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#34 The Fitness Tech Podcast: It’s all About Nutrition!

Jim and Jamie are together again in the next edition of the fitness tech podcast.  We talk a some about post race nutrition, what is the deal with fruits, how to shop for the best results and some technology that will give you rewards for working out. Jim and Jamie finish up with some additional… Click for more / Podcast Player>

#23 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Live from Peak Races Snow Shoe Challenge in VT. Jason’s at 60 Miles

We checked in with Jason Jaksetic during this 100 Mile Snow Shoe Challenge to see how he was doing.  I was surprised at how good he sounded after what he had been through over the last 24 hours of racing.  It’s a very open and honest interview and will give you the idea of what… Click for more / Podcast Player>

I’m Gonna Lose a Toenail, or My First Marathon

WRITTEN BY TRISTA KUNCE Becki hates feet. So I knew when I brought her to my physical therapist to learn how to tape my foot that she would tape it quickly and efficiently, especially after she didn’t believe that I had never heard of a pedicure before. My feet are faulty: I overpronate, my arches collapse, and I have supination of the feet and bone spurs on the back of my heels. Clearly I don’t have great runner’s feet. And the legs attached to my feet? I’m built more like a chicken than a gazelle. Oh, and I have iliotibial

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The Anatomy of a Marathon Training Plan

I have had a few questions about how I plan to train for my next marathon.  With the permission of my trainer, I will post it below.  Nothing is set in stone and I end up changing things based on my schedule, but it is a good start.  Just in case you were wondering…and so I have it documented.     I am already in week 2.  Already changed my long run this week from Saturday to Thursday and reduced it from 14 to 10 based on the fact that I am running the Groundhog 10K this weekend.  Not always

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First Race of the 2011 Season and a Look Back at a Year of Firsts!

It’s that time of the year again where we start thinking about better weather and the races that come with them.  This year is no different, with the exception that the distances get farther and the times get shorter.  In 2010, I had a bunch of firsts.   I finished two Marathons (Lincoln in May and… Click for more / Podcast Player>