Yurbuds Aren’t Just for Fitness Anymore! A Review

Josh Olson is a Music/Worship Leader at Shadow Lake Community in Papillion NE, where I also attend.  Josh approached me about borrowing my pair of Yurbuds after hearing about them from my Vegas trip and wondered if they would work as in ear monitors for musicians.  I lent him my pair under the condition that he would write this review when he was done with them.  While I knew they were great to use during fitness events, they now seems to belong on the stage as well?  Maybe a complete black pair is in Yurbuds future?

Here is his Josh’s review.

I am a worship leader for a church in the Omaha, NE metro area. We recently installed an in ear monitoring system for our worship team members.  The Yurbuds work great for singers!  Normal sound isolating buds create an occlusion effect because when you close the ear canal, you create a sort of resonating chamber inside your head.  The voice sounds so drastically different using sound isolating buds, that I have found it nearly impossible to gauge tone quality or even dynamic levels.

In addition, sound isolating ear buds disconnect you from the audience.  Unless you have a dedicated microphone to pick up crowd noise, you cannot hear the energy and participation level of the crowd.  This is absolutely vital for a musician who is leading a congregation in worship.  Yurbuds allow just enough ambient noise in to balance the clear and amplified sound of my monitor mix.  I know Yurbuds were created to protect outdoor exercisers from being hit by cars, but I believe these devices are perfect for any stage singer using an in ear monitoring system!

For more information on Yurbuds, visit their site at http://www.yurbuds.com