Erin Lawrence with Dyson Stick Vac, Ninja Coffee Maker, Temu and Bluetti – HGG577

Erin Lawrence joins this week. After and update from Erin, we look at the latest reviews from, including an update on smart vacuum cleaners, but traditional and robot, a new coffee maker from Ninja, some conversation about Temu and a look at Bluetti, now a sponsor of Tech Gadgets Canada. I spend some time in the post-show updating everyone on my Unraid build as well as a few new gadgets that I picked up this week! Thanks for listening!


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Show Segments:
Robot vacuums are a team sport, but there is no substitute for a really good upright vacuum. ([5:01])
Laser enabled dyson vacuum cleaners. ([10:30])
How often do you use the Dyson vacuum? ([17:01])
What do you think of these hybrid floor cleaners? ([18:49])
Is there a clear winner in the robot vacuum category? ([23:13])
Don’t shame me. ([28:43])
What’s out there for drip coffee makers? ([30:59])
Nespresso pods vs. Keurig machines. ([37:32])
Coffee at work with a Keurig. ([42:57])
What is ([46:30])
What are the pros and cons of the Bluetti? ([58:37])
What’s changed in the solar power market. ([1:04:22])
What’s coming up for Erin? ([1:07:53])
What you can do to your mic to get better sound. ([1:13:31])
Firepit update. ([1:22:36])
How to use the Unraid USB Key Builder. ([1:28:22])
Does anyone use USB sticks anymore? ([1:33:14])
Why is storage so expensive for that kind of usage? ([1:39:03])
Jim loves his Mac Mini. ([1:44:32])

Dyson gen5detect stick vac:

Ecovacs T20 Omni:

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Roborock Q Revo:

COFFEE! Erin tried one of Ninja’s most popular coffee machines that promises to do more than your average coffee maker.


More from Chat GPT:


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