Tony Raynor with Hands-On Review of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 and More – HGG600

Long-time listener Tony Raynor joins me this week as we talk about his new DGI Pocket 3 and he even uses it as a webcam for the show. We also discuss his love for photography and why he submits so many pictures to Google Maps. We also discuss his trip to Vegas and the U2 concert in the new Sphere. It’s always great to have Tony and thanks for listening!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #600 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Osmo Pocket 3

Show Segments

  • Tech gadgets and too many gadgets.[0:00]
    • Jim Collison welcomes Tony Reiner to discuss gadgets and tech on Home Gadget Geeks show #600.
  • Webcam quality and features.[1:45]
    • Tony compares DGI pocket three to standard webcam, praising its quality.
    • Tony demonstrates the Logitech C920 webcam’s features, including 4K recording, stabilization, and active track.
    • Tony explains why they purchased the webcam for product showcase settings and active track functionality.
  • Photo taking habits and their longevity.[6:31]
    • Tony takes a lot of pictures and videos on his trips, often contributing them to Google Maps.
    • Tony’s family members have noticed that he’s always taking pictures and videos, and sometimes wish he would focus more on the moment instead of documenting it.
    • Tony shares how they use Google smart home displays to display photos and relive memories with their family.
    • Tony and Jim Collison discuss the challenges of preserving photos and the value of enjoying them closer to the event, rather than saving them for later.
  • Photo backup and management strategies.[11:29]
    • Tony discusses Amazon Prime’s photo backup benefit, mentioning the ability to receive a daily digest email of all pictures from a specific day.
    • Tony describes their photo management process, including using Apple TV as a screensaver and not using iCloud Photo sync.
    • Tony discusses their photo management system, mentioning multiple cloud storage services and software for organizing and syncing photos across devices.
  • Photo organization and digital preservation.[16:04]
    • Jim Collison and another person discuss how they used to take fewer pictures but now take many more with the advent of digital photography.
    • Tony mentions they save their photos on various platforms like Google, Amazon, OneDrive, and a physical NAS drive, and has folders for each, but warns about deduplication programs.
    • Tony discusses the importance of organizing digital photos, mentioning programs like PhotoSweeper and LastPass for managing and securing images.
    • Tony’s wife’s accounts ended up in their LastPass vault, causing confusion and highlighting the need for better password management.
  • Photo sharing and legacy planning.[21:39]
    • Jim Collison and the speaker discuss the importance of preserving memories through online platforms like Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram.
    • Tony mentions that they post pictures to these platforms to create a digital legacy, but the kids may not care about them in the future.
    • Jim Collison and Tony discuss the potential for AI tools to create more animations and motion pictures from everyday objects, such as a steel pitcher.
    • Tony shares an example of a customized song service called Song Fench FYI, which creates a personalized song based on the user’s answers to questions about their loved one and shared memories.
  • Anniversaries, custom songs, and picture taking.[26:24]
    • Jim Collison plans to surprise his wife with a customized song for their anniversary.
    • Jim Collison shares his experience of using Facebook as a repository of pictures, mentioning that he posts less frequently but still enjoys looking at and sharing photos.
    • Jim discusses his anxiety before attending large events, such as concerts or conferences, and how it affects his ability to take pictures or enjoy the moment.
  • Camera usage and photo taking at events.[31:00]
    • John Biggs is afraid of snakes after one fell on him, and he would not face his fear for a million dollars.
    • Tony took photos at a concert using their phone, but found it difficult to set up a proper camera due to the fast-paced nature of the event.
    • Tony found the camera’s image stabilization to be decent, but vertical bobbing occurred when walking normally.
    • The camera’s battery life was reasonable, with an hour and a half of video recording possible with the included battery, and the option to charge it as a battery pack.
  • Video conferencing and camera angles.[36:09]
    • Tony uses the gimbal to capture vertical videos and see the camera move in real-time.
    • Tony thinks it could be useful to lock the gimbal in place for a more stable shot.
    • Jim Collison and Unknown Speaker discuss the importance of eye contact during video conferences, with Unknown Speaker expressing a preference for the person they are talking to look directly at them.
