Podcasting Vision, How to Blog and Podcast, IBM and Watson on Jeopardy, Motorola Tablets, Mac Mini, Is AI Here to Stay? – HT012

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim was joined again by Brian Burgess, Christian Johnson and Andrew Morris.  Jim starts the show with a bit of podcasting soul searching.  With 12 shows now in the books, what has the podcast become and who are we trying to reach?  Would love your comments on why you listen to the show and what you find most helpful.  Email podcast@theaverageguy.tv.

For the rest of the show we talk about Blogging and Podcast basics, IBM’s Watson smoking real people on Jeopardy, new Motorola’s Tablets, upgrading a Mac Mini’s memories and the new Facebook page for the The Average Guy Network.

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 Motorola’s Xoom Tablet will Cost $600 for Wi-fi and $800 for 3G

· More About the Motorola Xoom

· Jeopardy Round 2: IBMs Supercomputer Watson Destroys Human Competition

· Learn More About IBM Watson

· Star Trek Technology Here Today

Basic Free Blogging Basic Services


· WordPress

· Tumblr

Blogging & Podcast Tools

Windows live Writer

· Pod-o-Matic

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How To Upgrade Memory (RAM) In a Mac Mini

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Artisteer: WSIWYG Editor for CMS/Blogger/Wordpress Platforms


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