think we’ve got some you know what, we got some time to work through. We don’t have to make any decisions right now. Because when you can’t buy them they’re not they’re all wherever people are already playing these games. Look at me. I’m like I just I just built this piece Mr. Like, yeah, good. I can play whatever FPS I want to upgrade the well if I don’t want to buy a 3090 GPU, that’s a thing. It was released yet. Yeah.

Kyle Wilcox  [49:37] 
Jim, can I can I teach to other things You bet I got on my list here. So we don’t have time to go through this whole thing. But I’ll say that I’m going to do it on here so I can hold myself accountable. But my plan is to to write up a blog post that explains how I got pf sense running in Hyper V on my home network, and it’s it’s double nads. My, my internet comes in through Comcast. And then that goes to my main router and then pf sense has an internal IP that acts as the when and then it goes out of pf sense. And I’m actually running on my double net at pf sense right now as my router so the only computer that gets access to pf sense is my computer, the rest of the house and all the Wi Fi is all on just the Comcast, Comcast and then the asis router. So that was an adventure. And someday I’ll I’ll make I’ll explain that and make a video and go through it and stuff. No,

Mike Wieger  [50:33] 
that’s interesting. You You don’t have and I think this is true for a lot of Americans right now. You don’t have the ability to bridge your modem or your router from you said, Who’s it from? Who’s your ISP? Okay, it’s

Kyle Wilcox  [50:46] 
Yeah, it’s so yeah, my

Mike Wieger  [50:49] 
modem and one router, right. So you have to be double Nat, if you want to run anything internal for routing?

Kyle Wilcox  [50:55] 
I don’t know. Because my so I mean, I have a modem. It’s actually I bought the modem, I think it’s the zoom brand modems. And so it’s my modem. And it goes Ethernet out to my current router. Now I don’t that one of my questions was what happens if I plug that modem into a switch? I don’t know what happened. May somebody knows what happens if you do a big problem

Mike Wieger  [51:19] 
is that so the the real solution here is logging in to your modem. So whether that’s through Comcast, most Cox, Comcast, they all have like a way to enter interface. If you want to try and bypass that you can try the IP address, which is usually 192168. Now you have to look at your local network here, either one dot zero, or zero dot zero or one dot one or zero dot one, you’ve tried a few there’s a few IP addresses where you can get access to the modem. The real question here is whether you can put your modem into what’s called bridge mode. And bridge mode gives your public facing IP address. Pretty much it gives your internal router access to that public facing IP address. So so that’s really your true question. Once you find out and on to be totally honest, most residential lines give you access to bridge mode. Cox here in Omaha allows you do bridge mode where it’s, hey, I’m not using you as a router, I want to utilize my own internal router, put your modem into bridge mode, which is past that IP address straight along to the next box in line, which is usually your router, I wouldn’t put it behind a switch a switch really adds you know, don’t put a switch right behind your your residential ISP router that provides a lot of problems. But once you find that out, that’s really the true question. Because that will allow your router to have true public facing access, which is what you really want for your pf sense box. But I love the exploration that you’re going through. Because it’s honestly what every single average guy goes through on Can I set up internal routers and we talked about them a lot here on on Home Gadget Geeks, we talked about pf sense. We talked about untangle, which is what I wrote we talked about Sophos bitdefender. We talked about them all. But it all truly goes back to the question. I don’t know Jim, we might have not addressed this in detail of Ken, your modem go into bridge mode can actually pass on that public IP down to your router level.

Jim Collison  [53:32] 
Mike, here’s the good news. So tonight during the Patreon meetup, we’re talking to the Patreon guys, right those who support the show the average guy TV slash Patreon if you want to join a group. And they said, Hey, we’d love to do like a specialty show on pf sense. So not show but a meetup. That’s not we don’t broadcast it. We’re not restricted to time it’s all of us getting together in a zoom call or whatever we use Google meet tonight. But Kyle, let me let me put that on your plate and to give you a little bit more accountability. Maybe that’s something that you bring to talk about and ask some questions on so I think that’s very appropriate. Maybe November we’ll do a pf sense. Set enough time for you if I gave you till November.

