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Getting Started with Windows Live Writer

    Recently we showed you how to setup Windows Live Essentials 2011. We also  took a closer look at one of the apps – the Bing Bar, and today we will take a look  at Windows Live Writer which is a valuable program for bloggers.         Installing Windows Live Writer If you haven’t installed it already just download and kick off the Windows Live Essentials installer. Remember you don’t need to install everything in the suite and when the install kicks off, select Choose the programs you want to install. Now select the programs you want to

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Install the Old Version of Windows Live Essentials on XP

If you’re an XP user, unfortunately you won’t be able to install and upgrade to Windows Live Essentials 2011. XP users can still install the previous version through Windows Updates, and we’ll take a quick look at it. 2011 on XP – Sorry No Love from Microsoft If you try to install Windows Live Essentials 2011 on XP which we’ve previously covered for Vista and Windows 7, unfortunately you’re out of luck. You can download the installer file, but when you try to run it, you’ll be greeted with a similar error. Install Windows Live Essentials on XP The good

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Reinstall Applications on Your Home Computer Easily with Ninite

Have you recently needed to reformat your home computer’s hard drive? You saved your data, but the idea of reinstalling all the applications seems daunting. Enter…which is a simple web service that will reinstall popular freeware apps with just a few clicks. Using Ninite Using couldn’t be easier, just navigate to the website and select he apps you want to install. Everything on the page is separated into easy to find categories from browsers to music, to plenty of other utilities. These are only a couple shots of what it available on the site. For more on what

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