Marv Bee asks the Question: Can we have too many Gadgets? – HGG599

Marv Bee from the IT Business Podcast is my guest this week. Marv and I discuss the question, “Are we getting too gadgetry in our lives?”  We also look at Marv’s new StreamDeck, discuss his recent purchase of the Logitech Mevo 3 Camera System and talk about why he is returning his Hero Pro 11. Thanks for listening!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #599 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker

Logitech for Creators Mevo Start 3-Pack Wireless Live Streaming Cameras

Show Segments

  • Tech gadgets and weather in Nebraska.[0:00]
    • Jim Collison discusses false spring weather in Nebraska with Marvy.
  • Wi-Fi technology and communication styles in the workplace.[2:10]
    • Marv hosted a webinar series in January, featuring net ally as the primary sponsor, and gave away their new air check tool to a lucky listener.
    • Marv discussed the updates to net ally’s tool and demonstrated its features, including the ability to compare network analysis results from different weeks.
    • Wi-Fi 6 and 7 are newest versions, with improved range and speed.
    • Marv interviews executive coach and discusses communication styles and conflict resolution in the workplace.
  • Wi-Fi upgrades and consumer options.[8:14]
    • Marv suggests waiting a year or so before upgrading to Wi Fi 7, as prices will adjust and most devices won’t support it yet.
    • Marv recommends going with Wi Fi 6 instead of 7 for consumer use, as it’s technically mainstream and prices have dropped.
    • Ruckus and Netgear/Linksys WiFi devices are battle-tested and better than consumer-grade options.
  • Wi-Fi routers and mesh networks.[13:22]
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the pros and cons of various Wi Fi mesh network systems, including Eero, Netgear Orbea, Ubiquiti, and Linksys.
    • TJ mentions that Orbea is a good option for prosumers, while Up Gotta and Rocket are also affordable and reliable choices.
    • Jim Collison is considering replacing his old Bitdefender router, which has served him well for several years but may eventually fail.
    • Jim is exploring options for providing Wi Fi access to his shed, including running an overhead line from his house.
  • Automated yard sprinklers and gadget overload.[18:32]
    • Marv wants to have Wi-Fi throughout their yard for outdoor activities, but struggles with signal strength near their fire pit.
    • Marv and Jim Collison discuss the use of gadgets and technology in their lives, with Speaker 2 believing there are cases where it’s useful to have gadgets in the right place at the right time.
    • Marv’s automated sprinkler system turned on during driveway painting, causing confusion and delays.
  • Coffee maker with smart features.[23:06]
    • Marv complains about a new coffeemaker’s requirement to connect to WiFi to use its app, finding it ridiculous.
    • Marv mentions the coffee maker’s ability to detect the type of cup used and automatically adjust brewing settings ([0:26:28]).
    • Jim Collison expresses skepticism about the convenience of the coffee maker’s connected features ([0:26:53]).
  • Coffee machines, settings, and automation.[27:28]
    • Jim and Marv discuss coffee brewing settings, including temperature and strength options.
    • Jim Collison is impressed with the new Nespresso machines at work, which have a different type of pod and allow for Americano and espresso settings.
    • Jim has been using an Ember mug at home, which he likes for its temperature control and ability to make tea.
  • Coffee preferences and smart coffee maker features.[31:28]
    • Jim Collison and Marv discuss their preferences for coffee temperature, with Jim preferring 140°F and Marv unsure of their temperature.
    • Marv orders a non-smart coffee maker similar to Jim’s, but with a higher temperature setting of 155°F.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the potential risks of connecting Keurig’s Curie device to the internet, including the possibility of a DDoS attack.
    • Keurig has already released an update for the device, but Speaker 2 is skeptical of the authenticity of the article claiming 3 million smart toothbrushes will cause damage due to a DDoS attack.
  • Coffee brewing and smart home technology.[36:44]
    • Marv is concerned about creating an account for a smart coffee maker and the potential for companies to gather and resell personal information.
    • Marv and Jim Collison discuss the practicality of using a smart coffee maker, including setting schedules and invoking brewing remotely.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the convenience of having a coffee maker that can be controlled remotely, with Jim suggesting a loader that can grind and brew beans on schedule.
    • Marv expresses interest in a bean loader that can grind and brew beans automatically, making it a more convenient and personalized coffee-making experience.
  • Coffee machines, smart appliances, and gadgets.[41:35]
    • Jim Collison discusses the new coffee machine at work, which has replaced traditional drip coffee makers with Nespresso pods, and is popular among employees.
    • Jim Collison mentions the cost savings of using the new machine, as he no longer needs to purchase coffee from Starbucks on his way to work.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the Keurig duo, with Marv explaining that it can use the same pods or make a carafe of coffee.
    • Jim Collison expresses skepticism about the longevity of smart appliances, citing the example of his LG fridge’s icemaker failing after 18 months.
  • Using a Stream Deck for live streaming.[46:59]
    • Marv is excited to use their new “button maker” device for live streaming, hoping to program it to open different apps and share updates with their audience.
    • Marv is still figuring out how to use the device with their stream yard software, but plans to experiment with different uses once they have more experience.
    • Marv is considering using a Logitech Mevo camera set for multi-camera live streaming, as it allows direct streaming from the camera and can be used as a webcam.
    • Marv is also looking into using the stream deck for volume control and other functions, as it has buttons that can be programmed for various actions.
  • Cameras for remote streaming and video production.[52:17]
    • Jim Collison and Unknown Speaker discuss camera options for remote sessions and video documentary, considering affordability and features like live streaming and built-in audio mic.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the Mevo camera, a webcam with a larger sensor and the ability to record and bring in other cameras for a more diverse broadcast.
    • The speakers consider using old iPads as camera devices and experimenting with different camera angles for a cooking demonstration.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the possibility of creating a “brew cam” or coffee monitoring camera, with Speaker 2 suggesting they could use a Hero camera as a webcam or in a new watch.
    • Marv mentions sending back a Hero Pro 11 that didn’t work out for them, but could potentially use it as a camera in a different context.
  • Webcam setup and camera quality.[58:56]
    • Marv researched GoPro cameras for use as webcams but found they have a glitch that prevents them from working in that mode.
    • Marv plans to set up the camera for a live stream next Wednesday night, hoping for good resolution and lighting.
    • Marv is testing a new webcam, the Logitech BRIO, and hopes it will be similar to the previous one used on a live show.
    • Jim Collison is considering purchasing a gimbal for his webcam, the Pocket 3, which he believes has a good camera and stabilization features.
  • Tech business, podcasting, and travel.[1:03:50]
    • Marv keeps old iPads for potential use in streaming yard, but only gets 720p resolution without extra service.
    • Marv plans to feature IT business owners groups on their podcast in March, including live and audio-only episodes.
    • Marv is planning a solo tech series this summer, focusing on part-time or new solo tech entrepreneurs, covering topics like leaving a job, getting customers, marketing, and managing finances.
    • Jim Collison jokes about organizing a tech meetup in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and suggests a destination meetup like the Bourbon Trail or the beach.
    • Jim Collison thanks listeners for staying late and invites them to join the live stream on Thursdays at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern.
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