Kyle Wilcox  [54:13] 
I probably.

Mike Wieger  [54:14] 
I hope so. Maybe like tomorrow I’m getting I’m ready.

Jim Collison  [54:20] 
We’ll make that our November meetup. So okay, you said two things. What

Kyle Wilcox  [54:25] 
are the other one? This is like a question for the community because I need help is I want I want to get remote starts for my cars. And one is a one is a 2010 Ford Focus and one is a 2019 Kia Sorento. So we’re going with one that has like, barely computers in it. And the other one is like you have to have a you have to have a computer to even touch the car. So that the 2019 Kia Sorento is I’m like, Oh man, I can’t do my own brakes anymore because there’s like 5000 options in the computer just to touch it. So that’s kind of scaring me. But though there are two different extremes, but I would love to get remote starts and then you get into Do you want it to have, you know, cellular connectivity? Do you want to be able to do it from your phone? Do I? Is there a kit where they like, know that I own two cars, and I can do them both from the same app? Like, I don’t know anything about this. So I’m just starting to research and think about that. But when we bought the new car, we were like, we’re getting remote start that’s in the budget for the cost of the new car. So it’s gonna happen, but I don’t know anything about it

Jim Collison  [55:29] 
yet. So I’m gonna write that down remote starters, that’s that’s gonna be. But in your case, Kaiser. That’s a great idea. Because I know my car’s either. I want that. We need an expert here in that area. Is there a Kyle is a great way if somebody had some expertise on this to contact you. That’s not weird and creepy, but that you could give out that, that or that? Should we have them go through the Facebook group or what works?

Kyle Wilcox  [55:55] 
Facebook? Yeah, I’m in the Facebook group, and I’m on Twitter at Kyle JW. x.

Jim Collison  [56:00] 
Okay. And maybe the Facebook group address. I haven’t said this in a long time. Right, the average slash Facebook. That’s easy to remember him head out there, join the group, I’ll let you in. And we still are kind of active on that group sort of it sort of kind of sort of so head out there if you want to do Kyle’s not on Discord. So don’t don’t take it to the discord.

Kyle Wilcox  [56:23] 
Sorry, I’m a lurker there. I don’t I don’t check it out very much. But

Jim Collison  [56:27] 
yeah, okay. Well, we’ll try and get, we’ll try and get some info for you. That’s actually a great segment I had to do more on the show is have the guests ask for? What do I need help with? And then get some of those things started? Because I’m sure there’s some expertise out there. In car stars. Kyle, thanks for taking the hour. I appreciate you and your what what you mean to the community and just the longevity? You’ve been around for a super long time. I think you were like seven when you started hanging out with us. Here. You’re just a kid. I’m pretty sure you’re a teenager. I still I still

Kyle Wilcox  [56:57] 
consider Mike the new guy. So

Mike Wieger  [56:59] 
Oh, so you are

Jim Collison  [57:02] 
hanging around for a while he went to Drobo. School meet up.

I want to drive in it my mistake.

Mike Wieger  [57:11] 
I should be like, well, Kyle’s the co host. I’m the guest point now.

Jim Collison  [57:16] 
It’s all good cow. Thanks for jumping in. You’re a busy guy. And I appreciate it. Thanks for jumping in tonight.

Kyle Wilcox  [57:20] 
Yep, I think I’m gonna bounce out while you

Jim Collison  [57:22] 
close up. No, no worries. Thanks for doing that. Appreciate it. Have a good evening. Thanks, guys. Thanks for jumping in. Hey, a couple things. So we jump we threw Kyle in right at the start. So I could cover some community stuff. I’ll cover those now. Here.

