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First Look at the Surface 2, Xbox Music, Using Windows Azure with Windows Server 2012 Essentials, My Server 2012 Apps, Seagate and Netgear NAS – HT145

Jim (@jcollison) has guests Windows Home Server MVP John Zajdler (@Dieharder) and Andrew Morris(@unrealshots) for show #145 of the Home Tech Podcast brought to you by the Average Guy Network.  Jim is back from the MVP Summit 2013 on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA and spends some time going over a video review of… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Your Movie Library on the Go – A First Look at the Seagate GoFlex Satellite Wireless Hard Drive Review

Part I – Seagate GoFlex Satellite First Impressions Over the years our digital libraries have grown quite large. The accumulation of audio, video and picture files prevents any one portable device from being able to store it all. In my case, I have over 350 GB of Music and Videos in my iTunes library and over 3 TB of Recorded TV and Movie backups on my Windows Home Sever 2011. When preparing for a trip with the kids, I would copy various movies and TV shows from my iTunes library to the different devices I have trying to spread out

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The Ins and Outs of the Modern Hard Drive, Outtake Conversation at the End – HT126

Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Andrew Morris (@unrealshots), Christian Johnson, Renny Phipps(@rennyphipps) and  Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com for Home Tech episode #126 What is the status of the modern hard drive?  We will cover what we own, how we fix them, SSD v Spinners, WD Reds v Greens, do faster drives matter, where… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Facebook Security, Office 365, Sanitizing Hard Disks, Data Sync and Streaming Media – HT022

With Christian on his music tour, and Andrew unwell, Jim is joined by Mike Howard and Rich O’Neil for this weeks installment of the Home Tech Podcast. The guys kick off talking about Facebook changing their default security settings without notifying the user community.  For those of you who had changed your Facebook security settings… Click for more / Podcast Player>