The Fitness Tech Podcast #7 The Mud Mafia, Winter Gear and Eating Clean.

FitnessTechCarrieJim is joined this weekend by special guest Carrie Adams as we talk fitness and tech.  We talk mafia…er…the Mud Mafia! What is that?  Listen as Carrie talks about the new running group and why she started it in the first place.

Carrie also talks about her favorite piece of tech gear, and it may not be what you think!  With winter here, there was some talk about what to wear to stay outside with your workout.

Speaking of winter, eating healthy this time of the year can be really difficult.  Carrie has some tips on getting it done!

We wrapped up the conversation with Carrie talking about her fitness goals for 2011.  Thank you Carrie for taking the time to let us in your fitness world!

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