Just a couple reminders. Mike, this is the last time I’m going to mention this for a while, but hellofresh right. And I’m doing this with me actually. Kyle mentioned stream yard in in October, we’re gonna cover stream yard. And so you can go to the average guy TV slash stream yard. If you’re interested in doing what we’re doing here, I’m gonna kick Kyle out. So he’s, there we go. So um, so if you’re interested, I can’t be on the left. There we go. If you’re, if you’re interested in doing stuff like this, maybe you want to do a podcast. Or maybe you want to record meetings because stringer is great for some of this stuff. So that’s the October there the October sponsors, so you know, the average guy TV slash stream yard. But if you haven’t tried hellofresh last week, I’m going to mention it for a while. The average guy TV slash hellofresh. We’ve been crushing it. We’ve been doing two people meals while the kids are gone, kids come back, we switch them over to four people meals, they’re just nice to have around, they’re always in the fridge, you never have to think about what you want to buy, get $40 off your first week, just try for a week, let me know how it goes TheAverageGuy.TV slash hellofresh.

We met with the Patreon folks tonight. And that was awesome. So thank you to all our Patreon subscribers who can’t not all of them, but we had nine of them out there. By the way, if you’re a Patreon subscriber, and you couldn’t make it, it’s okay, you didn’t miss the last one. We’re gonna try and do these monthly or every month or so. And so kind of watch if you’re if you’re not on our email list. So go to the average guy TV slash subscribe, and there’s a way to sign up. I’m going to be set. I’ve never had a real I’ve never had a real reason to send out emails on that subscription thing without feeling like spam. But we have so many things planned that are coming up that you could participate in. Now’s the time to subscribe so head out to the average guy TV slash subscribes fill in your email I won’t spam you. I will send you a weekly every other week whatever. Just kind of keep you up to date on what’s going on with the barbecue meetup which is public by the way anybody can come Mike I am super excited like power setup aside I got a new desk for outside. I found my tripod I get up to this dude. I am we’re gonna livestream smokers like there is no tomorrow and so you’re gonna you’re gonna be able to live streamers.

Mike Wieger  [59:54] 
Yeah, him.

Jim Collison  [59:55] 
Yeah, we’ll have some others in there as I hope we need you. By the way. If you’re listening to this and you’re like, I think could stream my smoker, like a sentence said by no one ever? Right? But we’re gonna do it. It’s gonna be super fun. We’re gonna set like new records on the internet. Let me know, Jim at the average If you can stream your smoker or you grill, whatever, we don’t care,

Mike Wieger  [1:00:15] 
right? Like, yeah, my plan is to smoker in the background in the foreground is going to be my iPad with the meter in the ATR setup with the app. So you guys can see the temperature as it goes up with the meet ambient temperature and things like that. I will forewarn you the ambient temperature sensor on my meter is messed up. So that’s out the door. But at least you guys be able to see that the smoker in the background plus the meat temperature as it goes, you guys have been a witness of stall of meat right as our smart smoke but hits 160 it sits there for like an hour to you as a bit of witness that so that that’s my plan at least is to do a video a live webcam of the iPad plus the smoker with

Jim Collison  [1:00:59] 
markers are gonna be on the average guy TV slash live all day. Yeah. So that will be the live stream. They’ll be chat going on. There’ll be all kinds of things. I may have to reset that feed once or twice. I think YouTube limits me to maybe eight hours. So I have to kind of have to get that that thing figured out. But join us for the meetup that the sections in the morning in the afternoon and the evening. Those are central time concepts. They’re going to be open to the public. You don’t need to do anything doesn’t cost anything. We’re just going to jump in and rubber meet.

Just to be really honest.

Mike Wieger  [1:01:30] 
That meat How are they?

Jim Collison  [1:01:31] 
Yeah, so this will be and I feed everyone

Mike Wieger  [1:01:33] 
to see Jim or Mike rub their meat. This is your chance me at

Jim Collison  [1:01:37] 
the meet up is what we’re going to be doing. So we want to we want to have you October 24. I do have the Eventbrite set up. It’s it’s right now it’s in private mode, because I don’t want a bunch of Yahoo’s finding it. So go out. I think right now the average I’ll put it in the show notes as well. And that will take you over there and you can see the meetup you have to listen to the podcast to be able to go meet up. So get signed up, let me know you’re coming. We are gonna have a good time for doing that. I think that covers everything like, I think it does. Yeah, we’re I’m pretty pumped fun to hang out with the Patreon, folks. That was a that was a blast. Yeah, it was a ton of fun. Yeah, we could we could have spent more time together doing that. But they gave me some great ideas. And that’s exactly what I was looking for. So he kind of gave me a burst of energy, Ron? No, no worries, we’ll do that meet up again. And so if you want to join us that way, super great. Lots of By the way, just lots of cool tech coming down here around Christmas time. So I am I just Mike, I’m kind of pumped. what’s what’s ahead and some of the technology that’s out there. And some of the things we have to talk about. We’ve got some guests coming up over the next several weeks,

