Paul Braren and Lots of Stuff to Catch Up on! – HGG584

Paul Braren from joins me this week and we catch up with him. It’s been a busy time for Paul. Both moving and changing jobs has kept him on his toes when it comes to technology. We talk about everything solar, updating an older house for solar, EVs and the challenges and benefits of managing your own power—that and lots more. Thanks for listening!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #584 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Show Segments:

 Getting caught up? ([4:47])

Selling the other house. ([9:14])

New house, new job, new house, ([14:04])

How much does it cost to buy consumer grade storage? ([20:39])

Does it remind you of windows home server? ([22:58])

New wiring. ([27:18])

How did you find out about solar roofs? ([31:18])

The Electric Vehicle industry is exploding. ([35:22])

How to choose a solar power provider. ([39:31])

How to find good contractors. ([45:28])

Putting fresh air in your house. ([48:50])

Mistakes made by the contractors. ([53:15])

Monitoring the basement. ([57:17])

Electricing a shed. ([1:02:07])

Do your research and be happy. ([1:06:40])

The shed. ([1:11:42])

What happened in texas during the polar vortex? ([1:18:33])


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Learn how Paul lowered his electric bill when rates jumped.

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Paul Braren is known for his work in the technology and virtualization space, particularly in the context of home labs and home server enthusiasts. He runs the website, which is a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts, offering detailed articles, guides, and reviews related to various tech topics, including virtualization, server hardware, storage solutions, and more. has gained a reputation for providing in-depth and comprehensive information, making it a go-to source for individuals interested in building and optimizing their home labs, setting up virtualization environments, and exploring various tech-related projects. Paul Braren’s content often includes step-by-step instructions, product recommendations, and insightful discussions, catering to those who appreciate long-form and detailed content.

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