Dan LeFebvre with Streamlining Audio Edits with AI and Jim Orders a New Ugreen UPS – HGG573

Dan LeFebvre from Based on a True Story Podcast joins me this week! We cover some audio and video editing topics and how AI is starting to influence this process. Dan also moved recently and we talked about slimming down on tech and cable management in the new place. Finally, Jim has an update on his choice for the new UPS. Thanks for listening!


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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #573 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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Show Segments:
Dan’s coffee machine preference. ([1:13])
What’s new with Based on a True Story Podcast. ([6:17])
Do you recommend people watch the movie first or listen to the podcast first? ([12:12])
Jim lived in Germany during the height of the Cold War. ([16:53])
The average person’s home video needs to be production-ready. ([23:25])
Google has been messing with us for a while now. ([26:34])
Batching and scheduling interviews. ([32:10])
Miscellaneous and repurposed tech. ([37:32])
How she keeps things manual in her office. ([45:24])
What Dan learned in the move from a technology perspective. ([48:01])
How do you have the power part backed up? What are you using? ([53:10])
Jim’s new portable power station from UGreen. ([58:16])
What kind of questions do you have or does it raise any questions for you? ([1:01:27])
How much time do you have to power things up? ([1:06:25])
What’s going to happen if the power goes out during filming? ([1:12:24])
What’s the future of video editing? ([1:18:05])

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More from Chat GPT:

Dan LeFebvre is indeed a podcast host known for his show “Based on a True Story.” He compares Hollywood movies with historical events, exploring the accuracy of films claiming to be “based on a true story.” Dan’s hosting style has been praised by listeners for being engaging, ensuring that each episode is both entertaining and easy to follow.

The “Based on a True Story” podcast is a show that examines the accuracy of movies that claim to be based on true stories. Hosted by Dan LeFebvre, the podcast delves into the historical events behind popular films and explores how accurately they portray real-life events.

Each episode focuses on a specific movie and compares it to the actual historical events it claims to be based on. Dan provides background information on the true story, discusses the key differences between the film and reality, and offers insights into the historical context. He often interviews experts or individuals with knowledge about the subject matter to provide additional perspective.

The podcast aims to entertain and educate listeners by uncovering the truths, myths, and creative liberties taken in the process of adapting real events into cinematic narratives. It provides an engaging and digestible format for those interested in history, films, and the intersection of the two.

Dan LeFebvre shared valuable insights into how he has leveraged AI technology to streamline his audio editing process. With the help of AI-powered tools, Dan has been able to save significant time and effort, allowing him to focus more on content creation and delivering engaging episodes. The podcast episode delves into the specific AI tools and techniques Dan employs, highlighting their benefits and potential challenges.

During the discussion, Dan explores the impact of AI on tasks such as noise reduction, audio enhancement, and voice modulation. He provides practical tips for podcasters looking to integrate AI into their editing workflow, addressing common concerns and sharing success stories. Listeners will gain valuable knowledge on how AI can revolutionize the editing process, improving the overall quality of their podcasts.


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