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The Average Guy and CES 2013 Live Coverage

ces2013Again this year, Microsoft MVP, host of The Home Server Show, and The Surface Geeks Podcast, David McCabe, will be covering the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, yet again in 2013. Jim will once again produce and host the coverage LIVE from the Average Guy Studios in Bellevue NE.  This will be our 3rd consecutive CES together and there will be even more coverage and craziness this year! Tablets, phones, storage, 4kTV, and all kinds of gadgetry.

Set your browser to for week long coverage of the coolest storage devices, tablets, peripherals, electronics, and gadgetry. We will also be simulcasting the event at both and Dave will be on the show floor and all around Las Vegas from January 6th to January 11th. He will also be attending many after shows and press parties to bring you exciting new gear and wacky antics. He is not shy and loves to poke a microphone and camera in front of everyone from booth folks to CEO’s of major companies. Jim will be hosting coverage as well as the interviews and hangouts in between.

Here is a sample of what we did last year:

CES 2010 – Toyota Tacoma All Terrain Gamer from Kicker (PhotoSynth)

CIMG0496 One of the very last things I saw on Saturday at CES was the Toyota Tacoma All Terrain Gamer vehicle from Kicker.  A tricked out Tacoma with 4 screens, 4 Xbox 360s, 2 bikes and a big screen on the back.  Needless to say, this is not going on the road!

This truck would make my kids never want to come back in the house again

So if you are into gaming, this is the rig.  I have include some links for your reviewing pleasure.  I even made a photosynth of it so you could be there virtually. 


Jim’s Photosynth:

Make sure you click on the image viewer to see all the pictures.  It wasn’t able to stitch them all together.

Remember, I search so you don’t have to!