Home Tech Album 125x125Jim and Christian are joined this week by Rich O’Neil from Rich’s Random Podcast Generator for Show 83 of The Home Tech Podcast.  Have you had a chance to sign up to Win the Drobo.?  Follow the link and get that done today.  And a reminder to join us on Jpeg2RAW podcast on Aug 14th right here.  Also check out our new Reddit site out at http://reddit.com/r/theAverageGuy.  Would love your feedback on why everyone seems to be reading reddit.  podcast@theAverageGuy.tv.

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Rich and Jim spent the first few minutes of the show talking about their Samsung Galaxy SII (they have different carriers) and the frustrations since moving to ICS.

Jim walked Christian thru the set up of the new Outlook.com account.  We took some time to cover the new offering from Microsoft.  http://outlook.com

Christian talks about some new things at NASA.  You can visit all things NASA at http://nasa.gov

Breaking news from the Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/2/3216545/microsoft-metro-branding-memo-european-partner

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