Getting to Know Randy Walker, Instructional Designer, Podcaster and Meetup Organizer in Detroit – HGG563

Randy Walker joins us this week as a first-time guest and long-time listener. We get to know Randy and discover he is a contributor to two different Podcasts, The Daily Detroit Podcast and IT in the D Podcast. We spend some time working thru his home automation plan and ask if you can even do HA in an apartment effectively? Lots of great conversation and great to have Randy on the program!

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Show Segments

How long have you been in the home gadget geeks world? [2:18]
What’s going on with boot camps in Detroit. [9:07]
Gamification in the computer-based training space. [13:09]
What about AI? What about AI for training? [17:21]
Microsoft is limiting how much you can do on the show? [23:32]
What is a monthly meetup event? [27:39]
Is WordPress still a viable option or do I need to be a developer? [32:01]
How the team chat has worked for the team. [37:16]
Instant Read thermometer. [42:10]
How to use these tools for mixing. [46:49]
Why Mac is better than PC for learning. [51:41]
What’s a good night scene? [55:33]
Bob’s thoughts on home automation. [1:05:05]
The decision to go lower resolution or higher resolution for the Mac. [1:09:10]

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The Daily Detroit Podcast is a dynamic and informative podcast that provides daily updates on all the latest news, events, and developments happening in Detroit, Michigan. Hosted by experienced journalists and Detroit natives, the podcast offers a unique perspective on the city’s culture, history, and community, making it an essential resource for anyone who wants to stay informed and connected to this vibrant and dynamic city. With a focus on local news and issues, the Daily Detroit Podcast provides listeners with in-depth analysis, interviews with local experts, and engaging discussions on a wide range of topics, from politics and business to arts and entertainment.

The IT in the D podcast is a lively and engaging podcast that explores the world of technology and its impact on our lives. Hosted by three veteran IT professionals from the Detroit area, the podcast offers a unique blend of humor, insights, and practical advice on a wide range of tech-related topics. From software development and cybersecurity to social media and the latest gadgets, the IT in the D podcast provides a fresh and entertaining take on the rapidly evolving world of technology. With a dedicated following of IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, the podcast has become a go-to resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.


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