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Pimp Your Christmas Lights with xLights, Is Rivian a Tesla Killer and a New Monitor – HGG381

   We have an email from Anthony who provided us with two awesome Christmas lights videos and some equipment to back it all up! Mike talks about Rivian and will they be a Tesla killer?  Some game purchasing tips, Jim has a quick review of this new Dell P3418HW 34” Curved Monitor at work… Click for Podcast Player >

SocialBro Features Explained in 11 minutes – HTT006

Cassie Hayes from SocialBro (http://socialbro.com) (https://twitter.com/SocialBro) is our tipster for this week the new Home Tech Tips. Demo included in the video.  SocialBro is a powerful social marketing tool that help the average twitter user with analytics, competitor tracking, best time to tweet, audience insights and more. They have both a free and premium version.… Click for Podcast Player >

The Home Server Connector Explained in 7 minutes – HTT005

John Zajdler (@Dieharder) is our tipster for this week the new Home Tech Tips.  John’s tip revolves around the different ways the Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2012R2 Essentials client connectors work.  Demo included in the video. Support the Average Guy Tech Scholarship Fund: https://www.patreon.com/theaverageguy WANT TO SUBSCRIBE? We now have Video Large /… Click for Podcast Player >

LastPass Tips in 3 Minutes on Home Tech Tips – HTT002

Amber Gott from LastPass at http://lastpast.com is our tipster for this week the new Home Tech Tips.  She covers some tips on password security.  First, get started with a password manager.  Second you should have a unique password for every single site you log into.  Third, use two factor or multi-factor authentication whenever possible Support… Click for Podcast Player >