Sammie Collison: Beyond Books – Exploring the Surprising Capabilities of Local Libraries – HGG564

In this episode, we delve into the power of local public libraries and what they have to offer in 2023. Sammie Collison, shares her experience working at the Bellevue Nebraska Public Library and highlights the various resources and programs available to patrons. We explore topics such as computer safety and security, the library’s digital collection, and the interlibrary loan system. Sammie also shares her own journey and how her background in journalism prepared her for her current role. Join us for an enlightening conversation about the innovative and valuable services provided by public libraries. Thanks of listening

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Show Segments

The power of a local public library [2:18]
What’s it like working at the library? [6:08]
How the computers are constantly resetting for safety and security [11:58]
What’s available at the library? [16:55]
How do you use the library’s digital collection? [20:23]
Can I do a meet-up at a local library? [26:52]
What’s the interlibrary loan system? [32:26]
How the experience of four years in journalism prepared him for what he’s doing right now [39:50]
What do you like to do the best? [43:51]
The mistakes you make in life are never wasted [48:09]
It’s a big deal and exciting as a dad. [53:26]

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More from Chat GPT:

The Bellevue Nebraska Public Library is located in Bellevue, a city in the eastern part of Nebraska, United States. The library provides a range of services and resources to the community, including books, audiobooks, e-books, DVDs, CDs, and magazines. The library also offers online resources, such as databases, e-learning courses, and digital collections.

In addition to its collections, the library hosts a variety of programs and events for all ages, including storytimes, book clubs, crafting events, and author visits. The library also offers computer and technology assistance, as well as access to meeting rooms, study rooms, and other community spaces
The library is a member of the Eastern Library System, a network of libraries in eastern Nebraska that share resources and services.

The library has a collection of over 100,000 items, including books, audiobooks, DVDs, and more.

The library offers a variety of online resources and databases, including language learning tools, genealogy resources, and online reference books.

The library hosts a variety of programs and events, including author visits, book clubs, and STEM activities for kids.

The library has a MakerSpace, which is a collaborative workspace where people can create, learn, and explore using technology and traditional crafting tools.

The library offers free WiFi and public computers, as well as printing, scanning, and faxing services.

The library has a Friends of the Library group, which is a nonprofit organization that supports the library through fundraising and advocacy.


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