Chris Nessie is coming back. Chris talked a little bit about he’s an educator, there’s a little bit of a theme going on here when we think about education, kind of post COVID. And so we’re going to talk to Chris is coming back on and talk about what his school is doing. I have Nathaniel lined up to come back in to talk about what he’s doing. I’m super interested in his hardware refresh or what they did this year. He’s he’s kind of in a firefight of the infrastructure and how they do it. So I’m kind of so Nathaniel and putting on a little bit of warning that that’s what we’re gonna talk about. So I hope you’re ready to get that done. He’s always a great guest.

Erin Lawrence is coming back on the fifth of November. So she’s got a ton of reviews if you have she if you haven’t been following Aaron on YouTube, you should be doing that. She’s got a ton of reviews. And then of course, we’re playing towards

Oh, by the way, I did get bitdefender interviewed, so he interviewed him Tuesday morning. Christian came on Oh, nice. Yeah, we have an hour long interview talking about the box and the VPN and some cybersecurity stuff that will go live the October, the October 15th. The week that I am out. So no Home Gadget Geeks on the 15th live if you’re if you’re coming out, we will be I will be out of town doing other things. But I will put those in the feed for that Thursday. And on the live channel. I’ll do a bunch of stuff so you can see it. Really fun interview with Christian and in a great opportunity to go both on Home Gadget Geeks and Cyber Frontiers that fits both shows. So that’ll be coming as well. Then Mike, we’re gonna party like it’s 1999 December 3. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about this yet, but we will as we’re coming up 10 Year Anniversary Show and Christians coming back. I’m trying to get Sadler back. We’re trying to get Andrew back or she will be here. And so great opportunity to kind of maybe relive a few moments but have some great catch up with folks see what’s going on and talk about some tech. I really want you if you’re if you’re if you don’t come out and join us live like Joe and Ron and Brian and and can and john and Paul. You guys should join who joined us live typically right? I know I didn’t get everybody but that’s close enough. appreciate you guys coming on live that live show on December 3. I’d love to have just as many people in the chat room as we can so get that on your calendar right now. December 3 2020 even though my Colossus camera and join us live join us I’d love to have 100 of you out there live for the live show. It just means a lot to me 10 years, like 10 years of Home Gadget Geeks that’s

Mike Wieger  [1:05:25] 
a that’s a lot of time doing one thing I told Jim five years I’ve been in him five years has been the longest I’ve done anything so 10 years came imagine

Jim Collison  [1:05:36] 
470 some shows I’m not exactly sure what’s hidden video because I went and grabbed my camera and reset it now.

Mike Wieger  [1:05:44] 
Now Yeah, yeah,

Jim Collison  [1:05:47] 
there’s an Xbox up there. Oh, all my liquor is up there. I should probably shouldn’t show that. Oh, yeah. So we are No, it’s okay. It’s just empty bottles. It’s it’s I keep ocean. Jefferson’s ocean. I keep the bottles. It’s just one of the things I do. We are live every Thursday 8pm Central nine Eastern out here at the average guy tv live right on your calendar right now. December 3 2020. Get that you’re gonna want to join us live 8pm Central. Listen, I’m not I don’t really care about time zones, just 10 years. You can stay up late or wake up early or whatever. Right. Set that time aside. Make sure you’re streaming. Make sure you’ve got the app downloaded. It’s still available out there. If you want to get it. Make sure you can join us. But we are live every Thursday. Out here at the average guy TV slash live. For everybody who came out live tonight. Thanks for doing that for the Patreon subscribers for meetup. Make sure you get signed up for the October 24 meetup that say goodbye.

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