Marv Bee with the NetAlly Cyber Scope, Bose Sound Sport, AI News and a New Podcast – HGG583

In this episode, I’m joined by Marv Bee. We dive into the NetAlly CyberScope and the Bose SoundSport earbuds. We also discuss AI based on an Engadget article and learn about Marv’s new podcast that might be right up your alley! Check it out at Thanks for listening and your support!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #583 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Show Segments:

What Marv learned from the sprinkler show. ([4:02])

Can you retrofit an existing system with a new system? ([6:52])

The importance of having a good tester – The NetAlly CyberScope Analyzer. ([12:01])

Adding on network auditing to the business. ([17:54])

How much does it cost? ([21:50])

Traveling with noise-cancellation headphones. ([27:18])

The problem with licensing and AI. ([33:18])

AI’s copyrighting of video. ([40:33])

The value of having an opinion. ([46:03])

AI’s future. ([54:27])

How to go from unhealthy to healthy. ([58:11])

What’s success for you on this podcast? ([1:04:51])


Marv’s newest Podcast –

NetAlly CyberScope Handheld Cybersecurity Analyzer –

Bose Sound Sport Wireless Earbuds –

US Copyright Office opens public comments on AI and content ownership

More from Chat GPT:

The “Unhealthy Podcast” hosted by Marv Bee focuses on his personal journey towards improving his health and happiness. Marv reflects on his past experiences, including playing sports, and how they may not have contributed to his overall well-being. He acknowledges having an unbalanced diet and dealing with chronic stress from work and relationships. The podcast appears to be a platform for Marv to share his efforts to make positive changes in his life and inspire others to do the same.

Consider listening to the “Unhealthy Podcast” because it offers a relatable and authentic exploration of personal health and well-being. Marv’s candid sharing of his own struggles and journey to live healthier and happier can resonate with many listeners who may also be facing similar challenges. It provides a sense of encouragement and motivation to make positive changes in one’s life. Additionally, Marv’s commitment to transparency and growth sets a positive example for those seeking inspiration and guidance in their own health and happiness pursuits.

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