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The Cell Phone Quest – Part 3

Well, I had to get to it at some point.  So here it goes…the iPhone! (Full disclosure – I do not own an iPhone nor have been give one free of charge by Apple or AT&T) Hands down, the iPhone was and still is a game changer.  As I have mentioned earlier, I have an iPod Touch (everything the iPhone is with out the phone or AT&T) and just love it.  If Sprint carried the iPhone, it would be lights out!  Done deal!  Out of the park!  But they don’t.  So I still have to make a difficult choice. What

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iPod Touch 3.0 Software Is Now Available

If you have been following my cell phone saga, you know that one of the requirements I have for the new cell phone is iPod touch like functionality.  I currently own a Touch and love it!  I use it mostly for listening to podcasts and music, but do find time to use the many applications from time to time.  But, carrying around two devices (especially since the Touch is Wifi only) is a real drag and I want to combine them into one.  I will continue to look.  My Verizon contract expires on September 11th.  I will make a decision

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