5 Benefits to Installing T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

With the new 5G network here, T-Mobile just announced that it is bringing even more high-speed internet to millions of Americans nationwide. T-Mobile now offers 5G Home Internet in my area at the most affordable price, $50 vs the $120 I was paying for Cox.

The best thing about T-Mobile’s $50 price tag is that it includes all taxes and fees. No surprises! With Cox, there were always additional fees and taxes, making my final cost much higher than the stated price.



Here are the top five benefits as I see it of switching to T-Mobile 5G Home Internet:

1. Faster speeds for what was important to me! While I was on the Cox Gigablast plan and getting 900 Mbps download speeds, my upload was just 35 Mbps on the highest plan without the ability to purchase more. In my area with T-Mobile, I consistently get at least 300 Mbps now (sometimes up to 600 Mbps) down, but am getting twice the upload at a consistent 75 Mbps, all for just $50. For me, that is a great deal!

2. The modem was very simple to set up. It’s just a modem that has built-in WiFi. I love the idea of not needing an additional router for the average guy! You can bring your own existing Wifi router to the mix, but it’s not required. I use a Bitdefender Box for my home network, but you can use what you currently have and don’t even need to change the SSID. It’s super convenient.

3. There are NO data caps or overage fees with T-Mobile. This is a huge plus for me since I upload a lot of data as a podcaster. With Cox, I was always having to monitor how much data I was using each month to avoid getting hit with overage fees that were an extra $10 per GB. That drove me nuts. That worry is now gone. One less thing to check on a weekly basis.

4. I get great service due to the fact that I am just a block from my T-Mobile cell tower and T-Moblie continues to upgrade their service around the country. Cox had very spotty service for me and I was losing connectivity more often than I liked. Service speeds were sometimes an issue as well. It just wasn’t as consistent as I wanted for the price I paid.

5. T-Mobile’s customer service is awesome so far. Over the years, I have talked to a lot of different support people at Cox and T-Mobile has been by far the most proactive. So far, the support has been very good.

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