Perspectives: It’s Never as Bad as You Think, But Sometimes It’s Worse – HGG604

I’m back in action after a much-needed Spring Break, and let me tell you, it’s been a whirlwind! With April 15th looming over our heads, I’ll dish out some insights into how I tackled my taxes and how it threw a wrench into my productivity. Plus, I’ve got some great news on the health front post-surgery—yep, December 5th feels like a lifetime ago, but I’m happy to report that all is well. And hey, we’ll also take a quick dive into the Hum Feeder from Birdfy because, you know me, always on the lookout for the latest gadgets. It’s a short but sweet episode, and man, it feels good to be back in the saddle. Thanks for listening.

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Birdfy Hum Feeder – Hummingbird Feeder with Dual Camera

Show Segments

  • Tech gadgets, updates, and personal events.[0:00]
    • Jim Collison discusses tech gadgets and thanks supporters on gadget geek show 604.
    • Jim Collison mentions that Tony has gotten a Tesla and is not present at the event, leading Jim to wonder if Tony has fallen into the same trap of prioritizing his new car over the show.
    • Jim Collison takes a break from the show for three weeks, citing the need for a break and the upcoming tax deadline, and will return the following week.
  • Tax preparation and crypto investments.[4:02]
    • Jim Collison expresses frustration with tax software handling crypto assets, feeling worried and uncertain about how to handle them.
    • Collison uses TurboTax and notes that this year’s version was better at importing crypto data compared to last year’s.
    • Jim discusses tax harvesting crypto investments, software brings in $1,200.
  • Tax preparation, TurboTax, and crypto tracking.[8:37]
    • Jim Collison used TurboTax to do his taxes, spending $200 for the “bells and whistles.”
    • Sarah, his wife, used a free TurboTax plan for her taxes, getting a refund.
    • Jim Collison discusses using TurboTax for taxes, considering crypto module for easier tracking.
    • Jim encourages listeners to share their tax tracking methods, prostate health updates, and questions.
  • Bladder surgery success and phlebotomy experience.[13:44]
    • Jim Collison shares his experience with surgery and post-op checkups, feeling improved and amazed at the difference in his life.
    • Jim Collison shares his experience of donating blood, including the phlebotomist’s unusual needle handling technique.
    • Collison reflects on the importance of not sweating the small stuff, drawing on his blood donation and doctor’s appointment experiences.
  • Blood donation experiences and bird feeder tech.[18:35]
    • Jim Collison shares his experience of donating blood, including feeling nauseous and passing out during the process.
    • Jim takes a break from donating blood due to his negative experience, but intends to try again before giving up.
    • Jim discusses a new bird feeder with cameras and WiFi connectivity.
  • Bird feeders, camera issues, and weather.[23:22]
    • Jim Collison discusses his bird feeder, hoping to attract hummingbirds soon.
    • Jim mentions the weather has been warm this winter, but not as cold as previous years.
    • Jim Collison discusses his experience with a bird feeder and solar panel, mentioning the importance of dialing in the solar panel for optimal performance.
    • Jim Collison faces challenges with the camera angle and battery life, indicating the need for support from the manufacturer.
  • Printer issues and Tesla purchase.[28:06]
    • Jim Collison shares his experience with a cheaper printer ink cartridge that didn’t work, reminding listeners to invest in quality products.
    • Sarah is printing books and using less ink, highlighting the shift towards digital content.
    • Jim Collison discusses his frustration with printer ink costs and his use of Unraid.
    • Tony volunteers to discuss his wife’s printing for work and Jim’s new Tesla purchase.
  • Personal life, podcast updates, and tech news.[33:47]
    • Jim Collison updates listeners on his personal life and upcoming events.
    • Collison plans to record a post-show episode and invites listeners to join the chat.
    • Jim Collison discusses personal domain name regrets and hosting options.

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