Reinstall Applications on Your Home Computer Easily with Ninite

Have you recently needed to reformat your home computer’s hard drive? You saved your data, but the idea of reinstalling all the applications seems daunting. Enter…which is a simple web service that will reinstall popular freeware apps with just a few clicks.

Using Ninite

Using couldn’t be easier, just navigate to the website and select he apps you want to install. Everything on the page is separated into easy to find categories from browsers to music, to plenty of other utilities.


These are only a couple shots of what it available on the site. For more on what is available, head over to


After you select the apps you want to install, head toward the bottom of the page, and get your installer. One of the cool things to keep in mind is, they don’t install any crapware such as toolbars or other wanted spyware with the apps.


Ninite is free for personal use only, and all you download is a simple installer file and all the applications you selected are installed automatically. If you choose a lot of apps, you might want to go have a beer, coffee, or anything else while the installations take place.


There you go! All of the apps you selected from Ninite has been successfully installed without any toolbars or spyware…very cool!


If you need to reformat your computer’s hard drive for any reason, getting your apps back couldn’t be easier.

Head to Ninite and Reinstall Your Free Apps