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Does Your HP WebOS TouchPad Need a Turbo Boost? Feeling Like It’s a Little Slow?

Of all the strange places, I found this thread over at the Home Server Show forums.  Erik Chavez (texasPl in the HSS Forums) posted some feedback on his overclocking experience with his new TouchPad as well as a great deal on a cover from a source that might surprise you. Disclaimer:  Overclocking your HP Tablet could result in a bricked unit and is at your own risk.  The Average Guy accepts no responsibility for the content or results of the following.  If it works however, we get all the credit! Here is what Eric had to say. Here’s the forum

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RunKeeper Introduces New Features In The Latest Update!

RunKeeper, the most downloaded fitness app since January 1st, just released an update with new features.  Many of you downloaded the app when the Pro version became free on January 1st and I thought I would let you know of the update.  Check the below for all the details. Here is the update right from their site.  Enjoy!

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