Adding a Google Apps Email Account to


outlookThe new is out from Microsoft and it has quietly made a splash with a reported 1 million users in 6 hours. I am a Google Apps user and I have several email accounts that are not your traditional but are and are hosted on Gmail servers.  The set up for regular Gmail accounts is fairly straight forward, the setting up an Google Apps account is not as intuitive for the average guy.  Here is how you get it started.

First, go out to and sign in with your Microsoft ID.  If you don’t have one, now would be the time to get one.

Click image to make it larger

From settings, select More mail settings.
Under Options, select Sending/receiving email from other accounts
add email account
Select Add an email account
add account
Type in your Google Apps email account and password.  DO NOT SELECT NEXT.  Click on the Advanced options
with info

In the POP3 user name box, complete the user name with the full email address.  In this example, just copy Email address and paste it into POP3 user name.

Change the Incoming mail server to  Leave the (SSL) box checked.  The second check box is up to you.

Click and next and you are done

Now I can group my Google Apps Email accounts into a single folder and make it a one stop shop for getting all my gmail in one place!

Enjoy the new