Coinbase Promo, GameStop Explained and PC Hardware Changes in the Studio – HGG477

With all that is happening with GameStop right now, we discover this technique is nothing new. Crypto traders have been doing this for the last several years! We discuss what happens to Jim’s studio now that the Mac Mini is arriving on February 5th and Mike talks about sleeping PCs. All that and more!

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The Mac is on the way, Jim asks Mike about how to reconfigure and upgrade the Studio PC and the rest of his network. I think its time to consolidate.

What should I use for a time machine back up? Drobo? Unraid? New Drive?

Do I repurpose the Studio PC and and make it the Unraid server?

Windows was not going to sleep for Mike. 

  • Ran command prompt as administrator and ran “powercfg /requests”
  • Saw a system item for “Driver Legacy Kernel Caller”
  • Found out it only exists when the GoXLR app is running


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