Bob and Ryan from ThinkComputers with Computex 2023 Highlights and PCI Express 5.0 Storage – HGG574

Bob and Ryan from join me for the show. In this episode, we explore the buzz surrounding PCI Express 5.0 storage, the standout highlights from Computex, the future of storage, the differences between various hard drives, and the latest updates in the GPU market. Additionally, we discuss the current state of the supply chain, the opportune time to build your own PC, the importance of keeping your drivers up to date, and the ongoing debate between flat and curved monitors. Stay tuned as we also share exciting updates on upcoming episodes and what’s happening on the ThinkComputers website.

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Show Segments:
PCI express 5.0 storage is the new standard. ([2:05])
– PCI express 5.0 storage is the big thing this year.
– Air flow over the new storage.
What’s been the most amazing advancements at Computex this year? ([4:59])
– Advancements and changes in fans.
– Computex is back this year.
– More people are building their own pc now than five years ago.
– Introducing the new fractal design tara-10.4
– The case itself came out yesterday.
What’s the price point for a Gen 5 PCI express drive? ([12:49])
– Check out the fractal design tara.
– Resources for self-built pc builders.
– Pricing and size of gen 5 PCI express storage.
What’s going to happen to storage in the future? ([15:47])
– Gen 5 is 4K video editing.
– The practical application of 4k video editing in media.
– Max 7 vs max 14 gig per second.
– What Ryan needs for storage.
What’s the difference between a normal hard drive in a 2.5 inch SSD and an NVMe drive? ([20:00])
– Differences between ssd and nvme hard drives.
– SSD in raid for gen 5.
Corsair Waterblock and Coolers. ([22:52])
– Corsair waterblock for gen 5 drives.
– Nvme slots on motherboards, quantity over quality.
What’s going on in the world of GPUs right now? ([25:13])
– Fastest PC on a normal consumer platform.
– Cooler options coming to gpus.
– Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are still too high.
– Intel is constantly updating their cards.
Has the price of older cards gone down in price? ([28:45])
– Older cards have not dropped off much.
– AMD x7600, the next generation card.
Why you need a new graphics card for the 4060 Ti. ([30:35])
– Backup for the 4060 Ti.
– Performance gain from 3060 Ti to 4060 ti.
– Moving from the 3000 series to the 4000 series.
– Pricing of gaming monitors.
What is the supply chain like right now? ([34:23])
– How the supply chain is different now.
– How the customs process works now.
Is now a good time to put a system together? ([37:04])
– Memory and hard drive prices are going down.
– Upgrading to Gen 5.
If I hadn’t have bought my 50 800x 3d, would I have bought it in November? ([39:14])
– Upgrading from AMD to Intel’s latest platform.
– Looking to shrink the bill down.
How do you streamline the process of building your own PC? ([41:35])
– Pre-built pc is just as good as building a pc.
– Automate driver and bios updates.
– New motherboards now have auto driver installer.
– Nvidia and AMD have software to update drivers.
How do I keep my graphics card driver up to date? ([45:56])
– Keeping up-to-date graphics card drivers and motherboard bios.
– Automated updates through Nvidia.
Do we need flat monitors anymore? Or could everything be curved? ([46:45])
– The pros and cons of flat vs curved monitors.
– The pros of flat monitors.
– Full 1080p split between two monitors.
Next set of monitors need to be 42 or wider just for me. ([51:09])
– The next set of monitors need to be 42 or wider.
– Using a curved monitor.
– Tony and Jim have different opinions on the need for a 49-inch monitor.
– Jim prefers every surface to be a display.
What’s coming up at ThinkComputers Podcast? ([57:26])
– Setting up a smoke shack or whiskey shack.
– What’s coming up on the website.
– Any type of keyboard can be found on the site.
– Backlit keyboards are helpful.

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