Gavin Campbell with Meater, Ecowitt and Aqara Home Automation – HGG576

Gavin Campbell from is my guest this week. Gavin has a new Meater temperature probe and it’s changing the way he does grilling, and for the better! We talk a bunch about some new soil moisture Sensors by Ecowitt that he has been trying out and I want some for sure!. We discuss what is going on with Matter and Thread and talk about the Aqara FP2 air quality sensor that detected the fires that are happening in Canada right now. We talk some about the new release with Unraid 6.12.2 and how ZFS support is finally there! We finish the discussion with an update from me about the switch from the UGreen Solar Generator (that I am using as a UPS for my computer room) to the Bluetti AC180. Thanks for listening!


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Show Segments:
What’s going on at Home ([3:57])
What’s the best way to use Unraid? ([9:02])
How to get the best deal on a new grill. ([12:17])
What is the best sensor for your yard? ([16:18])
How do you use the sensors? ([21:12])
What are the benefits of having sensors in the ground? ([25:22])
What are the benefits of having air quality sensors? ([33:23])
Have you ever done any work on radon detectors or fire alarms where they are connected into matter? ([36:19])
Who’s behind the smart light bulb company? ([40:46])
What’s going on with Unraid? ([45:39])
Is Unraid running on older equipment or newer equipment? ([50:45])
Google Photos and Google Memories. ([56:05])
How long does it take to get things converted to full power? ([1:06:25])

ECOWITT WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor


GeoDrops by Homedigy





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