    • Jim Collison shares his experience at an eye appointment, where he received a digital retina scan instead of the traditional method of shining a light into his eyes.
  • VR glasses, phone troubles, and military experience.[41:50]
    • Jim Collison discusses his experience with new glasses, mentioning the cost of $650 and the challenge of finding a pair that can correct his vision without glasses.
    • Tony shares information about the Vision Pro, a device that can correct vision without glasses, but requires an insert for correction.
    • Tony had issues with their Samsung foldable phone, including a fatal firmware error, dead pixel, and difficulty with the shipper.
    • Tony had to visit a local repair place multiple times to fix the back panel of their phone after multiple attempts by Samsung.
    • Tony had a positive experience with their foldable phone, loving the concept and utility until reliability issues and repair costs became a problem.
    • Tony found the messaging issue to be the final straw that led to them giving up on the phone.
  • Foldable phones and messaging issues.[49:36]
    • Tony discussed their experience with the Galaxy Z Flip, mentioning the crease in the middle of the screen and how it’s not a major issue (28 words)
    • Tony believes Samsung will continue to improve the foldable technology despite any challenges (29 words)
    • Users discuss their experiences with various smartphones, including the Pixel 6 and 8 Pro, iPhone 12, and OnePlus fold.
  • Smartwatches and their features.[53:58]
    • Jim Collison is considering holding onto his iPhone for a couple more years due to the high cost of upgrades and the lack of disruption in the market.
    • Tony has the Apple Watch Ultra and finds it helpful for receiving notifications, but notes that it’s still just a watch and doesn’t offer any additional features beyond that.
    • Tony had issues with overheating on their Google Pixel 6 Pro and sent it back, preferring the color palette and size of the iPhone.
    • Tony discusses their preference for smartwatches over traditional watches, citing their convenience and fitness tracking features.
    • Tony also mentions they sleep in their Apple Watch for sleep tracking and appreciate the variety of bands available to customize its appearance.
  • Simplifying tech setup with Mac, PC, and Parallels.[1:00:10]
    • Jim Collison expresses frustration with multiple devices and operating systems, desiring simplification.
    • Tony discusses using Parallels to run Windows on a Mac, finding that it runs better in Parallels on the Mac than on a Windows computer.
    • Tony also mentions using a program called Share Mouse to easily switch between multiple monitors and keyboards on their PC and Mac.
  • The decline of home server use and the shift towards cloud storage.[1:04:15]
    • Tony shares their experience of feeling overwhelmed by the number of gadgets they have, and how they’re simplifying their life by selling or getting rid of unnecessary devices.
    • Tony and Jim Collison discuss how technology has become more user-friendly and accessible in the past 10 years, making it easier to set up a home server or use existing devices for different purposes.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss how the passion for building and maintaining home servers has decreased over the past decade, with many people turning to cloud options instead.
    • Tony believes that the shift to cloud options has made it easier to manage and store data, but Jim Collison wonders if they’re just getting older and less interested in technical work.
  • Medical technology and AI in healthcare.[1:09:43]
    • Tony reflects on past tech investments and regrets not listening to Gavin Campbell’s advice.
    • Tony demonstrates a device that can read real-time EKG tracings and interpret heart murmurs on a patient’s chest.
    • Tony worked in a hospital in North Carolina where they used a stethoscope with a camera to remotely monitor patients.
  • Medical emergency and EKG monitoring.[1:13:34]
    • Jim Collison experiences severe illness after food poisoning, fears for his life.
    • Jim describes a severe illness experience with EKG monitoring and hospitalization, highlighting the importance of medical technology.
  • Preventative health screenings and early detection.[1:17:07]
    • Jim Collison encourages listeners to get prostate exams to prevent discomfort and potential health issues.
    • 45 is the recommended age for colon cancer screening, especially if there’s a family history.
  • Health gadgets and cancer awareness.[1:21:04]
    • Young man dies from uncontrolled blood pressure at 35, highlighting importance of regular check-ups.
    • Jim Collison and guests discuss health gadgetry and its potential to provide early warning indicators of health issues.
    • Jim Collison thanks Tony for joining the chat room and appreciates his presence in the community.
    • Jim invites Tony to stay for a few minutes after the show and encourages listeners to leave questions or messages in chat.

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